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Welcome to our food blogging Podcast and here we are with Food Blogging FM 009.

This week in our Food Blogging Podcast I wanted to touch on the subject of Tumblr. It is that unpopular social media site that most people don’t talk about. In fact it has about the same social standing as what MySpace had before Facebook came along and told them where to go.

We all remember MySpace don’t we?

It was the casualty of social media and has become a joke for me and many other internet marketers over the years.

I put this down to the fact that it is not trendy like Twitter or Facebook are and often feel rather old school compared to some social media platforms. Just like when you’re on social media and you see social media managers that are over a certain age, it never seems as good as the 30 something doing it.

And in many ways Tumblr seemed to have this old fashioned vibe about it and often gets mentioned along side MySpace and LinkedIn. But when you look at the traffic that Tumblr has to offer you will see why I am dedicating a Podcast to it and why you need to get your blog on Tumblr if you want to increase your traffic.

To say I was getting traffic from Tumblr without even having an account makes you realise the potential that it has!!!

This Podcast will be split into the following main areas:

  • My Tumblr Story – Find out which niche I was in that brought me so little traffic that I never wanted to hear about Tumblr ever again!
  • Tumblr Walk Through – You will discover where you need to start with Tumblr and what you need to do first to get it going.
  • Tumblr Recipe Submissions – These are like a dream come true among food bloggers and is your chance to get your traffic moving. It is also like having lots of FoodGawker sites at your fingertips.
  • Food Blogging Q&A – In this section I will talk about starting points for building up your traffic on a brand new blog. It could also be used if you had your blog for a while but traffic has never really got going.

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