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Welcome to my perfect Paleo meal plan and this is week 2.

The hubby things I am crazy. Actually, I think he wants me put into mental health care with my obsession with Paleo and all this lovely cooking straight after childbirth. As he points out, when you are at the most tired part of your life i.e. getting up for all these sleepless nights the last thing you want to be doing is thinking about cooking from scratch several times a day.

He has mentioned (more than once) that we should be living off comfort food. In his world this probably means living off chocolate, chip buttys, lasagne and an endless supply of Airfryer cheeseburgers.

In my defence I point out that not only will I end up even fatter than I already am, but with a lack of sleep and breastfeeding I need as much of the healthy food as I can get. Plus with this challenge focused on the slow cooker it is a lot easier than one would think!

Of course some meals are quicker to make in the slow cooker than others and as they are so delicious and so good for you at the same time, then why not?

He listens to reason when I point out that he can have as much chicken skin as he wishes and that everyday he can have his meat if he wants it. But I don’t think he will be getting over the lack of white potatoes on the shopping list any time soon….

But I am also aware that while I stick to this 100% he has had sneaky trips to the supermarket and has been sharing chocolate with my daughter.

However for the main three meals a day they are 100% Paleo, so delicious and we even have the grocery shopping list (at the bottom) for you to print off to feed your own family of four.

What Happened So Far?

So last week was week 1. Now we are on week 2 and so far so good. The benefit of Paleo is that it’s not just for people that want to lose weight, it is also for people that want to feel super healthy and want to enjoy delicious home cooked meals.

You can get a recap of it by reading week 1 by clicking here.

If you feel as a family you are not as healthy as you would like to be then we recommend that you download our grocery shopping list, access our recipes and give them a good go as you would be amazed by the results that it can bring you.

Day 8

Cooking Tips | My Day 8 of going strictly Paleo brought to you by

For today I had fruit salad for breakfast (just because I love it so much), then for lunch it was salmon and broccoli, then in the evening for dinner thanks to our slow cooker it was delicious lamb koftas done the Greek way!

What I love about broccoli and salmon is that you can steam them, cook them in a wok or even bake them in the oven. They are full of good nutrients and can fill you up for hours and hours.

With koftas the great thing about them is that you are cooking them in a homemade tomato sauce and you can add extra vegetables, serve them with a salad or even make them into more of a soup dish.

I also always have a lot of my homemade tomato sauce portions in the freezer so that whenever I want a dish with a tomato sauce then it is on hand for the occasion.

Day 9

Cooking Tips | My Day 9 of going strictly Paleo brought to you by

For today it was sweet potato hash for breakfast, then green Thai curry for lunch, followed by Brazilian fish stew in the slow cooker for dinner.

Normally my meals require very little preparation but the same can’t be said for the Brazilian fish stew and as such and because I am really unorganised after having a baby it meant that we were eating dinner at 8.30pm. Next time I will get more organised, but feeding three kids, cleaning the house, looking after a baby while a toddler is in a bad mood is really hard work!

Day 10

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For today it was fruit salad for breakfast, lunch was vegetable medley via the slow cooker and then dinner was 10 second marinated chicken in the slow cooker with baked pumpkin.

Yes you heard me right! You really can marinade chicken in 10 seconds and then just place it in your slow cooker and let the slow cooker do the work for you. But it gets better than that, we do it in silver foil packets so the slow cooker requires very little cleaning afterwards!

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Day 11

Cooking Tips | My Day 11 of going strictly Paleo brought to you by

For today I had sweet potato hash for breakfast, duck roast dinner for lunch and then in the evening it was a fruit salad feast.

The best bit for me today was the roast dinner. Dominic cooks the most amazing roast dinners that you have ever tried. It was his profession many years ago and he still does it justice all these years later. But we are also talking Paleo here so it was a little different from the norm.

First of all the duck itself was cooked with pigs in blankets (not roast potatoes), then it was served with a vegetable medley in the slow cooker and then topped with a delicious white sauce made with cauliflower that was absolutely delicious. Then for dessert it was our favourite Paleo chocolate mousse.

There were no roast potatoes, no Yorkshire Puddings, no cheese in the sauce, no mashed potatoes. But I loved it and it was still amazing.

Day 12

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For today I had sweet potato hash for breakfast. Then for lunch it was steak and chips. Then in the evening it was a lovely tuna salad.

What I love about sweet potato hash is that you can add it to your slow cooker the night before and let it cook on low for you. It gives you an excellent kick of vegetables and you will feel full for hours. There is way too many people that have toast or cereal for breakfast and it simply doesn’t fill you up and you just end up snacking way too soon after eating.

For all you ladies that want your man to do Paleo with you then the best way to entice them is with the offer of steak and chips. Of course the chips are sweet potato fries, but it is still a great meal that they will love you for. I had it just as it is but you could impress the man further with some garlic mushrooms and my nice Paleo cauliflower sauce.

I have not quite got the hubby on 100% Paleo but I will overlook the fact that he has mayonnaise on his salad. He only has a little and the fact that I am getting him eating salad and that he hasn’t had his usual white potatoes or cheese for a while is a great achievement.

Day 13

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For today it was fruit salad for breakfast, for lunch it was my slow cooked sausage casserole then in the evening it was a gluten free tuna salad.

I am back with a second round of my sausage casserole. This is because A) it tastes delicious and B) its easy to cook when you’ve just had a baby.

In the evening we have more tuna pasta and it is delicious. I love adding a little gluten free pasta as then the meal will go a lot further and it will feel a lot more economical.

Day 14

Cooking Tips | My Day 14 of going strictly Paleo brought to you by

For today it was a delicious fruit salad for breakfast, slow cooked beef stew for lunch and then in the evening it was an Airfryer burger with sweet potato fries.

I love a fruit salad for breakfast and the idea there is that you can throw whatever spare fruit you have into one dish and then eat away. This will sometimes involve a traditional fruit salad but sometimes I will have avocado, tomatoes and bananas as it’s the perfect combo after doing exercise.

The beef stew is the French version and as long as you lose the booze and the white potatoes then you have a delicious Paleo approved stew. I usually swap the white potatoes for pumpkin and the red wine for more tomatoes. I have also ditched the soft cheese and the peas.

In the evening we have burger and chips. Who said that Paleo meant that you had to miss out on these because it doesn’t! Dominic of course wants to know where the cheese and the burger bun is but hey we still have a delicious burger, sweet potato fries and onions.

Tips For Week 2

This week is for our second week at home with our new baby. We are tired and the last 7 days have been a real struggle. During your first week after having a baby its not that bad as you have not gone that long without sleep, but as the weeks progress it gets harder and harder.

For this week though I would suggest: 

  • Going for recipes that require the least amount of preparation time then it is not a drain on your energy. I would rather have 10 minutes of preparation and 2 hours cooking time.
  • Remember to think ahead of time, I am often late putting meals in the slow cooker and then end up eating close to bedtime.
  • Start your day with a high vegetable breakfast, you will feel so much better and your energy levels will be fantastic.
  • If you want carbs go for slow release carbs that will keep you satisfied but will be good to your body too.
  • If you are not drinking enough remember you can always get liquids from food. Eat lots of courgettes, watermelon and pumpkin for a good boost.

Grocery Shopping For Week 2

Cooking Tips | My Paleo Grocery Shopping List For Week 2 Of My Strictly Paleo Series Brought to you from

Here is our grocery shopping list for week 2. It details all the ingredients of everything that we ate as a family of four. Print it out and take it with you to the supermarket and then tick off each item as you go around.

There is a lot of items mentioned that we personally have in our pantry. I am sure you would be the same and wouldn’t need as many of these items as you would think. It also made us personally realise just how many different herbs and spices we have at home and how delicious they make our home cooking.

You can also access the rest of our Paleo recipes for other great ideas.

Meet The Milners

Samantha and Dominic

Dominic & Samantha Milner are the founders of They love cooking, blogging and being full time parents to their three food obsessed kids. They cook with their kitchen gadgets everyday and love sharing their homemade recipes. Their favourite foods include chocolate, air fryer burgers and macaroni cheese. You can learn more about them here or you can sign up for their free newsletter here.

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