Food Blogging FM 005: The Art Of Working With Brands

"The art of working with brands"


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Welcome to our food blogging Podcast and here we are with Food Blogging FM 005.

You often hear blogs saying that they can’t wait until they get traffic or their blog is a few years old so that they can start working with brands. But that statement is certainly one of the past. Nowadays with how popular blogging is to brands and how much they love to be endorsed on social media, the mr nobody can come along and get free products in exchange for reviews even if they have zero traffic.

I went after brands before my site even had content offering brands the chance to be the first reviews on my site. They sent out kitchen gadgets to me before I even had chance to think about it! It was literally that quick!

Working with brands is fun and it is amazing how many different products you end up getting the chance to check out. When I look at what is in my kitchen cupboards I smile and think that my kitchen looks very typical of a food blogger.

I have funny shaped kids pasta in the cupboard, BBQ rub for summer from a BBQ specialist in the US, a slow cooker from Lakeland, a Juicer from Germany, an ice cream maker from Italy, sturdy kitchen pans from Holland and a huge supply of general kitchen items.

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Its fun and in this Podcast we will be showing you how to connect with these brands. How to get them to send you products, how it works, how to be organised, what to ask for and so much more.

This Podcast will be split into the following main areas:

  • Monetising Your Blog – How you can make money back off the products even though you have not been paid for the initial review. Very interesting if you are a new blog and want to earn money with little or no traffic.
  • Building Traffic To Your Blog – Learn exactly how to use the brand products to grow your traffic. How you will get more social media shares and better SEO positions.
  • Techy Chit Chat – I will share with you the stages of working with brands. From what products to target to what to say. You will realise that if you are organised it is really easy to achieve.
  • Food Blogging Q&A – In this section I will run through what you have the potential of charging for your reviews. This is going to be your target once you have 30,000 monthly page views or greater. So if your traffic is zero you know what to aim for first.

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