Month 17 Food Blogging & Income Report – March 2017

How To Start A Food Blog | Food Blogging Income Report March 2017

Welcome to our 17th food blogging and income report for March 2017.

There is no HUGE secret to food blogging. You work incredibly hard at creating great content, you then market it as much as you possibly can and then you wait to see which recipes are going to be a huge success and which ones you loved doing but other people didn’t love as much as you.

At the same time you need to be original and show integrity. I am amazed by how many people can be jealous towards you or copy your content just because you are doing well at something. I have placed more copyright infringement notices in this blog than any other I have ever owned. I have even had an ebook taken off sale on the Kindle because it included my recipes.

I have been removed from Facebook Groups because my success was better than the moderators and it amazes me how many times an idea is copied and the end result is that one ingredient is changed.

But I secretly like these people. As while they are coping my content or using my ideas they are lacking the originality to be able to grow their own blog. This means that they will never be competition.

There will always be people that you won’t like. You are in business and quite often you will make friends along the way. But there will of course be people that you don’t like and that is okay. We can’t like everyone can we and it would be a weird world if we did. There are blogs that I know of that are in it for themselves and don’t care about the reader, I will never include them in my posts but I wont publicly bash them either. You just have to learn to keep your distance and remember why you network with people.

You will work very hard. I was in the queue at the cash and carry yesterday with Dominic. We were there bulk buying certain foods for recipe testing for some sponsored recipe orders. We will work incredibly hard on those recipes and when done we expect that they will do very well on the blog and bring us a heap of long term traffic. BUT we will still choose our hours and have complete control over our business. Yet the other people that were in the queue are restaurant owners and they wont be able to enjoy lots of summer beach days like us because they will be serving the likes of me.

Remember to promote everywhere. There is only so many hours in the day. Hire a really good team of outsourcers and have them promoting you from dusk until dawn. There is no point creating your amazing content if nobody is going to see it. I outlined here loads of ways to promote your content and I recommend you go through the list.

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Make your own luck. One of my favourite quotes in the movie Titanic is we should all make our own luck and it is true. Every now and again you will be lucky by chance but most of the time you have to make some yourself. If you are always out there and getting noticed then the right person will share your content and will give you that amazing traffic day. Just keep at it and you will see the results.

Our Food Blogging Income During March 2017:

Total Revenue = $3754.04

Our Food Blog Expenses During March 2017:

Total Expenses = $444.21

This leads to a total income from Recipe This For March 2017 of $3309.83

As you can see as our traffic is growing (well it is growing bit by bit) so is our income. The secret that you have to work on is this…..make sure that even if you have just 1000 page views a month that your site is well monetised. Have affiliate links on your site, have advertising networks, sell sponsored reviews and recipes and have ebooks set up to make you passive income.

Then as your traffic grows then your income will too. As your traffic gets higher you can charge more and more for your sponsored content and more and more people will click on your affiliate links.

I see way too many sites that are not monetised and that means that someone could earn $1,000 a month from a site with 50,000 page views where as another would need 500,000 page views to earn the same.

Just think about that!

Joining Forces With Family

When I started a range of travel blogs about 6 years ago now it was my cousin that hired the writers for me. I still have one of those writers to this day. She does my social media along with infographic text and she does a great job.

Now here I am with loads of American traffic and I live in Portugal and it is a huge nightmare for selling sponsored recipes. Therefore I have joined forces with my cousin where she handles US sponsors while I handle the ones in Europe. It now means that we can sell a lot more and have a much bigger brand reach.

We are only a couple of weeks in, but so far so good. And it should open a lot more doors as far as products that we can review on the blog. So expect a few interesting products coming soon….

Recipe This Blog Traffic March 2017

In January we had a super high traffic month. This was mainly because our soup keywords were so popular and all people want in January is SOUP or diet related recipes. Then in February it went down a bit (though it was still higher than December) and we wanted to get back into the 200,000 page views for March. We worked hard on a lot more SEO and social media and the end result is below.

Here is our traffic for March 2017:

How To Start A Food Blog | How we got over 200,000 page views from our 17th month old food blog during March 2017.

Our traffic was fantastic and hit all the 2’s with 222,000 page views for the month.

Here are our top 10 traffic sources for during March:

How To Start A Food Blog | Our Top 10 Traffic Sources At

As expected we dominated again with Google search, our podcast/Instagram for the direct traffic, Pinterest and Facebook. They are always the headliners and I wonder if anything will ever come along and knock them off their top spots.

Dominating new keywords

We are of course working on (or continuing to work on) dominating the main keywords in our niche. We are in the kitchen gadgets niche so its all about the different niches within it that we can rank for.

Right now we rank on the front page of Google (plus get a shedload of Pinterest traffic) for our main gadgets that we feature:

  • Airfryer
  • Soup Maker
  • Instant Pot

Plus we are working on diets within these communities to further our positions even more and using epic content and themed campaigns to get there. For example right now on the blog we are using Easter baking in the Airfryer and Instant Pot to get us out there even more.

In other words, it is all about being known as an authority in your niche and getting more and more traffic and growing at a steady rate.

We have been working on the Instant Pot keywords for just 3 months and we already have 100 keywords on the front page of Google and we are really pleased that the hard work is paying off.

So look at your niche and then at the micro niche and then the mini micro niche inside it and see how you can grow. If you have a healthy eating blog, then have a month focused on gluten free and then inside that gluten free month it could be dedicated to fast food that is never gluten free. Then as you do it, tell brands your plans and get them to sponsor your content as you do it.

Here is our SEO traffic from Google Webmaster Tools account:

How To Start A Food Blog | Our SEO traffic At

Our SEO is our best friend at the moment. It loves us because of the content we produce, because we have our content optimised and because we stay on topic so that Google knows what to expect from us and sees us as an authority in our niche.

If you’re struggling with your SEO then work on optimising your content and making sure your content is worthy of the first page on

What’s Next?

Rinse and repeat. I use this term a lot because that is what happens with food blogging. You research a recipe, you recipe test, you write the recipe, you publish it, you promote it and then you do the exact same. Some will take off and some wont but you will always be planning the next one and getting excited over this new mad idea you have.

Over this coming month we have a lot going on with sponsored content and have a new diet that we are going into too. It is going to be all about building up our traffic so that we can end 2017 on a really good traffic year.

Meet The Milners

Samantha and Dominic

Dominic & Samantha Milner are the founders of They love cooking, blogging and being full time parents to their three food obsessed kids. They cook with their kitchen gadgets everyday and love sharing their homemade recipes. Their favourite foods include chocolate, air fryer burgers and macaroni cheese. You can learn more about them here or you can sign up for their free newsletter here.

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