Welcome to the social media management page at RecipeThis.com and welcome to the wonderful world of social media management for food bloggers.

As a food blogger there is always this crazy roundabout that you are always on. You know that you need social media and you know that without regular social media that your blog wont grow at the rate you want it to. At the same time you are also thinking that there simply isn’t enough hours in the day to produce amazing content and do social media. So either you end up with hardly any content going out, or social media not being done correctly.

Well this is where we come in……

Why RecipeThis.com?


Well for starters we have had nearly 8 years experience in social media. We were the first to bring out an ebook showing people how to grow their social media following via Twitter and that was back in late 2008. Since then we have helped people with all kinds of social media marketing needs, both big and small companies. We have studied social media and watched as new trends have started and social media sites have changed their ways of operating. We have always been on the pulse and understand what it takes to grow via social media and even better, how to use social media to increase SEO positions.

But not only have we managed many, many social media accounts for our clients but we have built up our brand at the same time.

Just through RecipeThis.com we have taken it from ZERO to over 30,000 shares and a following close to 20,000. And it is less than 8 months old.

But never mind our experience, we also offer fantastic prices thanks to part of the social media being managed via the Philippines.

We also have a fantastic team in place so that your social media management can run efficiently and we are always on the ball when things change or if you need extra work doing.

What Can RecipeThis.com Offer Fellow Food Bloggers?

Well we offer lots of different packages. These are tailored around what has been really popular among our fellow food bloggers and what we have personally needed to grow RecipeThis.com. Of course if you have certain requirements we can tailor it to suit you.

But below are our main social media packages:

Social Media Basic Management Service

I like to offer something to people that have a low budget or just want their social media ticking over so that they can concentrate on their recipes or the other elements of running a blog.

In this package it also lets you do the advanced social media such as communicating with your audience while the backend work is being done by us. I also consider this to be the basic necessary work for social media that will save you the most time. So if money is tight look at just outsourcing this element to see how much time it saves you in your business.

This basic social media package includes:

Twitter – Following relevant people, unfollowing spammers and generally keeping up with your account. It also includes viral quotes being made by our designers and shared on your account Monday to Friday. That same quote is also shared on your other social media channels. We will also share your latest blog post as and when it happens.

Pinterest – Following relevant people, removing spam, sharing viral images, loading your latest blog post.

Facebook – Following relevant people, removing spam, sharing viral images, loading your latest blog post.

Other social media networks – If you are set up on them we will also share your content on LinkedIn & Google Plus.

Price = €100 (€25 per week)

Social Media Premium Management

With the premium social management it is for people that want to be hands free and want to leave someone else in charge while they get on with their food blog. It gives you an excellent variety of work being done to your social media campaign and can help you build up your social media presence at a medium rate.

We also find with this package that it also has a fantastic effect on your SEO positions and you can expect to be growing your backlinks via social media at the rate of at least 1000 a month (if not more).

This premium social media package includes everything in the basic package plus:

We will send out regular tweets on your Twitter account such as #followfriday, thanking people for RT’s, conversational updates and reposting your blog posts from the week before for extra exposure.

We will also keep the conversation going on Google+ & Facebook.

We will also pin your recipe to a further 5 Pinterest groups per day.

Sharing your blog posts as they happen on Yummly, Stumbleupon, Photobucket and Flickr.

Price = €200 (€50 per week)

Social Media Pro Management

This is the perfect service if you want all your food blogging social media taking care of. You can just reap the rewards of your social media while someone else does all the work for you.

Go on holiday and schedule your blog posts before you go and while you’re away you will know that there is nothing to do on your part apart from enjoy yourself.

This pro social media package includes everything in the basic & premium package plus:

We will take part in daily Yummly, Twitter & Pinterest threads on Facebook to grow your social media shares fast.

We will share your latest recipes on the Pinterest groups that we are members of. At the same time we will build up your Pinterest group boards so that you have a good mix of boards to share your content on.

We will submit your recipes to the top recipe sharing sites as your new recipes go live.

We will submit your recipes to the top Tumblr recipe sharing sites.

Price = €400 (€100 per week)

If you’re looking for something else or have additional questions then please fill in the form below, or if the form doesn’t show up please email us directly at support(at)recipethis.com

The 5 Recipe Original Package Order €750


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