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This is our first month of recipes on Recipe This and in this month it is all about our family favourites.

Recipes that we make all the time and that as a family we love to enjoy. Personally my favourite recipe in here is my Grandads fishcakes and we try and have them at least once a fortnight.

Growing up my Grandad would make them a lot and I have never got bored of them.

We have a fisherman that comes down the lane every morning with his morning catch and if he has some nice simple white fish, I will buy some and make up a big batch of fishcakes and then put some in the freezer for later. Then on one of these crazy days when I have a lot of work on I know I can turn to my freezer for some quick fishcakes, yet know that they are healthy and not the shop bought cheap frozen ones that my mum would serve me.

But before you go and enjoy the recipe ebook I wanted to share with you the inspiration behind Recipe This and how the journey to this website started……

Well for starters Dominic & I used to be really fat. Not a little bit fat like John Travolta or Kirsty Alley but real big like Dawn French & Oprah. We had got fat from eating unhealthy foods and feeling like we were too tired to cook so why not just have another takeaway?

We educated ourselves about food, lost weight, got fit and realised that there was a lot of people out there like us. Not necessarily people that were obese but lots of families that have made bad food choices and most of the time it has been because they can’t cook or don’t want to cook.

Since re-educating ourselves we have developed a brand new passion for home cooking and we have developed a brand new passion for cooking.

Recipe This is about us showing others that you can eat healthy and it doesn’t take long to achieve. You don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen and it is so nice to enjoy your food and know where it has come from.

These 16 recipes (that you can download above) are all recipes that we love and that have come from our own ideas and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do. You don’t have to be really into losing weight to enjoy them because they are just based upon great ingredients and cooking from scratch and every single one of them our teenage son looks forward to.

Also when I met Dominic I couldn’t cook. I could make a cheese sauce, a quiche or a lasagne and that was about it. So expect (via my newsletter) to read many of my learning to cook stories some of them are hilarious!!!!

New Recipe Ebook

Here is another great recipe ebook that we would recommend if you want to cook healthy in the kitchen with your family. This is also very good if you have fussy kids that you want cooking with you and understanding the values of healthy food:


One of my biggest issues was that I left home and couldn’t cook. My parents never taught me and it was only thanks to aunts and grandparents that I had any cooking skills at all. I even heard recently that they are stopping cookery lessons in school so I really worry about the next generation.

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I hope you enjoy our recipes (and the extra ones too) and best of luck with cooking them. We would love to hear how you get on so do get in touch either by email or social media.


Samantha & Dominic