Month 3 Food Blogging Traffic & Income Report January 2016

"january income and traffic report"

Welcome to our third food blogging traffic and income report from Recipe This. I love doing these income reports as it reminds me exactly what our blog has been doing throughout the month. It also makes us accountable and makes us want to make more of an effort on our food blog.

We also want to prove that you don’t have to wait one or even two years before you monetise a food blog and that it can be earning from its first few months.

Today marks exactly three months since we started Recipe This and it is amazing to see how much content has been produced, how the traffic is gradually increasing and how we can see a future for a site that is so new. My emails are full of brands wanting to send me their products, we already have DMCAs thanks to people copying our content and the income is starting to take off.

In my mind these are all things that happen to sites as they get known and it is nice to see that if you build up a site at speed it can happen sooner rather than later.

Our Food Blogging Income During January 2016

Total Revenue = $2396.98

Our Food Blog Expenses During January 2016:

Total Expenses = $495.42

This leads to a total income from Recipe This For January 2016 of $1901.56

I have spent so long in the diet niche I forget how well other niches can do at this time of year and it is not just the diet industry that can shine. However there has to be some connection to the fact that kitchen gadgets associated with weight loss did do amazing in January!

More about our revenue:

Many people come to me for internet marketing coaching. The majority always want my expertise in the field of monetising. They don’t realise that even though they have a site that doesn’t bring in that much traffic that they still have excellent options when it comes to monetising. Monetise from day one and then as your traffic grows your income will grow too. Don’t be afraid to monetise a site that only has 10,000 page views because it will still make money just like I have proved above.

Someone said something to me last year that still gets to me. They were approached by my ads manager for a possible advertising opportunity on our blog. It wasn’t this blog it was another one that gets a lot more traffic.

They were offered a $75 sponsored review package and their reply was “did you not know that all food bloggers are poor and have no money?” I then took a closer look at their site and they should have been making at least $20,000 from their site instead of nothing. But it is all down to whether we take action or not with our food blogs.

I wonder out of the people that read this post how many will actually take action and have monetised their blog even further by the end of the week or worked on a new form of traffic generation.

Our latest recycled content is now on the Kindle and Draft2Digital and this has helped increase our passive income. We have already received our first advertising order for a paid review, which is great news for such a young blog!

Plus it is never too early to start generating the affiliate income. We are finding that the food niche is so much easier than the diet niche to get people to buy via your Amazon affiliate links. My only issue with Amazon is that you’re limited on what you can earn because they have no worldwide affiliate link in place.

So I tend to just target the USA and UK as this is our biggest traffic area. So it does mean that visitors from Australia and Canada are missing out on bringing me an affiliate commission.

Recipe This blog traffic during January 2016

Here is what our traffic looked like for our third month:

"january traffic summary"

Then if you compare it to December:

"recipe this traffic in december"

You will see that we have nearly tripled our traffic in one month which to me is excellent progress!

Our traffic came down to the following:

"top 11 traffic breakdown"

It is interesting to see this early on what are the front runners for bringing in the most traffic. The majority of our traffic is already coming from the search engines (the benefit of a former life as an internet marketer) and this is swiftly followed by Food Gawker and Facebook.

Now about 45% of the submissions that we do to food submission sites get accepted. This is a fantastic source of traffic and just in January resulted in a combined traffic of 999 visitors to our site just by making an effort with these sites.

The recipe submission sites we use are as follows:

 I have also included them in order of highest traffic first to see if there are any you want to try out. Surprisingly Tastespotting seems to have a really big backlog and has only looked at and accepted one of my recipes so for it to be the second runner for traffic from one recipe is rather amazing.

Facebook Group

 And finally our Facebook Group is at more than 800 members (as of writing this) so if you have not already joined our Facebook group we recommend that you do. It is just for those of you like me that want to create a food blog, build traffic to it and monetise it. You can join the party by clicking here.

What’s Next On Recipe This?

February = the month when we will FINALLY get our Podcast out there for the world to see. It feels like it has been a long time coming and a lot of planning but we will (very soon) have a weekly one for our food blogging readers and another for our recipes readers. I love doing Podcasts but they are a bigger commitment than what writing blog posts is and I want to be ready for it for when it happens.

On the other hand it is an excellent source of traffic if you are considering doing it. Just think everyone has the equipment to do videos for You Tube but who has Podcasting gear? It means that it remains a rather untapped source of traffic.

Meet The Milners

Samantha and Dominic

Dominic & Samantha Milner are the founders of They love cooking, blogging and being full time parents to their three food obsessed kids. They cook with their kitchen gadgets everyday and love sharing their homemade recipes. Their favourite foods include chocolate, air fryer burgers and macaroni cheese. You can learn more about them here or you can sign up for their free newsletter here.

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  • avatar Sree Feb 20, 2016, 1:43 pm

    Hi.. Your blog is an inspiration to monetize my blog. You mentioned Income coming from Food Blogging consulting & management… Can You eloborate on that.. major part of your income is coming from that..

    • avatar Samantha and Dominic Feb 24, 2016, 11:06 am

      Yes Sree,

      When you start food blogging it can be hard to build your income up in the beginning. That is why it is recommended that you do some kind of consulting to bring in the income. Most will do freelance recipes for other bloggers and some will manage sites for people. What we do is manage sites for other food bloggers, coach them on building and growing their food blog and it just depends on the needs of the clients.

  • avatar matt Mar 3, 2016, 11:31 am

    where can i buy your ebook?

    • avatar Samantha and Dominic Mar 4, 2016, 9:46 am

      Hi Matt

      You can buy the how to start a food blog on various different platforms. You can buy it on Amazon kindle, ibooks, barnes & Noble, Scribd and Kobo. if you need a link to our ebook just let me know. You can search for how to start a food blog.



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