Leftover Turkey Recipes – How To Get 17 Family Meals from ONE Turkey

Frugal Recipes | Leftover Turkey Recipes – How To Get 17 Family Meals From ONE Turkey

Welcome to the final results from my leftover turkey. I wanted to prove just how much money you could save by getting a reduced price turkey at Christmas, placing it in your freezer and then using it at a later date for a LOT of budget family meals.

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We have been looking forward to this moment for a while now. Where we get to share with you what we achieved from what we would consider to be a small turkey. How it can last weeks and to show you that you can get amazing meat without paying a huge premium for it.

Turkey Prices In Portugal

Turkey in Portugal can offer great value for money (especially when purchased after Christmas). Gammon and ham can be rather expensive compared to other countries, beef carries a premium and pork and chicken are the most common. When we shop around for deals at the supermarket we can make huge savings on chicken and pork. The only problem is that it can often be rather small and that is when turkey comes into practice.

It costs around 1,39€ at reduced price per kilo (63 cents a pound) and it can then be frozen and used for whenever you have an urge for turkey. Compare this in the United States when they pay $1.03 a kilo (0,91€) and it makes you realise what a premium we pay for them. So just imagine doing this challenge state side!

This means that our 6 kilo (8.8 pound) turkey cost us just 8,34€ and you can read further down to see just how many family budget meals this made.

Turkey Chopped Up Vs Whole

I like the idea of both. You could chop up a turkey into pieces and then there is no stress over how quickly you use up the turkey. You could get a turkey breast out of the freezer and make 5 meals with it over 3-4 days or you could just get the wings out for a quick evening meal.

If you compare this to a whole turkey where you have to consume the whole lot in a few days I know which I prefer. What we ended up doing was chopping one up and keeping one whole. The one used in March was the chopped up version and the whole one we are saving for Easter weekend.

We then used the storage box to store all the chopped turkey + the other whole one so that we could find them and move them easily. We buy a LOT of reduced price meat and it gives our super sized chest freezer a use. But when you want to find that meat quickly it can be a real pain. So we have this storage box for our turkey only. It also doubles up for moving our heavy meat from one freezer to another or for when we are prepping our freezer meals.

Meals From ONE Turkey

We decided the more we could get from one turkey the better. We of course picked at the meat as it was cooked as turkey is just so, so good. Here we have broken down what we made with which meat so that you can get some ideas for yourself.

In the end we achieved:

  • 3 turkey wing meals
  • 4 turkey leg meals
  • 10 turkey breast meals

This means a turkey purchase of 8,34€ provided us with meat for 17 meals at the cost of 0,49 each meal. Those meals were also bumped up with cupboard staples and we estimate that each meal we had cost 1€ for a family of four. So we could say now that we fed our family for 0,25€ each which in my opinion is truly amazing. It also shows to budget cook for your family you don’t just have to live off beans.

Below are details of every recipe we ate:

The Turkey Wings

Frugal Recipes | 3 leftover turkey wing recipes brought to you by recipethis.com

Let’s start with the part of the turkey that nobody wants. That is the turkey wings. Everyone gets excited over the turkey breast, the turkey legs, the thighs or even the drumsticks and then the wings get forgotten about. But in these recipes we made the wings centre stage and showed that they do in fact have a purpose on your dinner plate and they can taste rather special if you give them a bit of love.

#1 – Airfryer Turkey & Broccoli Pizza

Airfryer Recipes | Air Fryer Quick Turkey & Broccoli Pizza recipe from RecipeThis.com

This fed us as a family of four for the night and made a perfect Saturday night supper. We served it up with our favourite Airfryer fries and we all sat in silence as we ate as we were hungry and it tasted so good!

#2 – Airfryer Turkey Stuffed Bread

Airfryer Recipes | Air Fryer Turkey Stuffed Bread Recipe from RecipeThis.com

If you have a fussy eater that refuses point blank to eat turkey wing meat, then serve them this. They will not have a clue it is made from the wing and it is a delicious filling meal.

#3 – Airfryer Turkey Curry Samosas

Airfryer Recipes | Turkey Curry Samosas recipe from RecipeThis.com

Not exactly a full meal. But with the amount of them that it makes, serve it with some rice and a vegetable curry and you will still have a meal. Or serve these to your kids for dinner and they will be stuffed.

This is of course 3 amazing budget dishes from two small turkey wings. So next time nobody wants to eat them cook them these!

The Turkey Legs

Frugal Recipes | 4 leftover turkey leg recipes brought to you by recipethis.com

You chop up a chicken leg and they look so small you think you could eat two of them in one serving. However you chop up a turkey leg and they are so big in comparison. Out of our 2 turkey legs these are the meals we achieved:

#1 – Airfryer Turkey Pot Pie

Airfryer Recipes | Air Fryer Leftover Turkey Pot Pie recipe from RecipeThis.com

I love this because it is such a quick use out of your turkey legs. Throw all your leftover turkey ingredients in together and you quickly have turkey pot pie. Plus at this time of year we all love some pie.

#2 – Turkey & Spaghetti Bake

Dutch Oven | Dutch Oven Baked Turkey & Spaghetti recipe from RecipeThis.com

Next on the agenda with the leftover turkey leg is some spaghetti and turkey. Loaded with cheese and tomatoes it is a family favourite. It is also a great use of stretching your meal and we found that we had food leftover that went on lunch the next day.

#3 – Turkey Moroccan Balls

Airfryer Recipes | Air Fryer Moroccan Turkey Couscous Balls recipe from RecipeThis.com

We loved these and it was the perfect use of couscous, turkey and a few other kitchen basics. We served them with rice and some steamed vegetables. My daughter who is super fussy even enjoyed them.

#4 – Turkey Leg & Rice

Instant Pot Recipes | Instant Pot Mediterranean Turkey & Rice Dutch Oven Baked Turkey & Spaghetti recipe from RecipeThis.com

For something simple how about you cook a full turkey leg with rice and then dish it up on a big plate for everyone to tuck into? Well this is exactly what we did and had it for lunch like that. You can then save what you have leftover for another day and rice and turkey go so well together.

This is of course 4 delicious meals all from 2 turkey legs. I am sure I could have stretched the legs further if I had wanted to But I love my meat and this is exactly how I wanted them..

The Turkey Breasts

Frugal Recipes | 10 leftover turkey breast recipes brought to you by recipethis.com

Two turkey breasts and arguably the best part of the turkey. With its amazing skin and lean body it is perfect for eating healthy or just for the perfect family meal. But I bet you are wondering how far I can actually take some turkey breast. Well I can take it the full distance with all these delicious meals. Just add carbs to your meals and you would be amazed by how many people it will feed.

#1 – Instant Pot Creamy Turkey Colcannon

Instant Pot Recipes | Instant Pot Creamy Turkey Colcannon recipe from RecipeThis.com

During our month long of turkey recipes we celebrated St Patricks Day with this delicious Irish mash recipe. It was made even better thanks to the extra turkey breast that was added to the recipe.

#2 – Instant Pot Turkey & Sweet Potato Lasagne

Instant Pot Recipes | Instant Pot Turkey & Sweet Potato Lasagne recipe from RecipeThis.com

In this recipe we are making delicious turkey lasagne in the Instant Pot. It is full of flavour, really simple and a family favourite. I am sure if you mentioned to your family that you would be using leftover turkey on this rather than sandwiches I am sure you would have the thumbs up!

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#3 – Slow Cooker Paleo Turkey & Vegetable Hash

Slow Cooker Recipes | Slow Cooker Paleo Turkey & Vegetable Hash recipe from RecipeThis.com

This is another family favourite. But the difference between this and making lasagne is just how quick this is to cook. You throw it all into the slow cooker and then let the slow cooker do all the work for you!

#4 – Soup Maker Cheesy Turkey & Ale Soup

Soup Maker Recipes | Soup Maker Cheesy Turkey & Ale Soup recipe from RecipeThis.com

If you hate soup because it always feels like bland baby food then try this one! Delicious turkey and cheese together make the dream soup. Serve it with warm homemade crusty bread and you have a fantastic budget meal.

#5 – Soup Maker Turkey & Ham Cream Soup

Soup Maker Recipes | Soup Maker Turkey & Ham Cream Soup recipe from RecipeThis.com

We finished off our first turkey breast with some turkey and ham creamy soup. We also had some spare ham leftover in the freezer and it just felt perfect to use it into a soup.

Frugal Recipes | 5 Instant Pot Turkey & Rice recipes brought to you by recipethis.com

#6 – Instant Pot Lemon Turkey Risotto

Instant Pot Recipes | Instant Pot Lemon Turkey Risotto recipe from RecipeThis.com

In the first of 5 turkey rice recipes we have risotto. Creamy, loads of rice and turkey it is so filling you won’t need a big portion. It is very economical and can stretch round several plates if you have a big family to feed.

#7 – Instant Pot Portuguese Turkey Rice

Instant Pot Recipes | Instant Pot Portuguese Turkey Rice recipe from RecipeThis.com

In this one we have the Portuguese take of rice. Whenever I have it I am always in food heaven. It is full of flavour, full of vegetable and meat goodness and you kind of forget just how bad white rice is for you.

#8 – Instant Pot Teriyaki Turkey & Rice

Instant Pot Recipes | Instant Pot Teriyaki Turkey & Rice recipe from RecipeThis.com

For a taste of China how about some delicious teriyaki turkey with rice. A great evening meal for the family and a perfect use of leftover turkey. You could also change it for a whole variety of famous Chinese flavourings. We will be testing it on our next turkey with oyster sauce.

#9 – Instant Pot Thai Turkey Fried Rice

Instant Pot Recipes | Instant Pot Thai Turkey Fried Rice recipe from RecipeThis.com

For a bit of spice we made a delicious Thai turkey fried rice. We didn’t use too much spice though as we are feeding this to our 2 year old, so if you like spice triple the spice we have suggested in this recipe.

#10 – Instant Pot Turkey Wild Rice Soup

Instant Pot Recipes | Instant Pot Turkey Wild Rice Soup recipe from RecipeThis.com

For the last of our turkey and rice recipes we have a delicious turkey wild rice soup. A really filling hearty soup and perfect for warming you up in winter. It is also perfect for lunch too or for when it is really cold outside and the kids come in and want warming up.

Looking back it is fantastic to say that we made 10 recipes and 10 meals out of the turkey breasts on a small turkey. It makes me want to do this a lot more often just to show you how much money you could actually save.

Introducing The Crestware Storage Solutions

We had a big gap in our lives when we didn’t live in a house. After moving out of our last house in England in 2008 it wasn’t until early 2015 when our home involved a house again. We had nearly a year living in a caravan on a campsite followed by several years living in a small 2 bedroom apartment.

I know they say it is the little things that we all miss when we don’t have them, but it is true. We missed not having a chest freezer and forcing all our leftover meals into the smallest freezer you have ever seen.

It had two incredibly small shelves and not much else. We were lucky to get 6 small freezer portions from a turkey in it and we used to dream of the time when we could use a chest freezer. We got a fantastic second hand one from a group on Facebook for just 50 Euros.

Two years on and it is still doing the trick!

But because we are obsessed with buying second hand meat it is always full to bursting and this is why we use storage containers to hold the meat and so that we have easy access. Hence the partnership with Crestware.

Crestware Storage Container Review

Marketplace | Here are 10 reasons to buy the storage containers at Crestware as featured on RecipeThis.com

Here are 10 reasons to buy this Storage Container:

  1. Comfortable handles
  2. Easy to remove lid
  3. Fits perfectly inside a chest freezer
  4. Plenty of storage space
  5. Quick clean up
  6. Ridged interior floor keeps some items from sliding around
  7. Stackable design
  8. Sturdy construction
  9. Versatile
  10. Waterproof

Our verdict – I use storage containers a lot. From keeping loose Lego sets contained in one place to storing foods, I can’t live without waterproof storage containers. Crestware storage containers rank highly among the best containers I’ve had. First, the lids fit, but they don’t fit so snug that you struggle to get them off. Second, the containers come in a variety of sizes and are all stackable for effortless space management. Third, they wipe clean in seconds.

For freezer organization, I highly recommend these durable plastic containers from Crestware. The bin I tested in my freezer measures 22.5 by 15.75 by 7 inches. It’s deep enough to store an entire roasting chicken and durable enough to withstand the icy cold freezer. I found it’s very helpful at organizing my chest freezer.

I can put frozen fruits and vegetables in one bin, meats in another, and freezer dump meals. When you need to retrieve something, it’s as simple as pulling out the correct bin and grabbing the required food item. I love how much I save over the old method of moving one item at a time to the other side while digging for what I need.

My chest freezer holds 5 cubic feet and the inside measures 28 inches from side to side, 18 inches front to back and is 32 inches high. It didn’t come with the hanging basket like many do. I can easily fit four containers stacked one top of another when storing frozen foods. When picking the size of your storage bins, take the interior measurements of your freezer into consideration.

Marketplace | Here is an example of saving up meat for later as featured on RecipeThis.com

Lots of our meat saved in our freezer for a later date.

Overall – I’ve had a lot of plastic containers over the years. I use them for storing items in humid locations, putting away winter clothes, and even carrying around laundry. Chest freezer storage may not be your first thought, but it should be! Storage containers help throughout the house, especially in the kitchen. This Crestware storage container is just as durable as the competition and has a much better price.

Buy This Storage Container To Use With Your Freezer

If you would like to buy this Storage Container (the same one we have) or explore the rest of their range then you can do so by clicking on the banner below:

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