How To Do Christmas Dinner For A Family Of Four For 20 Euros

Cooking Tips | Welcome to how to do Christmas Dinner for a family of four for just 20 Euros from

Welcome to how to do Christmas Dinner for a family of four for just 20 Euros.

I love Christmas. I love everything about it. The lovely decorated Christmas tree, the presents, the food, the family time, the films and the TV shows. But what I absolutely hate with a passion is the cost and how it is expected that you spend a certain amount of money over Christmas time.

Why can’t it be about the thought that counts and that spending time together is the best thing? But that is never the case. When kids go back to school after Christmas it is always about what you bought your kids for Christmas and them comparing notes.

I know this because it was the same when I was at school in the 80’s and 90’s and it certainly hasn’t changed. I remember getting Kyle a games console a few years ago for Christmas and all his friends suddenly declared him to be rich because he had one and they didn’t. Never mind the fact that we weren’t and it wasn’t exactly like he got one every year!

The same can be said for the food. It will often be expected of you if you are hosting Christmas dinner that your meal is better than everyone else’s, that you have the best cut of turkey and that you have gone all out on the most amazing starter and pudding ever. But just to enjoy Christmas shouldn’t make it feel like we must all keep up with the Joneses.

But nowadays we are all learning to be more frugal whether we need to be or not. That is why I am dedicating this week to saving money on Christmas Dinner and how you can have an amazing feast and not have to worry about the cost.

We will be covering all kinds of fun things and I can’t wait to share them with you.

Feeding Your Family For 20 Euros

To kick start it today I wanted to share with you how to feed your family on the most amazing of budgets. How you can enjoy roast turkey with all the amazing trimmings on a budget and not feel like any of you are missing out on anything.

But how would you do this when turkey costs so much? Well here are all my secrets laid bare, so get planning and have the best ever Christmas Dinner without it breaking the bank.

The Christmas Dinner Menu

First of all my Christmas Dinner menu is made up of the following:

  • Chicken Liver Pate & Fresh Bread
  • Roast Turkey
  • Roast Potatoes
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Pigs In Blankets
  • Cranberry Sauce
  • Vegetable Bake
  • Yorkshire Puddings
  • Roasted Parsnips
  • Sprouts
  • Homemade Stuffing
  • Turkey Gravy
  • Mince Pies
  • Christmas Pudding
  • Cheese Board

Now you’re probably wondering how you can make these cheap as there are a lot of expensive ingredients listed above. Well my first tip of course is to make it all yourself that way you are saving a small fortune on processed foods but of course there is more to it than that so let me explain further.

Chicken Liver Pate & Fresh Bread – Costs 0,99€

"chicken liver pate recipe"

This is the cheapest, yet most delicious starter you could have. Chicken livers are super cheap and even when you use a pack of them there is always too much. Add to this that with making bread your biggest outlay is the little packets of yeast then you are onto a winner.

Here is my traditional chicken liver pate recipe.

Roast Turkey – Costs 4,50€

Cooking Tips | Dominic’s Succulent Roast Turkey Recipe from

There are two huge tips when it comes to buying roast turkey and both of them can save you a small fortune. First of all on the morning after Thanksgiving go shopping and grab yourself a reduced price turkey from the supermarket and put it in the freezer ready for Christmas. In the build up to Christmas they cost 3€ a kilo but after Thanksgiving when they have lots of them spare you will pay half this price.

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Secondly remember not to buy a turkey that is too big for the size of your family for a family of four you don’t need a 5 kilo turkey instead one that is 3 kilos would suit you just fine.

This means that instead of your turkey costing you 15€ it is suddenly costing you 4,50€ instead.

Roast Potatoes – Costs 0,58€

"roast potatoes air fryer style"

The big cheap bag of spuds that we buy from our local supermarket cost us just 2,90€ and with everyone having about 3 spuds each you will only need 1/5 of a bag making this a very cheap side dish.

We love to roast them with spare juices from our roast turkey and it becomes a delicious dish for all the family to tuck into.

In reality if you use a 5th of the bag then your roast potatoes will end up costing you just 0,58 for you and your family.

Here is our roast potato recipe in the Air Fryer

Mashed Potatoes – Costs 1,74€

I love mashed potatoes but they are not as frugal as I would like. Because they are broken down into mash the portion size goes downhill and it never really feels like you get a lot for your money. But as you are buying a big bag of cheap spuds for your roast potatoes and your veggie bake, there will always be some spare for some mash.

For us we will reserve 1/5 of the bag each for the veggie bake and the roast potatoes and the leftovers go on mash at the cost of 1,74€

Vegetable Bake – Costs 1,20€

Slow Cooker Recipes | Meatless Monday veggie bake in the slow cooker recipe from

I love a vegetable bake and its very frugal when you use up lots of cheap supermarket vegetables or whatever you have spare from leftovers in the bottom of your fridge. Add to this a delicious cheese sauce and then you have a delicious side dish for your roast dinner.

It costs just 1,20€ and that is including the actual sauce.

Here is our recipe for the vegetable bake.

Pigs In Blankets – Costs 1,65€

"pigs in blankets air fryer cooked"

This is another favourite recipe of mine and it can be frugal if you don’t buy the pre-packaged options from the supermarket. Also because pigs in blankets are traditionally bite sized pieces you only need 2 sausages because they are always chopped in half.

Aim for freezing sausages and bacon when they are on offer at the supermarket and then you can do pigs in blanket for as little as 1,65€.

Get our pigs in blankets recipe by clicking here.

Cranberry Sauce – Costs 0,10€

This is also a very cheap sauce and if you make it yourself you can do it even cheaper. Plus you can then use the spare cranberries towards cocktails, more puddings and a range of Christmas baked goods.

We found that based on the cost of ingredients we could make one ourselves for just 0,10€

Yorkshire Puddings – Cost 0,27€

Airfryer Recipes | The Best Ever Yorkshire Puddings Recipe In The Airfryer from

This has to be one of my favourite all time dishes over Christmas and my roast turkey would be lost without it. If you have not had Yorkshire Puddings before then I would insist that you give them a go and see that they not only taste amazing but they compliment the meat!

Thanks to it being based on a cheap batter you can make them for as little as 0,27€ for four decent sized ones.

Here is our Yorkshire pudding recipe.

Roasted Parsnips & Carrots – 0,85€

Roasted Parsnips and carrots are delicious and are perfect for Christmas Dinner. We either make ours in the Air Fryer or cook them in the oven with some of the spare turkey juices. They are delicious and really make the kids want to eat their vegetables. It also comes out very cheap with it costing approximately 0,85€ to feed a family of four.

Sprouts – 1,50€

Well Christmas wouldn’t be the same without sprouts would it? Though compared to other vegetables they can be rather expensive. Therefore if nobody likes them that are eating Christmas Dinner then there is no law that says that you must have them. Though, for me and Dominic we absolutely love them and would be lost without them!

For a vegetable that is good for you they come in at 1,50€.

Homemade Stuffing – 0,60€

Slow Cooker Recipes | Easy slow cooked homemade turkey stuffing recipe from

Depending on how you make the homemade stuffing depends on how much it ends up costing you. We make ours with sausagemeat and we end up only using a small amount and sharing it between our stuffing and our sausage rolls. We also season it, add some extra vegetables and some breadcrumbs and a little ends up going a long way.

In the end it ends up costing for a dishful around the 0,60€ mark.

Here is our recipe for homemade stuffing.

Turkey Gravy – Costs 0,01€

Blender Recipes | How to make the best ever homemade turkey gravy recipe from

Considering making turkey gravy that you only need a very small amount of flour to thicken it from the turkey juices you already have it costs less than 1 cent to feed a big family.

It only takes a couple of minutes to put together and remember this next time you opt to buy turkey gravy granules.

Here is our recipe for turkey gravy.

Mince Pies – Costs 0,50€

Airfryer Recipes | Welcome to my Easiest Ever Air Fryer Mince Pies recipe from

For mince pies we often buy them in as it works out cheaper than making them ourselves. Mincemeat that goes into them costs more here in Portugal than a box of pre-made ones that cost a Euro. When you have one each this works out at 0,50€ for the four of us.

Here is our mince pies recipe.

Christmas Pudding – Costs 1,60€

For pudding we love some traditional Christmas Pudding and you can make your own or buy it in. We prefer to make our own and the cost itself is really cheap. Plus at Christmas time it is a lovely traditional pudding to finish your meal off with if you want something small when you’re feeling stuffed from everything else you have eaten and drank.

We find it works out at just 0,40€ each to make our own!

Cheese Board – Costs 2,00€

This has to be the most expensive thing that you would buy and I have a great tip for doing this on scraps. Take all the cheese that you would normally buy and then eat a different cheese every week for the last 3 weeks in the run up to Christmas. Then put some aside and freeze it. Then get them out on Christmas Eve and you have your cheese board.

Alternatively limit your cheeses to ones that are cheaper and then go for supermarket own brand biscuits and you will have a serious money saver. We did ours for 0,50€ each and had a good variety of cheese and biscuits.

Feeding Your Family For 20€

This means that our Christmas Dinner for a family of four cost just 20,00€ when you take into account the cost of oils, heating the oven and so forth. There is no need to be spending hundreds of Euros on your Christmas Dinner when you don’t need to.

You could even cut some of these dishes off the list if you wanted to make it even cheaper. For example you could swap the cheese board for homemade cookies and knock at least another 1,50€ off the list or if none of you like sprouts then you could give them up completely.

This of course is just a guide based on the things we love to eat at Christmas based on the prices in Portugal. You may find that if you use coupons or have cheaper vegetables in your country that you could do it for an even better price!

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