How To Perfectly Cook Salmon

how to perfectly cook salmon

Welcome to the last of the months cooking tips post and let’s talk about how to perfectly cook salmon.

I just love salmon. I mean who doesn’t?

It falls apart in your mouth and leaves a delicious after taste in your mouth. It is perfect with vegetables and potatoes and you can also have it with rice.

But way too many people ruin salmon.

It is an expensive fish and they end up over cooking it, letting it lose its amazing flavour by too many herbs and spices or they end up serving it raw. Or there are the others that accidentally leave the fish bones in it and that totally kills the cooking experience.

We used to have salmon a lot for lunch (and we still do from time to time) and would serve it without sauce (as it then keeps its flavour) with broccoli and sometimes some chips. It would then give us fantastic energy because of the protein and keep us full for hours. When I look at the small portions we need to fill ourselves up, I can kind of see it as a frugal food!

I also really like it in fishcakes as it gives it a lovely luxurious flavour and you really don’t need much to make it work.

Plus trips to the Asian restaurants wouldn’t be the same without salmon sushi.

I have had salmon many times in restaurants and have only been disappointed when they’ve added a really strong sauce such as oyster because it has always killed the taste experience.

But now I have shared my own experiences with salmon, let me show you how to make the perfect dinner with it!

Firstly you need to remove the bones

You should have your salmon fillet in front of you. Either in steak pieces or in one big fish fillet. This is how we personally get it from the fishmongers and is very easy from this point to cook and serve.

The easiest way to remove the bones (thanks Gordon Ramsay for the tip) is get some tweezers that you use for your eyebrows, grab a knife and scrape down the back of the salmon. Then the bones will now be sticking up and grab them one by one with a tweezer – this is of course time consuming but it is an excellent way to remove all the bones and not having to worry that you accidentally end up with one in your mouth when you’re eating the salmon.

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Time to cook your salmon

Now is the time for cooking your salmon. There are two different ways to do it (for the same end result) and one of them is easier than the other.

Plan A – The Steamer

The food steamer is amazing and if you haven’t got one we highly recommend that you invest in one as they make cooking so simple. If you’re using a steamer to cook your salmon, add salt and pepper, make it into your ideal size, and place in the steamer for 15-20 minutes though this depends on the size.

We are small eaters so ours only takes 15 minutes but if you’re going with a bigger size add some extra cooking time.

Plan B – The Small Pan

If you don’t have a steamer then a small pan does a great job. A medium sized frying pan is fine and when we do ours like this we use the wok.

Season it like you do for the steamer and then place it skin down in the pre-heated hot wok with a teaspoon of olive oil. Don’t use too much olive oil as salmon naturally carries oil and you’ll end up with something fatty and horrible.

Then cook for 3 minutes (for a small piece) and turn over so that the skin is on the top and then cook for another 3-4 minutes on a medium heat. It will then be perfectly cooked. You then leave it to rest for a couple of minutes before serving.

Then as your last job remove the skin and serve. It is served best with new potatoes and broccoli. It also makes a fantastic high protein lunch and we like it mainly because with us being runners it gives us an excellent health kick.

So there you have it, the perfect salmon! Please comment below and share your own salmon experiences and don’t forget the pictures as I love looking at salmon, though you might make me hungry.

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