Real Life Food Blogging – What We Have Done So Far

real life food blogging

Welcome to my brand new world as a food blogger.

You’re probably wondering what these weekly food blogging posts are all about so let me explain….

Any of you that have followed my story from the beginning will know that I have been blogging since 2008. I have always blogged on my real life. Mainly because it is easy but really because when you have a passion for something it comes out in your writing much better.

 I have had blogs via my journey to lose weight (I used to be obese), travel ones based on places I have visited and even a pregnancy blog.

But what I have always wanted is to have my own food blog. I am totally obsessed with cooking and I cook from scratch everyday and don’t touch processed foods. It has always felt like the next stepping stone in my blogging journey. Add into this that my husband Dominic used to work as a chef and you have a perfect partnership.

We have had healthy eating sites before but the focus has been more about our weight loss rather than recipes. But we have had great success with recipes and they have often gone viral.

But many people that want to become food bloggers have little (or no knowledge at all) about internet marketing and a lot of it is guess work. But for us we already know the bulk of what is involved and for this reason know that it gives us an amazing head start in the food blogging world.

And this is why we have decided to offer a week by week insight into how it works and where we want to be, both financially and from a traffic point of view.

Our six month goal

By the time the summer season starts we want to have achieved $1000 a month in income and traffic of 50,000 page loads. We don’t mind if the traffic is a little lower, just as long as those income levels are met.

We will work on it week after week until we get it to that level, with focus on social media, SEO and referring traffic. We have done it before (many times) in other niches and this is the time to do it in the food niche.

Many food bloggers (from what I have read) have struggled to make any money at all in the first couple of years, but have never really worked hard on traffic or seen it from an internet marketing point of view, so it will certainly be an interesting challenge.

Documenting every step

What we wanted to do for you (as future/current food bloggers) is to document our entire process so that you can follow along and hopefully it will help you in your own blog.

I will be beginning with what we have already done and then giving you weekly updates on what we’ve been up to.

What we have done already

Our plans surrounding this blog started quite a while ago. We always wanted a food blog but other things have come up and it has been on the back burner.

We originally bought the domain in July, yet it has taken until now (in November) for us to finally put things into action.

We have bought our domain name via the Godaddy Auctions (you can read more about why this is important here) and we had set up hosting (here is the link to sign up for BlueHost which we recommend for new sites) and we had chosen the theme that we wanted.

We decided that the best theme for us was the Daily Dish template that runs on the Genesis Framework. As you can see from their demo it is a beautiful looking theme and is perfect for a food site:


We have also opened our main social media accounts:

  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google Plus

Though, we still have plenty more to open. Not to mention social bookmarking sites and other traffic generating places.

We have a logo

We have also worked with our graphics designer to design a logo for recipe this. He is very good with logos so we asked him to make a few and we would choose the one we liked the most.

We ended up going with this one:


It cost us less than $5 and we love it. If you’re looking for a logo I suggest you go to as there are some great ones on there.

We then had it made into social media graphics and these are now on the social media channels that we have had time to set up so far.

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This brings us to the end of what we have done so far and as we enter our first week it is exciting to think that we will soon how a great food blog with great content on it!

Meet The Milners

Samantha and Dominic

Dominic & Samantha Milner are the founders of They love cooking, blogging and being full time parents to their three food obsessed kids. They cook with their kitchen gadgets everyday and love sharing their homemade recipes. Their favourite foods include chocolate, air fryer burgers and macaroni cheese. You can learn more about them here or you can sign up for their free newsletter here.

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