Infruition Kids Water Bottle Review

"kids water bottle review"

Welcome to my Infruition Kids Water Bottle Review.

As parents we all have our bad points. Parenthood is a learning curve and we wouldn’t be human if we didn’t make mistakes along the way. One of these mistakes has to be our son Kyle’s lack of interest in drinking water. He just wont entertain it no matter how hard we try.

Growing up in England he has grown up on orange cordial (think Robinsons dilute) and Sunny D and other such drinks. I gave it to him, just because it was the done thing and every parent did the same. I even have a picture of my mum in hospital after having me with a bottle of the stuff by the bed so I was just as bad.

I remember the first time I was actually made to drink water. It was on a school trip and it was all that was available and it was water or nothing. So I was forced to drink it but as soon as I got home I returned to my regular ways.

My son of course was always just as bad. At school when he was 5 they introduced water bottles to the kids and he carried his around with him and if you were really lucky he would have had a single sip of it all day.

Then when we moved to Portugal all his Portuguese friends just drank water like it was normal everyday life. We then started sending him to school with 2 litres of water but it would always come back again.

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Then with no cordial in the house we would notice milk missing from the fridge and he would binge on milk as it was the only none water drink available.

And while this was going on we had made a positive move onto water and it made us feel so healthy compared to before. Our 15mth old daughter is now raised on water and she loves it and it makes you realise that if you train them from birth then you wont have a problem.

Infruition Kids

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But thanks to Infruition Kids we have a Plan B. This is a great way to get our son to drink water again. How it works is that the middle area is filled with some fruit and then you add the water. This then allows you to flavour the water with fruit and they will then show an interest in drinking water.

Plus thanks to the flavour of the water it is like they are having cordial but it is a much healthier version.

Why Buy Infruition Kids?

Well it is a simple solution for a growing problem. We would never feed a plant anything but water so why do we insist on feeding our kids drinks full of chemicals that are bad for them?

Unfortunately this is a generation problem and we need to cut it out and thanks to Infruition we can!

Here are 10 reasons to buy Infruition Kids:

  • Comes in a range of colours giving your kids choice
  • Fantastic idea that will suit many generations
  • Perfect for weaning your kids off cordial and fizzy drinks
  • Can add whichever fruit you like and mix up flavours
  • It is very versatile with what you use in it
  • Make homemade lemonade with it
  • Excellent value for money at less than £15 and will last years
  • Perfect to take with you on days out or for kids to take to school
  • Help with getting your kids healthy
  • Your kids will love them

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So after making one for myself and my son I gave it to him to try. I had loaded it up with fresh oranges and watched in amusement as he couldn’t get the safety catch off. But once he did he was really quiet and eventually said “it tastes pretty nice really” and for a teenager to say that you know you are onto a good thing!

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In terms of getting yourself one of these amazing infruition bottles then you can get yours by clicking here. If I were to do it again and/or if I were to currently recommend a good water bottle product to you, I would say CHOOSE THIS ONE.

If you live in The United States you can get a similar one here!

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