Real Life Food Blogging Week 8 (food blogging throughout Christmas)

“real life food blogging week 8 at Recipe This”

Welcome to my week 8 of real life food blogging and thanks for joining me for the ride.

I wanted to share with you all what it is like throughout the Christmas period to keep and maintain a food blog. Just because you have a blog and just because it is Christmas doesn’t mean you get the whole time off just because your friends do.

Of course you won’t put in the hours that you would normally do, but you will still need to do the bare minimum.

You need to be thinking about your blog from the prospective of maintaining rather than growing, not thinking about new income streams but keeping the ones going that you have already started.

For example scheduling your blog posts in advance so that you have no blogging to do over Christmas. Social media scheduled wherever possible, other promotional methods kept down to the bare minimum. People want to know that you are still there regardless of the time of year and by doing this you’re still keeping it going and keeping people happy.

So here is what we have done over Christmas from the 21st of December right through to the 3rd of January, before returning to full time food blogging on the 4th January.

21st/22nd December

Business as usual – I am working on the 21st and Dominic on the 22nd. We are just finishing off the mass scheduling of posts and it is now blog scheduled until the 11th of January, giving us the chance to get back into it in the New Year without feeling rushed.

We also have a few other sites that we need to do this with away from Recipe This!

23rd December

Blog maintain – along with our virtual assistants that we have in place it is all about maintaining our blog. We are doing daily social media and our assistants are working on the other aspects such as social bookmarking and basic social media tasks.

Away from social media all we have done is:

Tested lots of new recipes – we are aware that as food bloggers you need to have a regular stream of new recipes on the blog. Therefore we have been testing lots of soups ahead of our January promotion of them. Up until now we have done the first ten days of January but beyond that needs doing. I can see now why people only blog three times a week!!!!! But I want fast growth on my blog and to be able to achieve fast growth and to build a mini ebook empire so for this I am sticking to a tough content schedule!

Brought my Instagram up to date – A big thing with Instagram was that my posts were way behind and I was taking the Christmas period as a perfect time to bring everything back up to date. And to say that Instagram just needs todays posts adding feels fantastic!

And that is all I did for Recipe This between the 22nd of December and the 1st of January. I suppose as a food blogger this is as close as you can get to having time off over Christmas and I really can’t grumble about it. I suppose if I was to go on holiday that this is how things would pan out!

2nd January

I wanted to return to work on the 4th of January. The first Monday of 2016 but things don’t always work out as planned! I am in the process of selling two of my diet sites and have agreed to help them out with content and of course coach them in running the new site.

So work that I would have been doing next week has had to be moved onto the weekend.

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Even worse, the dog decided to bark every hour last night and I have hardly had any sleep – but I am sure when I have finished today that I will need a super early night!

For today I have:

  • Re-started my Bing ads (I had paused them over Christmas)
  • Backed up my laptop
  • Done my monthly accounts
  • Emailed lots of my assistants with what needs doing next
  • Got my emails and social media up to date

3rd January

Then as it is Sunday and everyone else is watching television today is a great day to finish off on some content.

I have written my income report for December, written some more of the shop posts, brought the soup recipe posts up to date and finished with updating my job list for next week.

I now feel like I have cleared loads of work and that when we start next week (properly) that I will not feel like I am running behind!

So over to you…..what was your Christmas blogging calendar like?

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