Slimming World Carrot Fritters In The Airfryer

Welcome to my Slimming World Carrot Fritters in the Airfryer.

Welcome to my Slimming World Carrot Fritters in the Airfryer. They’re loaded with carrots, eggs and gluten free oats and simply perfect for one of your SP Days on Slimming World.

I have always been such a huge fan of fritters. We were trying out different versions quite a long time ago and ended up having these courgette fritters among our signature recipes. But there was a huge problem with them. They tasted amazing but they were made with plain flour and were rather bad for you.

Not just that but it used to take forever to squeeze all the excess juice out of them where as with the carrot they don’t hold anywhere near as much moisture.

So this version is a healthy fritter that you can make with a food processor and an Airfryer. It makes it so easy and you simply go from the food processor to the Airfryer so you don’t have a mountain of washing up to do.

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I love these ones as they have a delicious distinctive taste and you can change it for whatever vegetables you’re in the mood for and of course they are Syn Free as that makes everything feel a lot less guilty for what you are eating.

Another idea with these, is to make them into balls instead of the shape of fritters and then you can have them with a stew as a Syn Free alternative to having dumplings. Or you can cook them in the Airfryer for a delicious breakfast to start the day.

Personally, as long as I get to eat them on a regular basis I am happy!

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Slimming World Carrot Fritters In The Airfryer
Serves: 8
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
  1. Place your carrots into your food processor and blitz them until they are like grated carrots.
  2. Add the seasoning and the oats and then mix until the oats have blended too.
  3. Take the lid off your food processor, take out the blade and crack your egg into the mixture.
  4. Mix it with a fork and then make your mixture into the shape of small cakes.
  5. In your Airfryer place the baking mat in the bottom and then layer the fritters on top of it. If you have a small Airfryer you will only be able to do four at a time.
  6. Cook at 180c for 15 minutes turning at the half way point.
  7. Serve warm.
Always use gluten free oats. They are not as heavy and work perfectly when making fritters.

Blending oats is a grey area on Slimming World. The point is that if it is used as an alterative to flour it should be added as a Syn because you over eat it, but because you are using just 1 healthy extra to make all these fritters we really don’t think you need to. You can always use the oats as they are rather than blended if you prefer.

You could also blend Scan Bran, Weetabix or Ryvita and have a similar result.

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