How To Make Pasta From Scratch With The Cavatelli Maker

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Welcome to how to make pasta from scratch with the cavetelli maker.

So you want to know how to make pasta from scratch, well welcome to the club. I remember reading a survey back in 2014 that said that 80% had never made their own pasta from scratch and had absolutely no plans to learn it.

That is a really sad and depressing statistic……and I was one of them. Up until a week ago I had never made pasta myself. I would watch it being made on Masterchef and on other cookery shows and think it looked amazing and that it was far past my capabilities. Plus when you can buy a cheap bag of dried pasta for less than a Euro a bag, why would you want to make it from scratch.

At the same time I would moan whenever I saw someone buy pre-made cheese sauce, tomato sauce, shortcrust pastry or shortbread stating how easy it is to make from scratch and it is so much cheaper to make it yourself. Oh and comments that these people were lazy often entered the conversation.

But I had never jumped on the pasta bandwagon of making my own as learning how to make pasta from scratch seemed so, complicated and way out of my cooking capabilities.

Then when I partnered up with Tagliapasta to review their pasta pot and they asked me to review their Cavetelli Pasta Maker instead I was on panic mode. It arrived in the post, I stared at it a lot and wondered how on earth I was going to cope with this new type of technology.

After a month, I thought it is now or never and finally got it out and on a day when I was poorly and needed some comfort food I made some homemade pasta and as you would say mastered the art of making pasta from scratch.

Afterwards, I wondered what I had spent so many years worrying about. I make cheese quiche all the time and shortcrust pastry was one of the first things I learnt how to bake. When you think making pastry is down to just flour, water and seasoning, then surely pasta with just eggs, flour and water couldn’t possibly be that difficult.

Well the truth is it isn’t and below you can discover more about how to make pasta from scratch and how shockingly easy it is.

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How To Make Pasta From Scratch With The Cavatelli Maker
Serves: 4
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
  • 350g Plain Flour
  • 3 Medium Eggs
  • 1Tbsp Olive Oil (optional)
  • Salt & Pepper
  1. In a large mixing bowl (as you don’t want to overcrowd your ingredients) add your flour and your eggs. If you always drop shells when you crack eggs then do this seperately and then add it to your bowl.
  2. Using a fork mix your eggs into your flour. Once this has been done and your eggs are well mixed add the olive oil. This is not essential but it will give it that delicious Mediterranean flavour.
  3. Follow this up by adding some cold water and mixing constantly so that you have smooth dough. The secret is to make sure it is not too dry, but not too wet. When we did our pasta dough we used just 20ml of water.
  4. When you have your dough, knead it for about 5-10 minutes until it is super soft and perfect for baking with.
  5. Cut up your dough into small pieces roll out, sprinkle with flour and feed through your pasta maker. If it doesn’t feed through correctly this is usually likely to not having enough flour on your dough so sprinkle with flour again and try again.
  6. Make sure you have equal sizes of your pasta for cooking otherwise they will not cook as well. So if any are too big or too small, put them back through the machine.
  7. Place in boiling water for 7 minutes on a medium heat. For the first 3 minutes make sure you stir it regularly as this will stop it sticking together with it being fresh rather than dried.
  8. Serve with a nice sauce/vegetables.
What I love about making pasta is that as you get confident making it you can alter the recipe a little with your favourite seasonings, olive oil to water and even look at swapping plain flour for gluten free. Either way it is a wonderful way to experiment with your cooking.

Now for doing something with your pasta, we would recommend you mix it with our 3 minute alfredo sauce for the ultimate take on Mac & Cheese. Alternatively you can serve it with a nice tomato sauce and vegetables.

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Tagliapasta Cavetelli Pasta Maker

"cavetelli pasta machine"

This pasta maker is an excellent addition to our kitchen. We will be using it time and time again to make pasta. We had it for ages without using it because fear was in our way, but there was no need as it was so simple and so delicious.

But if you want to see it from the brand themselves then I highly recommend that you watch the 90 second video below and then you can just see how simple it really is:

"buy the tagliapasta pasta maker"

In terms of getting yourself one of these cavetelli pasta makers (or exploring the rest of their range) you can explore more by clicking here. If I were to do it again and/or if I were to currently recommend a good quality pasta maker to you, I would say CHOOSE THIS ONE.

If you are based in the United States this is the one I would recommend that you try out!

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