SteakStones Steak On The Stone Review

"Cook some steak at home on these steakstones"

Welcome to our review for the Steakstones Steak On The Stone set.

Tomorrow is the 4th of July and we felt today was perfect timing to share with you a new form of BBQ food and how something simple as a steak on the stone can give you the ultimate steak experience.

If you haven’t tried steak on the stone then I highly recommend you do. It is one of those new modern things that a lot of people still don’t know about or have not tried.

We first tried it back in 2008. In fact it was Dominic’s 32nd birthday and our first meal out after moving to Portugal. Up until that point we had never even heard of it, let alone tried it. My mum and dad had just arrived to Portugal for the winter months in their motorhome and wanted to take Dominic out for a birthday meal.

We went to this lovely restaurant on the Eastern end of the Algarve and it was a popular restaurant and very busy. You started off with some bread and olives, like you do in most restaurants and this is followed up with fillet steak on the stone with garlic potatoes and salad bits. Then we had delicious chocolate profiteroles and the evening was amazing. The price for all this worked out at about 18€ each (including wine) and I spent the rest of the night amazed by the fact that you could get succulent fillet steak for such an unbelievable price plus unlimited potatoes.

No wonder it is my dads favourite restaurant here in Portugal!

This restaurant was also my inspiration behind my garlic potatoes that I did in the Airfryer and is a real treat when we are at that end of the Algarve.

But what I always think about is the stones and how amazing it would be to have my own. Restaurant owners that come on holiday to Portugal often go and buy them before their return home just because they are so interested in them and now there are quite a few restaurants outside of Europe with them.

And thanks to Steakstones I now have the opportunity to give it a go at home.

SteakStones Steak On The Stone Set

So you have this amazing stone at home, but what do you do with it? First of all they are great for indoor and outdoor dining. We love in winter when its not warm enough for outdoor dining, to sit around our coffee table and enjoy lots of finger food. We will often enjoy a cheese fondue, pulled pork, ribs, sticky chicken wings or for our latest addition steak on the stone.

We received two of them so the plan of action is that because you need them super hot that one can be always getting warm while we eat off the other. Though with us having two I can imagine for the future that we will enjoy date nights with them as that would be perfect for a night in while our kids are asleep in bed.

Thanks to local influences we know that steak is not the only thing cooked on a steak on the stone. We have seen a whole variety of things being made, so you can think of it as a finger food night in, rather than a steak and chips moment.

Here is what we plan to cook with our steak on the stone:

For one night only we made loads of different things on our steak on the stone, just to see how well it really is and to see what cooks the best.

Fillet Steak – If you are going to have meat on it then you MUST have the best and there is nothing better in the cooking experience than to do it with fillet steak.

Asparagus wrapped in bacon – I love this and it is perfect for your steak on the stone. It gives you that lovely crunchy bacon flavour and cooks really well along side your steak.

Chicken wrapped in bacon – do if you are going to have asparagus wrapped in bacon then we highly recommend that you try chicken wrapped in bacon too. You can also add some soft cheese to the centre of it too to really bring out the flavour.

Mini kebabs – this is another way I love to enjoy steak on the stone and this is thanks to another favourite steak on the stone place we like to visit. They do little kebabs loaded with chicken, pork or beef along with some vegetables. It is absolutely delicious and if you cant afford steak for your stone then have this.

Butter mushrooms – as I recall this is what my mum started. We would go out for our steak on the stone and she would always have some extras in her handbag for cooking on the stone. Her garlic butter mushrooms was the one I remembered the most.

Sirloin steak – if you don’t have fillet steak then sirloin is just as good. Because we are testing it out we had one piece of fillet and one piece of sirloin so that we could compare and they both cooked well.

Sausages – sausages can also be delightful on your steak on the stone. The thin ones cook best but you can cook any of them on it.

Salmon or tuna – salmon and tuna are also very good on the stone. We didn’t test it with our night in, just because they are both strong flavoured fish and would ruin the main steak, but if you were having a night in with just fish and potatoes then we would probably have salmon.

Warming up your fruit – living in Portugal you will often get some pineapple for dessert. It will be nicely warmed up with some cinnamon and will complete the meal. You could finish your steak on the stone with some fruit of your choice, though aim for soft fruit that will warm up well.

Keeping your sides warm – this is often overlooked but if you are having steak and chips while you’re waiting for your steak your chips might get cold. This is your perfect opportunity to place the potatoes on the stone to warm them up.

Plus steak on the stone wouldn’t be the same without our sides, so we will be having it with our homemade 3 minute mustard sauce and alioli.

Why Buy The SteakStones Steak On The Stone?

Well you have heard my favourite ways to use it and how it is perfect for Sunday

Here are 10 reasons to buy The Steakstones Steak On The Stone Set:

  • Comes in a fantastic box and very good for storage
  • Makes the perfect girls night in/date night dining experience
  • Perfect if you and your family members like your steak cooking differently
  • Made from lava and bamboo
  • Keeps the temperature for a long time
  • Easy to clean
  • Perfect for Paleo followers that want to make omelettes and crepes
  • Comes with a one year guarantee
  • Great for keeping your food warm on
  • Use it for cooking a variety of meat and fish

"here is a list of great points about the steakstones"

So if you are looking for a modern way to barbeque or enjoy food indoors then you have found it!

"where to buy these steakstones"

In terms of getting yourself one of these amazing steak on the stone sets from SteakStones then you can get yours by clicking here. If I were to do it again and/or if I were to currently recommend a steak on the stone to you, I would say CHOOSE THIS ONE.

If you are based in the United States this is the one I would recommend that you try out!

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