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Welcome to the advertising page at and it is a pleasure that you have visited our page. This page has been put together as a place for those of you that would like to advertise via our social media channels or via our blog.

If you have a food blog and have a recipe that you want to promote, a new recipe ebook coming out, a new kitchen gadget, a new grocery item on Amazon, a healthy eating infographic, or even a recipe video then we are here to help you spread the word.

Who Is


You are probably wondering first who Recipe This actually is. Well we are Dominic & Samantha and we run Recipe This full time from our home in Portugal. We have three amazing kids and we have a huge passion for food and love to cook.

Though before Recipe This Dominic & Samantha concentrated their time to internet marketing. They made six figures showing people how to run their own successful businesses, building up blogs, improving peoples search engine optimisation, teaching social media and even coaching people on how to market their ebooks. They did this for just over ten years before they started Recipe This.

When they started out social media was incredibly limited with the best options being Myspace & FriendsReunited. Facebook had just been built and was yet to take off. You put hard work into your marketing and things were very different to the modern social media world that we live in today. Advertising was also just about banner adverts that have recently died a death.

So when you’re looking for someone to promote your product, then it doesn’t get any better than a couple of seasoned internet marketers that just so happen to be food bloggers.

What Can Offer Fellow Foodies?

Well lots of different things. They have put together the packages below based on what people need with their products and based around what they feel works for launching or re-promoting products or services in the food industry. In fact most of these packages were put together with those in mind that are trying to build their traffic but not quite getting there.

Who is this good for?

This is good for anyone that has a food blog, food product, food service, food ebook, food recipe book and so on. If you have a diet product that focuses around healthy eating then that will be fine too as Recipe This has a lot of Paleo and clean eating recipes on their blog. What they don’t want is to be promoting a product to our readers that has nothing to do with food and that our readers would find offensive.

What packages do you offer?

We have a range of packages available and do message Recipe This for a more tailor made partnership options. Our reviews are becoming very popular and with our growing social media following these are all equally impressive. It just depends on personal budget and what you are looking for in your advertising campaign.

Please click through to the packages below for more information:

Social Media Ads – Our social media advertising has been put together based on what we find brings in the best social shares and what can improve your brand online. We cover all the main social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Linkedin as well as some of the lesser known ones like Stumbleupon, Medium & Yummly.

Sponsored Content – In the old days it was banner advertising that ruled. Now though with the naked eye often looking at what is right in front of them we focus on sponsored content. We cover giveaways, sponsored reviews, sponsored recipes and so much more.

Want To Know More?

If you’re looking for something else or have additional questions then please fill in the form below, or if the form doesn’t show up please email us directly at support(at) You can also email us for a copy of our media kit which we update monthly we our latest traffic figures.

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