Ekitch Black Magnetic Universal Knife Block

"black magnetic knife block"

Welcome to our review for the Ekitch Black Universal Knife Block.

There are some things that will always have a place in your kitchen. They are just meant to be there. There is your pots, your pans, your mixing bowls, and your cupboards that is full to bursting with herbs andlet’s not forget the knife block.

I remember the first ever knife block I owned was one that was on my wedding gift list. We had lived together for nearly three years when we got married so we had a lot of the different things that you need already. This meant that the majority of our wedding gifts that we wanted came from the kitchen department. We had lots of accessories and lots of things that were on our wanted list but we had other things to pay for.

One of these things was our knife block that we loved. I think prior to this we just had the basic knives in our drawer and it was really not very practical. Dominic was a chef at the time so really needed good knives at home.

And that become our first one. We have probably had two or three of them since but we always seem to have the same problem. They always end up going moudly after a while and end up needing upgrading.

Our silver set that we currently have is less than a year old. They were a coupon saving scheme at the local supermarket and for the knife block and the actual knives it cost us less than 5 Euros and the knives are really good quality.

So when Ekitch came into our world with their magnetic universal knife block we were ready to try something different and look at a modern world of doing things.

Ekitch Magnetic Universal Knife Block

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So I really don’t know what I was expecting but it certainly wasn’t what I opened. I expected a better quality knife block than what I had now and a chance to ditch my current knife block that had gone off and gone all horrible.

When I opened it I couldn’t understand the texture as it was like something I had never tried before. I also couldn’t understand what I was supposed to do with it as there were no knife slots like I am used to.

Dominic of course took charge and showed me how you just slotted your knives in thanks to the plastic fibre rods. He also pointed out that you could use most knives in it and it would also be great for your scissors.

Well I was certainly sold on it and spent about an hour staring at my new knife block.

Why Buy Ekitch Magnetic Universal Knife Block?

There are loads of knife blocks out there but how often do you find a modern one that will take all your different knives and be so easy to clean? Well if you are not convinced then read on for more benefits….

Here are 10 reasons to buy EKitch Magnetic Universal Knife Block:

  • Made with renewable bamboo and fibre rods
  • Perfect for unusual or different sized knives and scissors
  • Works with steel and ceramic knives
  • Perfect size for small kitchen worktops
  • Easy to remove and clean to prevent moulding
  • Ideal for both everyday cooks and professional chefs
  • Excellent value for money
  • Can cater for big knives that are up to 25cm in size
  • Can even place kitchen utensils in it due to the sizes and texture
  • You choose where your knives go not the knife block

"list of great things about the ekitch knife block"

So if you are looking for a long term way to make use out of your knives then you have found it. Forget having to throw out your knife block after six months because it has got scruffy or because it has gone mouldy you now have a long term alternative.

This product is better than any other knife block I have ever had or used and well worth purchasing.

"where to buy the ekitch knife block"

In terms of getting yourself one of these amazing knife blocks from EKitch then you can get yours by clicking here. If I were to do it again and/or if I were to currently recommend a knife block to you, I would say CHOOSE THIS ONE.

If you are based in the United States this is the one I would recommend that you try out!

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