My Perfect Paleo Meal Plan Week 4

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Welcome to my perfect Paleo meal plan and this is week 4.

Here we are with week 4 of our perfect Paleo. We created this because we wanted to share with you how you can get and feel so healthy in just 4 short weeks. It is not just about weight loss but about making sure that you and your family is really healthy and that enjoys fresh food cooked from scratch.

That cooking from scratch doesn’t mean spending two hours in the kitchen everyday and that we can make some great meals involving vegetables that your kids will love and want more of.

In the last four weeks we have enjoyed some lovely meals. The idea of a meatball soup made with lots of vegetables to chicken salads that bring the wow factor back into the world of salad are all well worth a try.

If you currently buy your kids loads of processed foods or meet them from the school gate with a bag of sweets then this is your Plan B and it is easier to put into action than you would think…..

What Happened So Far?

I have been enjoying my strictly Paleo challenge for the last 3 weeks and this is the final week of eating the best food I have ever eaten in my life. You can view week 1, week 2 and week 3 in order for you to catch up with what we’ve already done!

I thoroughly recommend that you go 100% Paleo like we have done, then slowly introduce certain foods so that you follow Paleo 75% of the time. That way the kids will feel like they are still living in the moment, but at the same time enjoying healthy food. Our treats tend to be that when we are eating out we expect that no everything that we eat will be Paleo such as beans in our chicken stew or having a slice of chocolate cake after our meal. But we also have a no-processed foods rule and have not had crisps, bread or cereal for a long time now.

I also believe that as you get older you need to get healthier and if you want to stay clear of unhealthy illnesses such as high blood pressure, cholesterol and type 2 diabetes then this is the way forward in achieving it.

Day 22

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For today it was the turn of fruit salad for breakfast, salmon and broccoli for lunch and then in the evening we have a chicken salad.

The delicious chicken salad that we had today was completely unplanned but absolutely delicious. There was some chicken breast on offer at the supermarket today and with my avocados perfectly ripe it was just wrong not to enjoy a homemade chicken salad for dinner.

In the old days I would have bought a rotisserie chicken from the supermarket and then a fresh pizza and heated the two up for dinner with loads of bread and cheese. Not exactly Paleo food but a vice of mine. However now I am so much happier with a meaty salad or doing my own rotisserie chicken at home when I get to know exactly what goes into it.

Day 23

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For today it was the turn of leftover chicken salad for breakfast, then beef stroganoff for lunch and then in the evening we had our favourite sausage casserole.

For Paleo followers there is often the talk about what to have for breakfast, one of the main things that comes up in conversation though is recycling what was left from last night and in my mind it’s a great idea. Therefore breakfast is a bit of last nights chicken salad and then bulked back up with a fresh avocado and some extra tomato.

At lunch time we had a beef stroganoff and it was our own recipe made into a Paleo version. Instead of white wine, milk and soft cheese we had coconut milk instead. It was just as nice and filled us up.

Day 24

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For today it was fruit salad for breakfast, sweet potato hash in the slow cooker for lunch and then in the evening we had chicken salad with spare ribs and sweet potato fries.

For Paleo followers this is the dream come true. The fact that you can have a fantastic Saturday night supper as a family without it being unhealthy, forget ringing up for a takeaway as this is how it should really be done! Plus if it is as nice as this you will forget why you ever used to have a takeaway before!

Day 25

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For today (which happens to be a Sunday for us) is sweet potato hash for breakfast, then for lunch we had slow cooked chicken legs and vegetables and then for an alternative to the Sunday roast we had Greek moussaka in the slow cooker.

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What I am enjoying most throughout this challenge is all these lovely meals that I can have in the slow cooker that the whole family loves. It makes me feel like you are having a really good treat, rather than having something that is healthy.

We had chicken legs for lunch is also one of my favourites and it cooks really well in the slow cooker without you having to put much effort into it.

Day 26

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For today it was fruit salad for breakfast, salmon and broccoli for lunch and then in the evening we had our 10 second marinade chicken.

The beauty of what we have eaten today is that it is typical of the kind of food that we eat and love all the time. I am addicted to fruit for breakfast whether it is avocado, tomatoes, or more traditional fruit such as berries.

For lunch on a Monday we always seem to have broccoli and salmon. Just because its one of our favourites, Monday is a busy day for us and its quick to cook. Then for supper we love to have our quick preparation chicken in the slow cooker as it’s a family favourite and so quick to make.

Day 27

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For today it was sweet potato hash for breakfast, for lunch it was tuna salad and then for dinner it was slow cooker chicken wrapped in bacon.

I don’t know a meat lover that doesn’t love chicken wrapped in bacon. It is an amazing flavour and so easy to prepare. Plus it is even better when you cook it in the slow cooker. You would be amazed by just how good it actually is. You could also add my Paleo cauliflower sauce and then serve it with vegetables.

Day 28

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For today it was fruit salad for breakfast, then for lunch it was another tuna salad (just because we had some tuna leftover, then for dinner it was our favourite pulled pork with Indian spices.

All of which is yummy and all of which left us all satisfied and made us forget what fast food was once like and how healthy we have become. With delicious food like this, I often forget that I am a Paleo follower!

Tips For Week 4

This is our fourth week and we are rather adapted to the Paleo way of life. We love the idea of eating healthy and enjoying our food. We love cooking our favourite meals from scratch and eating something like a sandwich is something that is now part of our past food habits.

I also recommend that you find alternatives for what you had before so that you don’t feel like you’re missing out. Swap chocolate cake for a Paleo chocolate mug cake, sandwiches for salads, cheese sauce for cauliflower sauce and milk chocolate for dark chocolate.

For this week though I would suggest: 

  • Try to batch cook your favourite processed foods for the freezer. Our favourite is making our own homemade tomato sauce and cauliflower sauce.
  • Plan your Paleo meals ahead of time and decide how you are going to make more Paleo meals.
  • Use your kitchen gadgets whenever possible to save time and to produce delicious home cooked meals.

Grocery Shopping For Week 4

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Here is our grocery shopping list for week 3. It showcases everything that we consumed during week 4 and will give you some fantastic ideas of what you can cook for you and your family this week. It details all three meals we had over the last 7 days and you can then print it out and take it with you to the supermarket.

You can access the PDF and print it off by clicking here.

You can also access the rest of our Paleo recipes for other great ideas and for inspiration in your new Paleo way of life.

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