Welcome to the sponsored content ads page here at RecipeThis.com.

Welcome to the sponsored content ads page here at RecipeThis.com.

We love sponsored content, it is a great way to get your opinion across to the readers and at the same time tell the story of a brand that you admire. Since starting RecipeThis.com we have focused around family friendly brands that get our point across about healthy eating, cooking from scratch and how amazing family time around food can be. We have reviewed grocery items, knife sharpeners, kitchen gadgets and even recipe ebooks.

We have been working with sponsored content with brands for over three years now (some prior to when we created this site) and we see it as the future of online blog advertising. We find that it gets a much better click through rate than old school advertising and people love to hear what we think of brands and how a product has worked out for us.

The best thing though, is that our prices are based on our traffic. Therefore if we don’t work hard on our social media and SEO then our rate goes down, just like if we work our socks off the price goes up. The price we charge is very reasonable and is just 1€ per 1000 impressions for a standard review or piece of sponsored content with other packages also being available for the more serious product owner.

RecipeThis.com First Million Page Views:

How To Start A Food Blog | Learn how we got 1 million page views on our blog.

  • Top 75,000 USA Alexa Rank
  • Lifetime Sessions – 400,000 +
  • Lifetime Page Views – 1,000,000+
  • Daily Sessions – 4000+
  • Daily Page Views – 8000+
  • Monthly Sessions – 150,000+
  • Monthly Page Views – 275,000+
  • Email Subscribers – 800+
  • Blog Age – Under 2 years

Though with our traffic growing so rapidly it is hard to keep the stats constantly updated so please ask for our most up to date traffic results.

Who Is RecipeThis.com


I am sure you want to know first who RecipeThis.com actually is. Well we started this blog back in November 2015 after a decade working in internet marketing. We love to cook and love to eat and chat so we make perfect food bloggers. The husband behind the outfit (Dominic) has had over 10 years experience as a chef, where as the wife (Samantha) has spent 10 years in internet marketing and this together makes them a perfect team for creating content and of course marketing it.

And just think that next piece of content that they market could be yours!!!!

Dominic & Samantha live in Portugal after moving here from the UK. They have a good reader’s base from America & the UK with lots of other countries interested in their content too.

They have three kids – Kyle who is a teen, Sofia who is a toddler and Jorge who is their newborn baby. They live in the countryside and love to cook from scratch everyday.

The blog focuses around home cooking using kitchen gadgets such as Air Fries, ice cream makers, spiralizers, slow cookers, soup makers and so on. They also love reviewing new grocery items, ebooks and apps.

What packages do you offer?

RecipeThis.com has a range of packages available and do message us for a more tailor made package or if the ones don’t suit you that are below or if you would like to see our media kit.

Right now the favourite packages are those highlighted below:

The Giveaway Blast – Order Now – 200€

Giveaways are a great way to grow your brand online. You turn one (or more) of your products into a giveaway and then use the leverage of our blog to spread the word.

We will firstly host the giveaway of your chosen product to your chosen countries and then market the giveaway via various giveaway submission sites.

We will then create a range of content surrounding the giveaway including:

  • An initial blog post announcing the giveaway and talking about the product in the giveaway
  • The giveaway being the official sponsored product in the monthly giveaway
  • A review being published on our blog about your product and reminding people about the giveaway

After all this is done we will promote the giveaway every 10 days (the giveaway will run for a month) via our various social media channels along with any relevant social media groups.

This package is excellent value for money with what is included compared to what you get on a standard giveaway package elsewhere.

Here is an example:


The Basic Sponsored Article – Order Now – 150€

With the basic package you get a sponsored review of your product or service. The content will be at least 1000 words in length and it will be original content full of personality. It will also link back to your product or service and will include brand information that you wish to have highlighted. We will also have created graphics for the review and the post would be ready for social sharing.

When it has been published we will then share it on our main social media channels. This will include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest & Instagram. Plus it will be highlighted with repromotion on social media, social sharing sites and so much more.

This package is specifically put together for products when a sponsored recipe wouldn’t fit in with your product. Or if you have a recipe friendly product then check out our premium recipe service below.

Here are some examples:



The Premium Sponsored Recipe – Order Now – 250€

You’re probably wondering what does this have that the basic sponsored article doesn’t have? Well the answer would be lots and lots! Plus this is geared exclusively towards us creating a recipe surrounding your great product.

With the premium package you also get:

Submissions to lots of other sites including Medium, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Tumblr, Flickr, Photobucket and Imgur.

If your content is going to be a sponsored recipe it will also be submitted to Yummly, all top recipe submission sites & also the top submission sites from inside Tumblr.

Then to finish things off we will share your content on all relevant Facebook, Pinterest & Google+ groups that we are members of. We can’t say until we plan your content how many this will be, but expect it to be at least 200 of them if not more.

Plus as from 2017 we also guarantee 500 social shares with this package!

Here are some examples of past clients:






The Gold Sponsored Article & Giveaway – Order Now – 400€

With the gold package we are there to help your brand go viral and really create a fantastic presence. Not only do you get everything that is included in the premium package plus we will launch your giveaway too.

Giveaways are a great way to spread the word and they are so good for social sharing. We will even mention the great sponsored content in your giveaway so that people have ample opportunity to read about you and your brand.

Because the giveaways include 3 different pieces of content and 3 different mentions via our content, along with the sponsored article that is four lots of content for your brand to get noticed with!

The 5 Recipe Package + Blog Post – Order Now – 1000€

Out of everything that we offer this has to be the one with the best value for money and the biggest discount. Basically you’re getting everything included in the premium sponsored article service but you’re getting 5 instead of 1. And the cost that is being charged is the fee for 4 not 5, giving you a 20% discount.

Plus on top of this we also create a round up post at the end of the week highlighting the themed posts that we have just done surrounding your brand.

This package is popular (not only because of the great price) but because we can theme a week around one of your products. You could have a week dedicated to your ebook, your seasoning, your kitchen gadget or even your chopping board.

This package will involve a new recipe (Monday to Friday) then on the Saturday we will round everything up with a fantastic round up that will be shared everywhere.

We have done this before on several occasions and each time the posts concerned have gone on to become some of our most popular on our site.

Here is an example:


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