Food Blogging FM 006: Food Blogging Niches – Do You Have A Micro Niche?

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Welcome to our food blogging Podcast and here we are with Food Blogging FM 006.

You know the biggest problem with food blogs that are not making money and traffic? They simple don’t have a good niche. They want to be a broad recipe site and just share all their recipes. They love those recipes and they mean an awful lot to the blogger.

But in reality Google is confused as it doesn’t know what to associate it with. One day you are doing a delicious chocolate chip cookies recipe and the next day it is a heavenly crispy KFC cheats style chicken drumsticks. They couldn’t be any further apart if you tried and then you finish the week on some pasta and sauce.

All recipes are amazing but they don’t follow a theme. Google is like a computer and it wants association. If however all those recipes were Paleo or it was for a kitchen gadget then you will have success. But a general blog just wont do it.

The same can be said for building a loyal following. Someone that is interested in your chicken recipes might not want chocolate chip cookies just like someone else might not want any pasta. However if your food blog was vegan and they were all exciting vegan dishes then you would have a following that would go after all your content. Just like if you were a slow cooker blog that new slow cooker enthusiast will be following your every recipe.

In this Podcast we will be talking about niche selection and how to use it to change the way you blog. Even if you are an established site and you want to re-brand yourself then this is the chance.

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This Podcast will be split into the following main areas:

  • Monetising Your Blog – We will start by showing you how a specific micro niche can send you into an income frenzy. How your income can suddenly be worth a lot more and what steps you can take to increase your niche income.
  • Building Traffic To Your Blog – We will share with you how you can skyrocket your traffic to your site by going niche specific. Discover exactly what we did to take our SEO traffic from under 500 to 2500 a month in just 2 months of blogging.
  • Techy Chit Chat – Let’s start from the beginning and show you how to change your micro niche without it being a hassle or if you are starting out, discover how to choose your niche.
  • Food Blogging Q&A – In this section I will run through your blog as a business rather than as a hobby. Also discover how much your site is worth, this could be the exciting bit for you if you have just started monetising.

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