First 30 days of Studiopress: an unbiased review


Welcome to my Studiopress Review. I wanted to share an unbiased review of my first 30 days of using Studiopress.

The history of us & Studiopress

I first stumbled across Studiopress a few years ago now and I was far from impressed. It seemed complicated, there wasn’t much of a choice in themes and it was annoying the way the system was set up.

I then found a theme I really liked and I used it for an internet marketing blog. It did the job and I was perfectly happy, but I wanted more.

I wanted to be able to edit the background colour, have a better choice in theme styles, but as I was selling the site it wasn’t important to me so I kept it on Studiopress. Then for my other sites I upgraded the themes and moved them all onto Thesis.

Thesis is great in the sense that you can do it all yourself. But it has never had many skins available to it. So you either spend a lot of money on a designer or stick with a few of the basic options.

Well when we bought the domain Recipe This we couldn’t find any Thesis skins that were suitable so we decided it was the perfect time to look around and see what else was on offer.

That is when I spotted the Daily Dish skin by Studiopress. It was beautiful and perfect for a food blog. I mentioned it to Dominic and he didn’t seem that impressed especially considering we would have to pay for Studiopress. But he soon discovered his old log in details and a switch to the Daily Dish theme would just cost $39 so we can’t complain for the price.

But you’re probably wondering why we returned to Studiopress considering we left them before?

Well they had modernised. They had a huge range of skins to choose from. They had better support. They had add ons to make the process easier and they were how I wished Thesis was.

In other words they had upped their game!

But what had got us interested in them in the first place was how easy they were to use. They made blogging and blog design so easy and now when I am within my control panel on my blog I am in love.

Another plus side is that you get unlimited updates and long term support. So we were able to find our old account and reuse it even though it had probably been at least 3 years since we last used it. Basically we had forgotten we still had it!

Our First 30 Days On Studiopress

Day 1

On the first day of going to Studiopress it was all about installing it and having a new blank canvas to work with. It was new and it was the excitement of what you’re going to do with it.

The first thing we did was get used to the set up and knowing what you can change and what you need to set up and what is already set up for you.

Day 7

Now that we are a week in it was all about getting the first lot of content on the food blog. When you start a blog it is hard to see the new theme in all its glory and its always a wait until you have blog content on it, to see how it really looks and whether or not you’re happy with its appearance.

Day 10

We are now trying to work out how to improve on the header.  It is on the text typed on look right now and we want it changing to the logo. We get our graphics designer to make some changes and we are now happy with it. Well for now, after all bloggers are famous for design changes.

Day 15

I am now at the two week point and apart from sorting out a few plugins I am really happy with the theme. It looks good and content is easy to read and has lots of different sections.

I have also checked the site on mobile and it looks really good after making a few slight adjustments. For example reducing the amount of images in the featured image section so that they appear all on one line for tablets.

Day 30

I have now looked into their Studiopress upgrade. With this you have the option of being able to change more on the theme. I have looked through it all and really haven’t found that much that I personally want to change so I am not going to bother.

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Here is a screenshot of our blog after our first 30 days on the daily dish theme:


Who should buy Studiopress

Studiopress is meant for everyone. The beginners love it because it is easy for them to get their head around and understand how to use it. The advanced marketer likes the framework because they can then get a designer to edit it for them.

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Not got Studiopress Yet?

Genesis Theme Framework for WordPress

If you have not got Studiopress yet then I highly recommend that you do. Mainly because it is so easy to use, has great plugins and has great designs to choose from. Compared to using a free blog theme you’ll see amazing SEO results and they are also really mobile friendly.

Many people end up spending a lot of money on blog add ons such as social plugins, mobile friendly themes and such like, yet you get it altogether from Studiopress. Then if you compare the price of Studiopress to Thesis you can end up with a huge saving too.

Though be warned there is a lot of skins to choose from so you may lose yourself in theme world!

You can find out more about Studiopress by clicking here.

Meet The Milners

Samantha and Dominic

Dominic & Samantha Milner are the founders of They love cooking, blogging and being full time parents to their three food obsessed kids. They cook with their kitchen gadgets everyday and love sharing their homemade recipes. Their favourite foods include chocolate, air fryer burgers and macaroni cheese. You can learn more about them here or you can sign up for their free newsletter here.

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