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Food Bloggers Eating Out | Welcome to my review of Dolce Vita Pizza Buffet.

Welcome to my review of Dolce Vita Pizza Buffet. It is situated on the seafront at Praia Da Rocha which in my opinion is the best family beach in the entire Algarve.

I love Italian food and the idea of an Italian buffet is that I can have my cake and eat it. I can enjoy pasta, salad, pizza, meatballs and even spinach dishes until I am well and truly stuffed.

Plus because there is such variety at a buffet you can then please everyone and know that even the super fussy eater would be happy.

So why am I at Dolce Vita In Praia Da Rocha?

I had always wanted to start a review section at but with so many restaurants and buffets that we regularly go to it was a case of who would we review first.

Well at the time when we were planning to do the review we were going through a frugal phase and deciding where we have gone out to that has offered us the best value for money has been really hard. This is because eating out in Portugal has always been really cheap and we have always been shocked by how little we have paid.

But when I was doing my frugal challenge a few months ago I did a diary of what we ate and it shocked me how expensive sharing a single pizza and some garlic bread was when you chose a brand like Pizza Hut. Then we went back to Dolce Vita and saw our receipt when we left and it became our number 1 choice for families wanting to eat out.

Food Bloggers Eating Out | The prices are really amazing at this all you can eat Italian Buffet on the seafront of Praia Da Rocha In Portimao.

First impressions

The first thing that grabs you about Dolce Vita is the amazing seafront that you have. You can come directly from your sunbed, enjoy an Italian buffet and then return to your beach nice and stuffed and ready for an afternoon nap!

They have a lovely terrace that is perfect for enjoying pizza in the sunshine and for taking shade from the hot summer sun. They also have lots of indoor seating for when you visit in the cooler months.

I remember the first time we went (several years ago now) it was an Easter weekend and it was so busy that there was a queue outside of people wanting a table, which in my opinion is the kind of business you want to have. It is also the kind of place that is full of locals which shows that it is worth a visit.

When you arrive you are always greeted by a member of staff, who will find you a nice table (or you can choose your own) and then they will take your drinks order. After that you can go and help yourself to food for the buffet and really dig in.

Food Glorious Food

You have an all you can eat buffet to help yourself to food from. There is lasagne, veggie lasagne, spinach, fresh tomatoes with oregano, tuna pasta, bolognese, garlic mushrooms, brussel sprouts, canelloni and potato wedges. There is also plenty of rice and chips to keep the carb lover satisfied. I also love their salad items and they also have plenty of fruit too. So if you want to cheat your diet with pizza but eat healthy the rest of the time then hit the cold section of the buffet.

Here is some of the buffet food:

Food Bloggers Eating Out | The buffet food is delicious at Dolce Vita with something Italian for everyone.

On top of this you have an unlimited supply of pizza served to you at your table. There are all kinds of toppings and I have learnt to bypass flavours I am not that bothered for and get more of the ones I love.

Also if you want a certain pizza they will make it for you and give you the first slices. For example I love their garlic bread and unless you ask it is only ever on about 25% of the time. But unless you keep an eye on how much you have they could easily have served you 10 different slices of pizza within an hour, which is seriously not good for my waistline.

Plus our daughter Sofia loves their crusts and my teen always saves her them. After all there are very few kids that will eat their crusts and she is turning into his hoover.

Here she is tucking into some crusts:

Sofia eating the pizza crusts at Dolce Vita

Out of the food though I love the lasagne, canneloni and the pizza the most. But unfortunately I did gastric band hypnosis a few years ago, so I never feel like I do a lot of carbs justice.

Highs & Lows of Dolce Vita Praia Da Rocha

I am writing this review as a mother to a small child as well as a food blogger. So to go to a frugal buffet establishment and be given a high chair and a mat for her to colour in as well as colouring in crayons is perfect.

I have been to a lot of family restaurants and buffets since moving to Portugal and this one has NEVER let me down. The food is always amazing. The service is always amazing and I want to go back again and again.

If there is one buffet place that I would recommend it would be this one.

The food is incredibly fresh and you know that there are no processed foods here at all.

For the lows…..well I have thought and thought and I truly can’t think of any. I suppose the best I can come up with is that after a visit here I must put on two kilos, but that’s me having eyes greedier than belly!

The bill when we go here is always just over 30€ for the four of us. This is for the lunchtime buffet with unlimited food and lots of drinks.

Recipe This Rating

So at we like to rate where we eat out at rather than posting it on travel review sites.

  • Location = 5/5
  • Service = 5/5
  • Value For Money = 5/5
  • Quality Of Food = 5/5
  • Variety Of Food = 5/5
  • Visit Again = Absolutely
  • Cost Per Person = 9,00€
  • Overall Rating = 5/5

This is one of those places that I would call a “hidden gem” it is right near the Casino and past what we call the happening end of the beach. This means that the average tourist (unless they have had a nice walk up the seafront) will know where it is. This is fine with me because it means we don’t struggle to get a table.

They also have a restaurant next door. I have never actually been as I am a huge fan of value for money and feel that you get so much more for the buffet price, but I bet their restaurant food is amazing.

Next time you’re at Praia Da Rocha I would highly recommend that you give Dolce Vita a try as you wont be disappointed.

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