Month 18 Food Blogging Traffic & Income Report – April 2017

How To Start A Food Blog | Food Blogging Income Report March 2017

Welcome to our 18th food blogging and income report for April 2017.

One thing that I have noticed being discussed a lot lately among food bloggers is privacy. The privacy of you and your family while you embark on your career as a blogger.

When I started my first internet marketing blog back in 2008 hardly anybody shared what they looked like. They might mention that they had kids and most would use a pen name rather than their real name. They would use stock photography for their profile picture and people didn’t care that they did this.

This was of course just before Twitter arrived and before we become obsessed with social media.

I am sure there are some food bloggers that still hide under fake names and fake pictures which as long as you are not doing live videos you could do.

But then on the other side there are people that post every family photo to social media that is seen by not only family and friends but the general public too.

And with so many issues with internet safety you have to ask yourself how much of yourself and your family you should put out there.

I am under the opinion that whatever niche you are in you should share in moderation. For example we have a picture of each of our children on our about page. The picture of our eldest that we share are always with his permission first, after all he is 15 years old and able to make his own decisions.

Plus he is already into social media and does videos on You Tube so what I share is little in comparison. Then with our youngest 2 (who are both under 3) we have shared a total of about 5 pictures of them over all our blogs that we have owned since they were born.

Because they are young and because looks change, we feel that under 4’s look so much different that they do when they are teens so it would be hard for people to spot them.

Then when they are older use back shots of them and side shots so that it is hard to spot them.

Then for talking about them. I like to keep things private and don’t want them to be a constant topic of conversation. If your blog goes viral do you really want 10 million people seeing it? So I keep it on topic to what my food blog is about. I mention family holidays and when we first tried a food, a recipe that was handed down from a deceased relative or what my kids favourite foods and worst foods are.

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But more and more are sadly forgetting about the implications and share too much and then regret it afterwards. So just stick to your values and just because someone else is sharing everything that has ever happened to them in their lives doesn’t mean you have to.

Just keep a steady balance.

Our Food Blogging Income During April 2017:

Total Revenue = $3362.43

Our Food Blog Expenses During April 2017:

Total Expenses = $532.20

This leads to a total income from Recipe This For April 2017 of $2830.23

As a blogger I have always hated April. It has always been that lost month that never really feels like it has had a purpose and always leaded to a drop in traffic and income. I have always found that this is after the winter food seasons are over, Easter is gone and there is this big gap that you need to bypass before summer arrives.

You have all these plans for summer but its not quite the time for them to take off and be noticed.

But summer is nearly here and I can nearly get excited over the summer season. I have a vison of a lot of beach days, a lot of picnics and loads of new and exciting recipes.

Recipe This Blog Traffic April 2017

We are still trying to live up to the high traffic that came with January and trying to build our traffic up. We are at the time of year when recipe hunting is not as popular as what healthy recipes can be in the New Year. But our traffic is not terrible either.

When we look at where it was back in April last year (our first ever 30,000 page views month) and say that we are still 6 times that still sounds great in our book.

I think one problem that we suffer from is being inpatient. We want it all now and that is why most food blogs wont last. They plough into things at a medium to slow rate and then after a year want to know why they can’t live off the income of a food blogger.

So if you are inpatient have a look at what you can do to increase the chances and to build up the blog a little faster.

Here is our traffic for April 2017:

How To Start A Food Blog | How we got nearly 200,000 page views from our 18th month old food blog during April 2017.

We had an average month in the world of food blogging. We hit 5000 page views everyday without fail and had some 8,000 page views days.

We have found that you have your low. A low traffic day for us is 5000 and we know that if we left the blog today and just let it sit there and never added another piece of content that the traffic would stay at the 5,000 level. It would earn from its advertising networks and earn at least $800 a month.

Not that I plan on doing that, but its nice to know if you left your blog to it that it would still bring in a regular income.

Here are our top 10 traffic sources for during April:

How To Start A Food Blog | Our Top 10 Traffic Sources At

I love that these roughly stay the same. It shows stability in our traffic and shows that the traffic is long term. It is so annoying when you have a good month on Stumbleupon and then the next month it is back to how it was before.

I expect that throughout the year it will be made up on Google, Facebook, Pinterest & direct traffic just like it is now.

Here is our SEO traffic from Google Webmaster Tools account:

How To Start A Food Blog | Our SEO traffic At

I love to dive into the results on Google webmaster tools and it is particularly good for checking out your keywords when you are expanding within your niche.

As you probably already know, our niche is kitchen gadgets. Using an airfyer, soup maker, electric pressure cooker, slow cooker, blender, casserole dish and such like. To make this happen what we have done is slowly expand into each of them with the airfryer and the soup maker dominating in the search results.

But our new ones have always been the Instant Pot which is the most talked about electric pressure cooker. We started our expansion into it in January and have been using Google Webmaster Tools to see how many SEO positions we are getting for it. Keywords just using the Instant Pot accounted for 118 out of 1000 during April and it was so good to see that and to see that the expansion is working.

We are now working on the Slimming World diet as our main topic during May. Again with this we will be checking on the keywords to see what results we get. For those of you that don’t know it is a popular British diet and a good way to build up our UK slow cooker and Airfryer readers.

So before you dismiss Google Webmaster Tools, look at it every 2-3 days and see what is doing well and use it for your campaigns/themes to see what is paying off.

Food Blogging Takeaways

I often ask myself what advice I would have liked to have heard when I was starting out as a new blogger, fresh with no experience working online. And thought for a bit of fun this month I could share the information with you via quotes and then you could save them for later.

How To Stand Out From The Crowd

How To Start A Food Blog | Does your food blog stand out from the crowd

This was the tagline of my internet marketing site many years ago and it is very true indeed. You need to stand out and be noticed. There are millions of food blogs out there and 7 in every 10 will not make it into their 2nd year. You have to make sure that you stand out and that people notice YOU. What is going to be different about you compared to other food blogs? If you are going to be in the baking niche what will be so special about you? Its important that you work that out from Day 1.

If You Promote It They Will Come

How To Start A Food Blog | If you promote it they will come.

This is so important. There is no point just writing a blog post/recipe and then just sharing it to your social media channels. I have even noticed that blogs with million of followers that do this just don’t get much traction on their new content.

What you need to be doing is heavily promoting every new recipe that you publish. Have it shared on social media groups, recipe sharing sites, social media exchanges, tell other bloggers about it, repromote on social media a week after the event and really go to town on your new content.

Have a read through this as I put together my top promotional methods a while back and do as many of them as you can.

Plus I often find that I spend 5 times the time on promoting content than writing the content originally. So if you spend 2 hours writing a post make sure that 10 hours is spent on getting it out there.

You Can Lead A Horse To Water But You Cant Make It Drink

How To Start A Food Blog | You can lead a horse to water but you can´t make it drink.

This is a quote that I have used many, many times over the years and find it is so spot on when it comes to food blogging. We are all sat there with the same information and the same resources.

We can all read the same articles about blogging, about niche selection, traffic building, quality content and so forth. But only a small portion of us will learn and then implement what we have learnt.

I have sold many websites over the years many of them in the food/diet niches. I have handed the site over and explained what I have done so far. I have also shared with them what has been most popular and where to go with the site in the future.

I would say that only 1 in 5 has actually listened. Which is such a shame as they would all have amazing websites now if they have.

But while someone has not listened that means that there is more room for you and that your blog has a real chance of standing out. So not just read all this great information in front of you, actually do something with it.

What’s Next?

We are here working our way through our Slimming World content for May. It has given us the chance to expand into a new area on the blog. After this we will be looking through our old content to see which of it is Slimming World friendly that we can then remarket. So ask yourself with your content if for example you are growing into new areas what you could repromote.

It will also be interesting to see how things go and I am sure I will be back to fill you in on it.

Just think if you have a fairly healthy blog and you want to grow your traffic, why not go through your old posts and see which recipes can be retargeted in social media and SEO for gluten free, for Paleo, for Whole 30 or even fat free.

Meet The Milners

Samantha and Dominic

Dominic & Samantha Milner are the founders of They love cooking, blogging and being full time parents to their three food obsessed kids. They cook with their kitchen gadgets everyday and love sharing their homemade recipes. Their favourite foods include chocolate, air fryer burgers and macaroni cheese. You can learn more about them here or you can sign up for their free newsletter here.

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