Food Blogging FM 007: The Art Of Good Keyword Research

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Welcome to our food blogging Podcast and here we are with Food Blogging FM 007.

I know this sounds really bad but I get super excited about keyword research. I mean it is really interesting to see how many searches certain keywords have and great fun to see what weird keywords people search or when they spell words wrong.

But it is essential for good quality SEO and to see improvements in your search engine positions. Just by doing some simple keyword research it is very easy to take your blog and times the traffic by 100 in a year. So if your blog is getting 1000 visitors a month you could expect to see it hitting the 100,000 mark by this time next year.

Keyword research is also rather easy (as long as you stay away from the Google Adwords search facility) and it only adds a couple of minutes to each blog post you write. Imagine how a slight change in blog title can mean that your recipe goes out to 1000 people per month instead of 100.

It is also very good for working hand in hand with your social media and bringing you to the top of the search engines naturally.

I have personally done keyword research for over 7 years now and would be lost without it. And wait until you see the free keyword research tool – you’ll love it!

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This Podcast will be split into the following main areas:

  • A Simple Tool Is All It Takes – Discover how one simple free keyword tool can drastically improve your SEO. Triple your SEO traffic in just one month by using this!
  • How To Write Your Recipe – Discover how you should be writing your recipes in order to rank in the search engines. It is so simple you will soon do it without thinking.
  • Going SEO Rich – Discover the secret behind good SEO writings and what you should be putting in your blog posts. Forget all those SEO food blogs that look spammy – we will be showing you the simple legit way of doing things.
  • Food Blogging Q&A – In this section I will talk about a software that we use to see what is doing well on our blog so that we can rinse and repeat the success of it.

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