How To Make The Best Ever Boiled Eggs


I don’t know about you but I love boiled eggs. I loved them since I was little. I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s so it was the done thing when you were poorly to have some boiled eggs with soldiers. It would then be washed down with some Lucozade. Which to this day is still the most disgusting drink on earth, but at the time you thought it was quite nice.

You would then have your boiled eggs and then return to bed or to the sofa where the video machine was all set up for you to watch yet another Disney movie.

Away from being poorly I don’t think I ever had them when I was little, that was unless my mum had found some nice duck eggs at the market, as they always delivered the best boiled eggs in the world!!!

Though, I do have one memory from when I was breastfeeding Kyle (back in 2001) when my mum got an egg out and I had no idea what it was (thinking a goose) and it was so big I couldn’t finish it!!!!

But don’t you just hate it when you make boiled eggs and they are either too runny, too hard, or you’re having two and the second one is hard boiled where as the first one is perfect.

One person that always gets them perfect for me is Dominic and I decided to turn to him and ask him what his secret was?

He said that the secret to a perfect boiled egg is to make sure the water is boiling before you add them. He said many people will not boil the water first and will just put them in cold water. Instead you want to boil the water first and then place a small boiled egg in a pan for 3 minutes.

Always add your egg on a spoon as they are never as good if the egg ends up cracked and always use a timer so that you don’t forget about them.

Another good tip (to save waiting around for hours for your egg water to boil) is to put a pan lid on top as this will bring the water to the boil much quicker.

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Also remember to adjust your time based on your egg size. The sizes below are for an average medium to large egg size. But ours are a bit on the small size so we have downgraded our time for our eggs.

If you don’t want it soft boiled then follow these rules:

  • Really soft boiled = 3 minutes
  • Normal soft boiled = 4 minutes
  • Slightly soft boiled = 6 minutes
  • Lightly hard boiled = 10 minutes
  • Hard boiled = 15 minutes

These are the general rules that I follow. I often leave eggs boiling away for 15 minutes if I am making some egg mayonnaise or if I just want some boiled eggs chopped up for breakfast. If I am going for your average soft boiled eggs I will go for the four minutes rule.

Also if you’re not a toast addict like me, then serve them up with carrot or cucumber soldiers and you then have a high protein breakfast that will keep you full for hours. Or serve it for the kids as they will love you for it (provided they like eggs) and it’s a good way of increasing the cucumber as its amazing how many cucumbers they will eat when they can dunk it into a nice boiled egg.

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