Month 5 Food Blogging Traffic & Income Report March 2016

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Welcome to our fifth food blogging traffic and income report at Recipe This. Looking over the content from our first month it is hard to believe that our food blog is now in its 5th month. It just feels like we have been doing it for years and enjoying all these recipes that we are testing and all the brands we have had the pleasure to try out.

We have always had blogs with recipes on it, but we have never seen ourselves as actually food bloggers until now. We had the Paleo diet site with weekly recipes, a Slimming World food blog in a similar way, family blogs with easy family recipes and so many other similar ones. But now here we are focused on the food and we are loving every moment.

Being married to a chef has its downfall. They cook professionally for others all day and then they come home and the last thing on their mind is to cook for you. In our first year living together he probably cooked for me about four times, and then it was probably about 2-3 times a year thereafter. I would then take on the role of the household cook and that is now things went for about 15 years. However now that we are working together as food bloggers the person that gets to try our meals is just us and it feels so good.

So you could say that my life revolves around food and what great things we are making. If you think about it, many of have a handful of dishes that they cook all the time that are their favourites. Where as we get to try something new at least four times a week!

Our Food Blogging Income During March 2016

Total Revenue = $2697.33

Our Food Blog Expenses During March 2016:

Total Expenses = $1110.28

This leads to a total income from Recipe This For March 2016 of $1587.05

I love putting together my income reports and looking at my income and my expenses. It is nice to see how your traffic is growing and how many income streams are developing on your blog.

My favourite income (above all others) is my ebook revenue from what I call recycled blog content. This is income I have made by converting my recipes into Word and submitting them to the likes of Kindle & Draft2Digital. This is income that is not reliant on my blog traffic but is Amazon actually bringing me traffic that I wouldn’t normally have. This is something that we should all do, but very few of us do! You can read how I do it on this post.

Income from physical products and from freelance work is always going to go up and down so this is what it looks like on a bad month. So it is nice to see a good profit on what I would call a worse month.

With physical products I target one category and then the other, so this moth it is all about contacting cookware brands, so expect lots of reviews of pots, pans and casserole dishes in June!

We are also on Amazon and their CPM. I didn’t even know that they had one until they emailed us about it! It gets added to our Amazon Associates income and the CPM rate that we are getting has been very good so far and we have not quite completed our first month with them. The rate has been dropping more and more with Content.Ad so we have ditched them in favour of Amazon.

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From an expenses point of view I am noticing that things don’t change. We have the same costs on a month by month basis. And I am sure from time to time new things will be added while old things will be taken away.

What I am finding that I am heading into a typical income types with my food blog. I think it is easy to fall into the routine of the different types of income. These are:

  • Affiliate Sales
  • Consulting
  • Ebook Sales
  • Advertising Networks
  • Private Advertising

There is of course nothing wrong with this and in my mind it shows a well monetised blog.

Recipe This Blog Traffic March 2016

Well our first target for traffic is 30,000 page views a month and our target is to reach this for our sixth month.

Well we are here at the end of our 5th month and this is how our traffic stands:

"online website visitors"

We are nearly there. And we have nearly doubled our users and sessions in one month, which is unbelievable.

It is also interesting to look at our top 10 traffic sources for the month:

"traffic sources"

My Yummly traffic has finally taken off – for most people it can take a while to get going and this is our first month of good Yummly traffic. We have started to take part in Yummly threads on Facebook, we post all our recipes to Yummly as they happen and best of all we are getting featured on peoples round ups on there.

TasteSpotting is back – if you use Tastespotting as part of your recipe submissions you’ll know that things have been really far behind because they just stopped approving submissions. As a result we had a huge backlog and they have approved 32 of our recipes in the last month. But it is certainly worth your while to submit every recipe to the top recipe submission sites as these can really kickstart your traffic.

Pinterest – as a food blogger the main social media network that you were expected to put your time into was Pinterest. But since Yummly came along and promoted pins it has not been as lucrative as it once was. But I would still highly recommend that you put your time into it, because as soon as you get attention on there, that traffic will stay with you for life.

When I was in the diet niche I had a handful of pins that were from 2013 that still got loads of traffic in late 2015. So if you think of the recipe you have now = the start of your long term blog traffic.

Looking at it in March my Pinterest sessions was 872 and overall it has come along gradually as you can see below:

"pinterest traffic"

There has been a lot of talk about a Pinterest hit (and the same for Instagram) but for both social media sites I am growing. So if you keep on with what you’re good at there is no reason why you will fall.

At the time of writing this our social media has now gone above 10,000 followers, so it is nice to see how much it has grown in the last five months and I can’t wait to see what it is at in November when the site is a year old!

Movie Stars, Television Stars & Extras

I always compare the income of bloggers to those of movie stars, television stars and extras.

The movie star is the one that makes seven figures from their blogs and they stand out because there is very few of them. If they walk into a blogging conference you will know who they are and you will stare at them like they are a Hollywood movie star.

However if they are a six figure blogger then they are like the television star. You would like to meet them and ask them what their secret is and quiz them about various things, but you can live with it if you don’t meet them.

Then there are the ones below this, those that are just starting out and looking forward to climbing the blogging ladder. These are like extras because quite often they will need a second job in order to build up their blog and they are dreaming about becoming a television star.

Then of course there are those in between that you would probably call the bit part television stars. The sort that never get the main roles but you always jump straight onto IMDB to see what you know them for because they are so familiar.

Right now I consider myself to be the premium extra and I know that a lot of hard work will result in becoming a television star, but I am ready for it and up for the challenge!

Of course, you are going to always have people that have been around longer and have a higher income or traffic than yourself, but enjoy the journey and celebrate as you reach each of your goals.

The BIG question is……are you ready to be a television star?

What’s Next For Recipe This?

Well there are two areas we will be working on between now and our next income report.

First of all, we were targeting a lot of different recipe submission sites and after a month or so of targeting a lot of them, we will be ditching the ones that give us little or no traffic.

Second on the list, we will be working on increasing our advertising networks that we have on our site. As we are approaching 30,000 page views a month we are opening the doors to more and more of them that will accept us. So this month we will be applying to a few different ones. Though, we will be waiting until higher traffic numbers before we join some different sponsored opportunity sites as we feel our traffic is a bit too low for those just now.

Meet The Milners

Samantha and Dominic

Dominic & Samantha Milner are the founders of They love cooking, blogging and being full time parents to their three food obsessed kids. They cook with their kitchen gadgets everyday and love sharing their homemade recipes. Their favourite foods include chocolate, air fryer burgers and macaroni cheese. You can learn more about them here or you can sign up for their free newsletter here.

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    I wanted to ask you regarding your income from Amazon, do you have to pay 30% as taxes from your income?

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      Hi Shabayek

      Yes we pay 30% holding tax from our sales in The United States.



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    Awesome! Realy inspiring post. I am always motivate after reading your blogs. Thanks for the insights.

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