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Welcome to our food blogging Podcast and here we are with Food Blogging FM 010.

SEO is one of those things that you either are doing really well with or you are not. If you want to either improve your SEO rankings or you are struggling to get SEO traffic then read on.

I am self taught when it comes to search engine optimisation. After a bad experience in early 2006 I decided that I was better off learning it myself. 10 years on and I still love SEO and I can still rank a new site quickly.

With over 10,000 backlinks and over 3000 SEO visitors and less than six months old (well at the time of writing this) I understand what it can be like to rank a new site and bring in a regular stream of organic search traffic.

This Podcast is aimed towards my fellow food bloggers that want to push themselves up the search engines and focuses around the point of increasing SEO traffic every month until you are at an amount of traffic that you’re happy with.

Search engine optimisation is really simple so if you want to make it happen for your site I recommend that you either listen to the latest Podcast or download the transcript.

This Podcast will be split into the following main areas:

  • SEO Is Slow – You can’t expect to publish a blog post today and then see amazing results for it tomorrow. SEO doesn’t work like that and you need to start off by having a little patience. You also have to remember you’re not after a quick fix but to be ranking for your keywords for years.
  • SEO Is Like Your ABC – I will be sharing with you the baby steps for achieving excellent SEO positions and having long term SEO traffic.
  • Checking SEO Stats – I will show you what you need to check and how to make sure you use your SEO stats to improve your SERPS.
  • What You Shouldn’t Be Doing – I have also made a list of what will ruin your SEO positions both in the short and long term.
  • Food Blogging Q&A – In this section I will talk about how to pick a micro niche if you don’t currently have one on your site. Your site could be a couple of years old but a few small changes could make a huge difference.

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