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Welcome to April and a brand new month of me being frugal and on the agenda this month is to go 100% frugal on Easter baking and putting the budget into Easter.

I am a huge fan of Easter. Not that I am religious because I am not. BUT because I just love chocolate and Easter and chocolate go hand in hand. Those gigantic Easter eggs that you buy from the supermarket that not only do you have a huge egg but also a secret stash of chocolate inside.

It is like secret inside chocolate for people like me that are addicted to chocolate!!!

But at the age of 35 I am going my first year without one of my favourite chocolate Easter eggs. I have had them since I was little so a year without is unheard of. The same can be said for the kids too and read on to find out why:

Why We Are Not Having Easter Eggs This Easter

Well it is down to that old chestnut and that is money. I was at the supermarket recently and that Easter egg that we used to pay 5€ for a few years ago is now 3 times that price. YES THREE TIMES. The egg size hasn’t grown but they want to charge me 15€ for a decent sized Easter egg. Add to the fact that we all want one and we have three kids (well our youngest is too young for them)  would end up costing us 60€ or 75€ next year when our son is old enough for one.

It is like daylight robbery and disgusts me that it could have such a big mark up on something that is just funny shaped chocolate with a bar of chocolate in the centre.

It also makes me think that they are really playing off kids and off parents by getting away with this.

I may add that we do live in Portugal and the Easter egg prices is a little bit more than what you would pay in the UK but its still waaaaayy too much to pay for the average family.

So I had a frugal idea…..

Bake Your Way Through Easter

If you think about it there is some amazing baked goods that you could make your kids and your partner for Easter instead. Just think about how much you pay for the following:

  • Butter
  • Flour
  • Sugar

They are incredibly cheap and even if you add some extras to it like some cheap chocolate, vanilla essence, food colouring or even premium quality cocoa powder you are never talking the same costs as what would be expected if you bought in Easter eggs.

You can then make some delicious family treats including a massive Easter cake and know full well how much you paid for everything and take your family out for several days in the Easter holidays without it even coming close to what you pay for Easter eggs.

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First of all I recommend that you start with having these staples in your kitchen before you bake:

Sugar – We have regular caster sugar, coconut sugar and brown sugar in our kitchen. This wasn’t pre-planned as you get by with just caster sugar and brown sugar, but we had some other leftovers that are well worth using up as we go.

Flour – We have loads of organic and other flours, but for the sake of this Easter frugal experiment we will be sticking to just plain flour and self raising flour. Plus if you have self raising flour it stops you needing a lot of extra supplies.

Butter – I hate margarine just because of how bad for you and how processed it is, so we never have it in our kitchen. But we do love butter and its really cheap and very useful in baking. We also have coconut butter in the cupboard but rarely use it.

Vanilla Essence – Now this is a must in baking as it gives everything that delicious baked vanilla flavouring. This is the one we use and we love our vanilla.

Food Colourings – colouring your food makes things fun and that is what Easter is all about. We will be making all kinds of funky coloured baking to keep the kids happy (and the adults too) and we recommend that you at least have blue, yellow and red to hand.

These items above (depending on where you are from in the world) will cost you pocket change. We spent 7,50€ altogether on our ingredients that we have outlined above. But even though these will cover a lot of Easter baking, you always end up with a huge amount and I know that they will cover family baking until June. This was also at 10% of the cost of buying Easter eggs for us all.

The Easter Luxuries We Bought

On top of this we also treated ourselves to some delicious luxuries. Who said that we should just spend our money on the basics? We could of course end up with quite boring cookies and that would hardly interest the kids.

Instead what we did was buy some chocolate to be used in our baking and even though these items are not cheap, they can then be stretched through several recipes.

We treated ourselves to:

  • 2 Packs of Cadburys Mini Eggs = 1,50€
  • 6 Tubes of Smarties = 3,00€

We also had plenty of cake sprinkles and other things available that would be great for spreading on our cakes and buns and for giving it that Easter feel.

All in all we spent 12€ and we will be sharing all of our recipes on the blog over the next 2 weeks. They are all great for Easter, great for the summer or great for if you are feeling the pinch and just want to save money on your chocolate with some delicious home baking.

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