Food Blogging SEO: The Secret SEO Strategy That You MUST Follow On Your Food Blog

food blogging seo and the secret seo strategy

Welcome to food blogging SEO and I am kicking off the SEO posts for this month by talking to you about one secret SEO that you must follow on your food blog. This is the crème de la crème of food blogging and can increase your SEO positions by 300% if you follow it correctly!

Investigate Your Webmaster Tools

The first thing we should all do (that I have briefly mentioned before) is to investigate our Google Webmaster Tools each week. I do it on a Monday morning as part of my Monday blog jobs.

I will log into the Google tools and then I will look for my impressions, clicks and positions.

So right now as I write this they are as follows:

seo webmaster tools by impression

I have searched for the last 7 days and searched so that it will show the results in impressions order only.

The more impressions you have = the more chances you have at getting a click through to your website = more long term Google traffic.

You will find that click through rate will dramatically alter depending on the keyword you’re targeting, but what’s important is to build up your traffic so that you are getting regular clicks through a variety of keywords.

The best way to increase this faster is to look at what you’re ranking for already and then improve on this.

Now what you’re looking for is keywords that are ranking good for your search terms but not quite good enough! They are lingering at the bottom of page 2, top of page 3 or even page 4.

Even better, you didn’t even target these keywords they have just been picked up by the content in your post and doesn’t even reflect a keyword title. This means you are likely to be able to rank for the keywords incredibly easy, because of how simple it was to get a position in the first place.

So in page order this is my second and some of my third page positions:

search engine results by page position

When I take a closer look I notice that some of these keywords I have never targeted and never even plan to, yet I am ranking for them!

The first one to really stand out is “air fryer bacon” and at the time of viewing this I am on the top of the third page. But with a few tweaks I could be number 1 for this search term!

Follow Up Blog Post

I have established that a bacon keyword post would make a brilliant post on its own. I have ranked on page three for a keyword I never even planned to target; it was just among some text in a post.

So if I can achieve page 3 by accident, then what can I achieve if it is planned?

Write a blog post and start the bacon keyword at the start of your title and then plan your content around letting Google see that you’re serious about this keyword.

Your post title might be:

Air Fryer Bacon Ideas: 10 Ways To Cook Bacon In The Airfryer

Then you would link to ten fantastic bacon recipes that you could imagine doing in the Air Fryer. Then introduce each recipe and say how to do it differently for the Air Fryer and then you have a fresh post in place. Also link out to the original post where you mentioned about bacon in the first place.

Make sure the blog post is at least 1000 words in length as longer blog posts do better in the search rankings and then publish it.

Social Media Marketing

Market is on social media like you would normally do with a regular blog post, but then you want to contact your blog outreach list.

Each of these recipes you’ve featured has social media followers just like you do. Because you have mentioned them, they will often be more than happy to share the content. They do this out of respect because you linked to them, but also because they want to tell the world that their content has been shared.

Another thing you need to consider is that social media is queen to content being king in the search engines. That means that if you have some content that is lingering on page 3 and you want it on page 1, then some regular social media shares would achieve this!

So if you have bloggers sharing your content for you, then you’re onto a winner!

Rinse & Repeat

Then do this for all of the keywords that you are not on the front page for and that you want a better ranking for. These are all keywords that you have ranked for without starting so it won’t take a lot to get top of the rankings for them.

Plus I find that by following this method that you’ll discover keywords that you had never thought about before and makes the best keyword tool you’ll ever find.

This system can only be used on new sites, because it only shows so many results so when you have loads of great SEO positions you’ll have to quit this, but at least it will give you an excellent head start!

Of course you wont have the time to do loads so save the reports and go back to them later and you can then use it to fight off writers block!

Meet The Milners

Samantha and Dominic

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