How To Get Your Kids Eating Vegetables (without complaining)

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Welcome to how to get your kids eating vegetables without complaining. This is kind of a tongue in cheek blog post as I know that there are a lot of parents out there that can’t get their kids eating vegetables and wish that they could.

Kyle on the other hand (he will be 16 in the summer) he loves his vegetables more than I do, is as skinny as a rake and gets excited over eating broccoli in a way that no other teenager I know does.

But you may ask what’s the secret to getting your kids to eat vegetables and what could you do to follow suit with your kids?

Well for starters I would always say start by making vegetables taste nice. There is nothing worse in the world than boiled broccoli that just turns into this horrible mush and has no flavour because all the flavour and all the nutrients have been burnt out of it.

However if you took that same piece of broccoli and instead placed it into the steamer instead of a boiling pan and steamed it. Then you served it with some chicken and pasta then your kid will be begging you for seconds.

Never mind the fact that it is the ugly broccoli your broccoli has now come to life and is very much worth eating.

Then you do the same thing with all the other vegetables that you eat. This is where you make them the prime attraction on the plate and people get excited about them. Forget in the old days when broccoli meant mush that was served up with burnt/dry pork chops and loads of mushy potatoes that came out of a can. We have such a better vegetable future than that and also if your kids are helping you cook they will get excited from the beginning.

When I was writing up this post for you, I was sat in the office with Kyle as it was late on a Wednesday night and we were waiting for Dominic to bring in our dinner. We were having a frittata for dinner and it was all we were talking about. If you’ve not had a frittata before then it’s a mixture of vegetables made in the form of an oven baked omelette. So its just a mix of goodness of vegetables and egg. Healthy food really couldn’t get any better than that!

I then turned to Kyle (changed the subject) and asked him what his favourite vegetable recipes were that I had made in 2016 where the vegetable was the main attraction on the plate.

This was his top 10 of 2016:

#1 – Honey Glazed Carrots

Slow Cooker Recipes | Welcome to my Paleo inspired honey glazed carrots in the slow cooker recipe from

This recipe was only published in November but it is already a firm favourite for us all (not just Kyle). Though, his reaction to them was that he had to share them and wanted the whole crockpot of honey glazed carrots to himself!

#2 – Guilt Free Air Fryer Vegetable Fries

Airfryer Recipes | guilt free airfryer vegetable fries from

This is one of the recipes that I would reserve for any child whether they like, hate or love vegetables. If you give them fries as vegetables they will still think that they’re amazing and come back for more and more.

#3 – Slow Cooked Chicken Salad

Slow Cooker Recipes | Welcome to my Paleo best ever slow cooked chicken salad recipe from

If you mention chicken salad or even the word “salad” to our boys they look at me like I am the devil. That is because when you think of salad you often think of the horrible salad leaves with a poor quality dressing with lots of boring salad vegetables. However if you add this slow cooked chicken to a nice salad dressing then you can have any teenager getting excited over salad!

#4 – Slow Cooked Bechamel Sauce

Slow Cooker Recipes | Welcome to my strictly Paleo slow cooked creamy French bechamel sauce for Meatless Monday from

If you want to make vegetables come alive then the best way is to add a delicious white sauce to the mix. Even better, add this sauce instead which is made just out of cauliflower and has no bad foods in sight. Or serve it up with steak and chips and no one will ever know that they have just eaten a quarter of a cauliflower!

#5 – Banana & Avocado Chocolate Pudding

Blender Recipes | Paleo 5 minute quick blend banana and avocado chocolate mousse pudding recipe from

Now this will certainly impress the kids. A chocolate pudding made out of avocado and banana! They will love this and they will be amazed if you told them how healthy it is. The best thing to do is to make it first and when they like it, tell them what is in it!

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#6 – Healthy Mediterranean Vegetables

Airfryer Recipes | Healthy Mediterranean Vegetables In The Airfryer from

Kyle absolutely loves how good these vegetables taste when cooked together in the air fryer. It is completely healthy and full of flavour but at the same time tastes naughty even though it isn’t. You can also change this for whatever vegetables are in season and then serve it with some chicken wrapped in bacon for the all time healthy dinner for your kids.

#7 – Chicken & Vegetable Pie

"frugal chicken and vegetable pie"

Okay so this one is not strictly a super healthy meal but it is still a meal that as a family you will love. All those delicious vegetables with some leftover chicken breast as well as some thick homemade pastry. If your kids totally refuse to eat vegetables then this might be one meal that gets them into their vegetables.

#8 – Cauliflower Burgers

Airfryer Recipes | Airfryer cauliflower veggie burger recipe from

Who said that a burger had to have lots of minced beef in it? Well it doesn’t have to be as you can get your kids excited over a veggie burger. This burger is also really delicious and once you try it, you’ll want another!

#9 – Cauliflower Egg Fried Rice

"cauliflower egg fried rice recipe"

This has proved to be very popular and you can see why. Kids love Chinese food and it gives them the chance to enjoy a delicious helping of egg fried rice just without the white rice. It is made with cauliflower instead and as a family we could eat this everyday!

#10 – Cauliflower Cheese Tater Tots

Airfryer Recipes | Airfryer Cauliflower Cheese Tater Tots from

If you want to make your kids something quick as a modern day alternative to chicken nuggets then this is it. Cauliflower cheese loaded tater tots and they are so delicious yet so quick to cook. Never mind the kids I want to eat them now!

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  • avatar Forest Rose Dec 5, 2016, 2:23 pm

    The veggie struggle is real, especially with my girls. Brocolli, Cauliflower, spinach…no way. They will eat the occasional salad though.

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