Spiralizer Recipes – 7 Magical Ways To Cook Zoodles On The Whole 30

Spiralizer Recipes – 7 magical ways to cook zoodles on the Whole 30.

Welcome to spiralizer recipes – 7 magical ways to cook zoodles on the Whole 30.

I remember when I first did the whole 30. It was in the summer of 2015. A lot of rules to get your head around and a lot of my favourite foods were suddenly banned. I swapped my favourite rice and pasta for sweet potatoes and ate the most meat and vegetables combos than I have ever had in my life.

There was a lot of air fryer food with pure vegetables and bits of meat and then the oven also got a lot of use.

After 30 days I lost 5 pounds.

I was very disappointed in the weight loss at the time but when I think I had a normal weight and that my calories had actually increased on the Whole 30, then it was no real surprise.

It did however teach me about eating even healthier than I already did on Paleo and gave me a new found respect for my body.

But what I wish I had owned was a spiralizer. This was a way that I could make zoodles for myself with leftover courgette or carrot while the rest of the family had real spaghetti.

It feels like it left a whole in my life during that time and I thoroughly regret it. So if you are about to (or are in the middle of) a Whole 30 then really consider this as your route to success.

First Let’s Talk Spiralizers

As I have mentioned we have the Briefton Spiralizer. We love it and it means that we plate meals up like it is pasta when it isn’t really. You can spiralize a courgette and serve it up with your favourite bolognese, chilli dish, stir fry or whatever it is that you are in the mood for.

It is also an excellent way to introduce even more vegetables into your diet.

This is the one we have:

"here is our review of the spiralizer"

We have had it for just over a year but it feels like we have owned it for several years when we haven’t. We also love it for mixing up our fruit for fruit salads along with using it in omelettes and desserts.

It is just one of those tools with various uses!

7 Magical Ways To Cook Zoodles On The Whole 30

Spiralizer Recipes | My 7 favourite whole 30 approved Zoodle recipes that I just can’t stop cooking from RecipeThis.com

#1 – Paleo Garlic & Coconut Zoodles

Spiralizer Recipes | 7 minute paleo garlic and coconut zoodles from RecipeThis.com

Why this Spiralizer recipe is fantastic for the Whole 30: So many people are put off doing the Whole 30 because of the horror stories of how long it will take to cook meals if you don’t have processed foods to fall back on.

Well with this recipe the whole thing is made in just 7 minutes and is full of delicious coconut flavour and so good for you!

#2 – Aubergine Winter Salad

"winter salad"

Why this Spiralizer recipe is fantastic for the Whole 30: Outside of summer nobody in their right mind wants to eat salad. It is cold and the idea of some shabby bits of lettuce with some sliced tomato on top is as far away from appealing as you could get. However if you make this delicious warm salad with aubergines and tomatoes then you have a Whole 30 lunch made in heaven!

Spiralizer Recipes | Get 24 delicious spiralizer recipes here at RecipeThis.com

#3 – King Prawn Zoodles

"prawn zoodles"

Why this Spiralizer recipe is fantastic for the Whole 30: For many people the hardest thing to give up when you go on Whole 30 is the takeaways. The Chinese, The Indian, The Pizza, The Kebabs – you name it and it is suddenly gone! However we have recreated the traditional prawn chow mein with vegetable zoodles and it tastes amazing!

#4 – Low Carb Spaghetti Bolognese

"zoodle meatballs"

Why this Spiralizer recipe is fantastic for the Whole 30: This is for those of you that are desperately missing your pasta. In a nutshell it is spaghetti bolognese just without the spaghetti. This is loaded with lots of vegetables and delicious homemade meatballs make this perfect for your whole 30.

#5 – Onion Bhajis

"healthy onion bhaji´s"

Why this Spiralizer recipe is fantastic for the Whole 30: My favourite unhealthy starter at the Indian has to be Onion Bhajis and this is a super healthy Whole 30 approved version. Have a night in homemade Indian meal and start it off with these!

#6 – Thai Chicken Salad

"cucumber noodles and thai chicken"

Why this Spiralizer recipe is fantastic for the Whole 30: This gives another flavour of Asia to your dinner plate and a brand new take on “Chicken salad”. During my Whole 30 I found myself having this for breakfast all the time. It would also be great in a packed lunch for you to take to work with you!

#7 – Moroccan Carrot Rice

"spiralizer carrot rice"

Why this Spiralizer recipe is fantastic for the Whole 30: Often you have your pasta with chicken or your noodles with fish. It is always laid over your carbs and it completes a meal and without it, your meal just looks empty. Bring on this carrot rice and your plate can have a starter element and you will no longer feel like your plate is missing out!

Thanks for reading all about our favourite zoodle recipes and I hope I have given you some fresh ideas of how to enjoy your healthy lunch and dinners during your Whole 30. The Whole 30 can be rather difficult if you have not done it before and this can be your starting point. Some easy recipes to turn to that you can cook over and over again.

In terms of getting yourself a good quality Spiralizer (in case you don’t have one yet) we personally recommend The Briefton model. We have had this particular one for over a year now and it constantly surprises us with the dishes we can make with it.

Spiralizer Recipes | Spiralizer Cooking: 24 delicious spiralizer zoodle recipes from RecipeThis.com

If you would like loads more zoodle recipes then you have come to the right place. Including the 7 spiralizer recipes above we have an ebook full to bursting with spiralizer recipes. All of which were inspired by my first 90 days with my Briefton Spiralizer.

I can’t promise that they are all Whole 30 compliant, but the bulk of them are and they are so nice.

Also if you want to introduce more vegetables to your kids and they don’t like the look of that mushy piece of broccoli then this is a great way to bring vegetables to them and making them even more exciting.

They’re also available to download so that you can access them on your tablet, phone or desktop. Either click on the cookbook cover on the left or click here for immediate access.

If you have your own way of cooking vegetables with the spiralizer then we would love to know via the comments below.

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