Welcome to the social media ads page for my fellow food bloggers.

Welcome to the social media ads page for my fellow food bloggers here at RecipeThis.com.

I wanted to offer something special that could help all my foodies out and utilise all the hard work that I have put into growing my social media following. Trust me it has taken a while and as I hit the 25,000+ follower mark I wanted to give a little back!

The best thing is that with most of us starting out with a low budget our social media packages start at just 5€ and none of them exceed 75€. Giving you something for EVERY budget!

Who Is RecipeThis.com


First of all you are probably wondering who Recipe This is? Well like you we started out the same as you, with a dream to become a full time food blogger and work from home. We are now putting our heart and soul into our food blog and growing it as we create new and exciting recipes.

Our food blog centres around kitchen gadgets, easy family meals and has a Europe vibe going on with us being based in Portugal. We also have 2 black cats, a rescue dog and three kids as our chief testers of our recipes, though its very rare they leave anything for us to personally test!

If you are a fellow food blogger and have a recipe or a recipe ebook or product that you want more exposure to then we are here for you!

What packages do you offer?

We have a range of packages available and do message Recipe This for a more tailor made partnership options. But the best thing about the packages at Recipe This is that we have a selection for all the major types of social media. Therefore if you want ads just on Twitter then we can do that, just like if you have ads just for Facebook we can do that too. Or if like us you want to be spread everywhere then we can achieve that too!

Choose Your Channel – Order Now – 10€

We offer choose your channel social media package for just 10€. Basically what it means is that you can have your ad go out to one of our social media channels but you get to choose which one. That way if you have a campaign running on a particular channel or you want to increase your shares to that channel then we can help you out with it!

You can choose between:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+

The All In One Package – Order Now – 25€

Instead of having to pick and choose why not go all out and be everywhere? With this package we will promote your ad to all six of the channels above. This is perfect for if you want to kick start shares to your content or if you have a new product to promote.

The Premium All In One Package – Order Now – 50€

If you’re looking for the full monty of all premium packages then you have found it. With this package we will firstly share your content to our Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn & Google+ channels and get people in the mood for your content.

We will then follow it up by sharing your ad to our personal Facebook account, then share it on Stumbleupon, Reddit, Tumblr, Flickr, Photobucket and Imgur.

Then if it is a recipe we will also share it on Yummly, all the top recipe submission sites and Tumblr recipe submission sites.

To finish things off we will also be sharing your content to a further 50 Facebook groups, Pinterest Groups & Google Plus groups that we are personally members of.

The Platinum All In One Package – Order Now – 75€

This is for the serious foodie that really wants a huge hit on their content. You will get everything you see in the premium package plus a few extras. We will also be including:

  • Keeping your ad at the top of our Twitter & Facebook account for a period of 7 days
  • Submitting your content to all appropriate Pinterest, Facebook & Google+ groups we are members of. So instead of 50 submissions expect at least 200 submissions.
  • Then 10 days after the original social media we will repost the content again to remind our readers about it.

The price is worth it just for the Pinterest group submissions and can make a huge difference to your brand. We are currently members of more than 200 Pinterest Groups each with a minimum of 10,000 followers and this in itself can give you a reach on Pinterest of well over 5 million.

Just think of the explanation below and that is based around 80 groups NOT 200:

Our Pinterest Service

The Pinterest Group Drip Feed – Order Now – 50€

How about having your recipe or blog post or product on a drip feed just through our various Pinterest Groups that we a member of? On last count it was over 200 group boards that varied between 10,000 followers and 400,000 followers. Your pin will first pinned to my account and then to all relevant group boards that I am a member of.

It will be drip fed at the rate of one pin every 5 hours until they are completed at the time when the groups are at the most active.

Though please note with any of our Pinterest accounts (or with any other social media accounts) we can’t guarantee results it always depends on the quality of your recipe, the season we are in and how much other people like your recipe.

All we can say is that we will try our absolute best for you! We also want to point out that we are not affiliated with any of the social media sites mentioned above and we just want to share your great recipe or foodie product with our followers and the followers of the great boards we are members of.

We also have the right to cancel your social media order if we feel it is not a good fit, if it comes across as spammy or it is against any of the social media sites terms of service.

If you’re looking for something else or have additional questions then please fill in the form below, or if the form doesn’t show up please email us directly at support(at)recipethis.com.

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