My Perfect Paleo Meal Plan Week 3

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Welcome to my perfect Paleo meal plan and this is week 3.

What’s so special about Paleo you may ask? Why have it as my go to meal plan after having a baby? Well in normal day life we are told to get a good 8 hours sleep a night, exercise regularly and eat healthy. Well through my Paleo plan I can achieve 2 of the 3 with a healthy diet and exercise, but of course the sleepless nights are always going to be a problem area.

Last night I was up for over 2 hours with my baby after getting to bed at midnight and to say I am tired is an understatement. But what you also have to appreciate is that when you are tired if you eat well then it won’t affect you as much. Rubbish food makes you feel really, really tired and at least I can be in control of what I eat and when I eat it.

Plus, I don’t want to be one of those new mums that three years after pregnancy still has X amount of weight to lose. I want to be at my pre-pregnancy weight by Christmas and totally expect to be there.

What Happened So Far?

I have been enjoying a strict Paleo way of life for 2 weeks now. You can read about week 1 here, and week 2 on this link. Because my focus on is all about healthy eating with kitchen gadgets it is really simple and quick to throw something in the Airfryer or in the slow cooker and then have dinner ready. Plus it does help that the temptations are far away, this is because we are countryside based and it is a 30 minute trip out to the nearest McDonalds with no takeaway delivery services whatsoever.

This of course is week 3 and it is great to be sampling all of my favourite Paleo meals on a daily basis and I never feel like I am missing out on anything. But I am sure all you want to know is what I have eaten this week!

Day 15

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For today it was the turn of fruit salad for breakfast, burger and fries for lunch and then a chicken salad in the evening.

When you hear those words it probably sounds really boring but it was far from it. The burger was our favourite Airfryer burger, just minus the bun and with sweet potato fries instead of traditional ones. Then in the evening we cooked a whole chicken and then added it to our salad. It was the most delicious chicken salad ever and if you are feeling lazy it’s a great meal.

Plus we used our beer can chicken tool and just avoided the white wine and instead had an olive oil marinade instead. It was just as delicious and because the tool spreads out the chicken it gives you an incredibly moist chicken.

Day 16

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For today we had a banana for breakfast, for lunch we had vegetable ragu and honey and mustard pork balls, then in the evening we had a vegetable hash with a big salad.

All delicious and all healthy!

The breakfast was a small one but the reason for that is that I was late up and then I had visitors and all of a sudden it was lunchtime and I was cooking our lunch.

Lunch = a delicious variety of vegetable ragu and then on top of these we had some delicious meatballs. Though to keep our recipe Paleo we avoided the cheese. The vegetable ragu though is the best bit of the dish though as you can ditch the pasta and not feel like you’re missing out because you can have loads of vegetables in a delicious homemade tomato sauce. On this occasion we had aubergine, courgette, carrot and tomatoes.

Then for dinner it was vegetable hash with a side salad and it was absolutely delicious.

Day 17

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For today it was a vegetable hash for breakfast, then for lunch it was a tuna salad and then in the evening it was rotiserrie style roast chicken with cauliflower rice.

There has to be something really special about a oven roasted chicken that you can then plate up and serve with some cauliflower rice. It has to be one of my all time favourite recipes and you often forget just how healthy it is and the nutritional benefits. I also love that when I cook with cauliflower rice I can use the cauliflower as the basis for a recipe and then choose whatever flavours that I fancy eating.

Day 18

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For today it was a banana for breakfast, then for lunch it was spinach soup and salad, then for dinner we had slow cooked pulled pork with our favourite Indian spice blend.

What I love about Paleo cooking is that you can work everything around the ingredients you have in your fridge and cook something fresh in a reasonably quick time. I always say that for lunch and dinner as long as it is quicker to cook than it is to ring and then wait for a takeaway then I am happy.

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We made spinach soup from scratch today and it was lovely, we threw the spinach in, added coconut milk and seasoning and then we were all ready to tuck in. Though I think Dominic’s comments about how green it looked was really him asking where is the bad bits!!!

For Sunday lunch we have slow cooked pork, brussel sprouts in the soup maker and roasted sweet potatoes via the Airfryer. Talk about getting our kitchen gadgets out!

Day 19

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For today it is fruit salad for breakfast, lunch is salmon and broccoli along with a side order of sweet potato fries, then for dinner it is chicken and vegetables thanks to the slow cooker.

I love this chicken legs recipe. This is because it is so easy to put together in the slow cooker then we are done you have a delicious nutritious family meal to tuck into. I also have a teenage son that is always eating but is so skinny he could pass for being a size 0 and this chicken actually fills him up!

Day 20

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For today I had a fruit salad for breakfast, then for lunch we had slow cooked butternut squash served with bolognese. Then for dinner we had a tuna salad.

If you have not made a slow cooked butternut squash yet then I insist that you do. It’s built upon simplicity and in my opinion is the best way to cook butternut squash. You are simply adding olive oil and a little seasoning and then letting the slow cooker do the hard work for you.

Day 21

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For today I had sweet potato hash for breakfast, some zoodles for lunch and then in the evening we had chicken pasta bake in a lovely homemade tomato sauce with gluten free pasta.

For us the star dish of today had to be the chicken pasta bake which was full of flavour and had lots of fresh vegetables in it.

Tips For Week 3

This is our third week and now we are in a long term routine with the new way of life. It is normally at this part that you start to forget about what you were eating before and get into what you are eating now.

I no longer miss the rubbish and get excited over what I can make healthier and what healthy meals I am feeding my kids. We were semi-healthy before but this gives us a whole new meaning of the word “healthy”.

For this week though I would suggest: 

  • Because you are eating healthy doesn’t mean it will break the bank. Just by ditching the processed food brands can knock 30% of your grocery shopping.
  • If I can prepare a chicken for the slow cooker in 10 seconds, then why should I ever ring a takeaway when I can have healthy chicken recipes in a lot less effort?
  • Paleo is not eating rabbit food. It is enjoying delicious home cooking.
  • Find food that you really love, that way you won’t be getting bored after your first day.
  • Upgrade the quality of certain products so that they are nice to eat. We buy good quality minced beef and get the gourmet bag of lettuce from the supermarket.

Grocery Shopping For Week 3

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Here is our grocery shopping list for week 3. It showcases everything that we consumed during week 3 and will give you some fantastic ideas of what you can cook for you and your family this week. It details all three meals we had over the last 7 days and you can then print it out and take it with you to the supermarket.

You can access the PDF and print it off by clicking here.

You can also access the rest of our Paleo recipes for other great ideas and for inspiration in your new Paleo way of life.

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