How To Choose The Perfect Pepper Mill

"the perfect pepper mill"

Welcome to how to choose the perfect pepper mill.

I love pepper on my food, probably more so than salt and it always adds a great flavour to a dish. A pizza wouldn’t be the same at Pizza Hut without the giant pepper mill that you grind over your cheese stuffed crust. A homemade lasagne needs delicious pepper in it to complete the dish and lets not forget about paella.

The focus on food (especially with more and more of us quitting salt) is on the black pepper and it is important that you choose wisely when it comes to your black pepper so that you get the best flavour.

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But you are probably thinking that those cheap supermarket mills is all you need and what is all the fuss about when it comes to a quality mill? Well quality rules all when it comes to making fantastic recipes and this is what you should consider when choosing a pepper mill:

Quality vs quantity

In this world you get what you pay for. If you go too cheap then you have to ask yourself what kind of product you are getting when it is made for such a low price. You also want to look at the quality of the peppercorns as this can make or break the flavour of your dish.

What is your preferred flavour

We all have different needs when it comes to flavour. Think of it like your favourite cheese. You may like a soft cheese, a goats cheese, a really strong mature cheddar or you may even have preference to blue cheese. If you have a flavour that is too strong or weak for you it will ruin the dish that you are eating.

The exact same theory applies to black pepper. If you choose a pepper that is not suitable for your taste buds then you are going to be ruining your dish.

Keep an eye on what is in your pepper

It is also important because I often find when I buy them that I will accidentally buy one with chilli in and then get a shock when I cook some pasta and end up with something that has left me with my mouth on fire!

I have done this to soup before too. I have added a tiny bit of pepper to a pan of soup only to find out that the pepper is a lot spicier than I thought and get a lecture from Dominic about how I have ruined his soup!

Our pepper mill

"peppermill with the refill"

The black pepper we have is the Cambodian Khmer Strain Peppercorns. It comes in its own pepper mill and then when you are done you can purchase the refills. I have about 20 packets of refills so I have enough to keep me going for a long, long time.

They are also really good quality and are not too spicy meaning that they are perfect for day to day family cooking.

I also recommend that you use the same one in the long term that way you know that the flavour is never going to change and that the whole family will like the flavour.

"buy the peppermill"

In terms of getting yourself one of these amazing Cambodian Khmer Peppercorns you can get yours by clicking here. If I were to do it again and/or if I were to currently recommend a pepper mill to you, I would say CHOOSE THIS ONE.

If you are based in the United States this is the one I would recommend that you try out!

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