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Welcome to our twenty first Podcast at Recipe This and welcome to our latest cooking tips Podcast.


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What Is Featured In This Podcast?

Introduction – in this section I will be introducing you to the March Podcast and sharing with you more information about the foods that are in season in March.

March Foods In Season – here you will find a list of the top 10 foods that are in season in March. Expect lots of delicious vegetables such as peppers, spinach and onions. Along with some delicious meat and fruit too.

National Food Holidays – Discover what food holidays are happening in March. From the one off national food days, to the monthly traditional food holidays. There are lots of great days for you to get into the spirit with.

Stir Fry & Steam Seasonal Instant Pot Vegetables – Showing you how to enjoy simple seasonal produce and how to cook it quickly and keep the flavour via the Instant Pot.

Links & Resources Mentioned In Cooking Tips FM 021:

Here at RecipeThis.com we are back with another of our “in season” foodie podcasts. We just love our seasonal food and we wanted to share our love for it with YOU.

We live in a pretty small village in Portugal. It is 20 minutes to the nearest beach, 20 minutes from the local waterpark and out of our window we can see the beautiful local countryside and the mountains in the distance.

In the summer it has some tourists than beach space so it is nice to relax away from the tourists and enjoy the real Portugal. One of the many addictions is the street sellers that sell their locally grown produce. They can make a lot more money selling it to us locals than the supermarkets, yet they charge us a lot less and it is 100% organic.

They have stalls at the side of the road (outside their homes) and have amazing produce that is always in season.

It always makes us smile as it reminds us exactly what is in season and what a huge discount we are getting.

At the moment it is still about the citrus fruits, compared to in summer when they have the enormous water melons. We end up leaving with about 5 kilos of the most delicious tangerines you have ever tasted and it makes us so grateful that we live in Portugal and can enjoy this.

March Foods In Season

Cooking Tips FM | Best March In Season Recipes brought to you by recipethis.com

So the first question you’re probably wondering is what is actually in season in March for you to enjoy?

Well for us this month is all about the meat. Even though you have seasonal vegetables like spinach and peppers the talking point is the meat. You have spring lamb, chicken and pork. Plus salmon is also in season and incredibly nice!

So listen away and lets talk about lots of yummy March food 🙂

Foods In Season #1 – Peppers

Cooking Tips Podcasts | Why Eat Pepper from RecipeThis.com

Lets start with the vegetables and first on the list is peppers. They are so delicious and can make a perfect omelette, are excellent stuffed, give that sweet flavour to a paella and I also love them on my salad.

Pepper Recipe Suggestions

"flavoured cauliflower rice stuffed peppers"

Starting with my stuffed peppers as after all this is the first way that enters my head when I think of peppers. They are also stuffed with cauliflower rice making them a great healthy lunch.

After this I would also suggest:

Foods In Season #2 – Spinach

Cooking Tips Podcasts | Why Eat Spinach from RecipeThis.com

For a bit of green in your life there is nothing more green than the trusted spinach. We like to have it in our casseroles, stews, muffins and stir frys to add a little bit more colour to the meal.

We buy it in 2.5kilo bags from our local cash and carry. It lasts us ages and we can just get out a few cubes of it when we fancy some.

Spinach Recipe Suggestions

Blender Recipes | Katie Price Green Detox Blender Smoothie recipe from RecipeThis.com

I will be starting the spinach party with my take on the Katie Price Detox smoothie. This would have been one of the first times I had blended spinach and it was amazing how good it tasted! Prior to that the only way I had enjoyed spinach was with a lot of butter!

After this I would also suggest:

Foods In Season #3 – Onions

Cooking Tips Podcasts | Why Eat Onions from RecipeThis.com

Onions is one of those foods that you either love or hate. I love it and so does Dominic and the kids. Nearly all of our recipes begin with add onions and olive oil just because they go so well together. We buy about 1 large bag of onions when grocery shopping and they last us about 2 weeks. We also love spring onions but they are so expensive here so we tend to stick with the traditional ones.

Onion Recipe Suggestions

Airfryer Recipes | flourless crunchy onion rings in the air fryer recipe from RecipeThis.com

First on the agenda has to be some delicious onion bhajis cooked to perfection in the Airfryer. They’re the perfect starter for an Indian meal at home and not too spicy.

After this I would also suggest:

Foods In Season #4 – Bananas

Cooking Tips Podcasts | Why Eat Bananas from RecipeThis.com

Like in the old days with a multi pack of crisps in our house a bunch of bananas just goes so fast. I love them; Kyle loves them and so does Sofia. I am sure when we wean Jorge onto them he will be a huge fan too.

I love them best just as they are as a fruit snack. But I am also a huge fan of them as banana fritters, in banana bread and of course into muffins.

Even though it is in season right now – I eat them any time but at least when in season the quality improves!

Banana Recipe Suggestions

"airfryer banana bread"

How about we start with some banana bread? This month on the blog is all about leftovers and this is the best use ever for bananas.

After this I would also suggest:

Foods In Season #5 – Citrus Fruit

Cooking Tips FM | Why eat Citrus Fruits from RecipeThis.com

Back in season after we featured it in January is citrus fruit. Citrus fruit is everywhere right now and is so delicious. Get obsessed with ripe grapefruits, large tangerines, and the last of the Christmas oranges, lemons and limes. It is all in and available right now.

Citrus Fruits Recipe Suggestions

Slow Cooker Recipes | The Ultimate Whole30 Lemon Chicken In The Slow Cooker recipe from RecipeThis.com

Citrus fruit is so amazing, what would you start with? Well for us we are kick starting it with some delicious (and healthy) Whole 30 compliant whole lemon chicken.

After this I would also suggest:

Foods In Season #6 – Salmon

Cooking Tips Podcasts | Why Eat Salmon from RecipeThis.com

I love salmon. It is one of the few fish that I like to have all the time. It is full of flavour, is so healthy and is perfect for a quick lunch. We often have it at lunch time with some steamed broccoli and sometimes with some potatoes. It is complete heaven.

Salmon Recipe Suggestions

Instant Pot | Instant Pot 4 minute salmon, broccoli and potatoes recipe from RecipeThis.com

How about the simplicity of the Instant Pot and some salmon, broccoli and new potatoes together?

After this I would also suggest:

Foods In Season #7 – Pork

Cooking Tips Podcasts | Why Eat Pork from RecipeThis.com

For meat living here in Portugal it is all about the pork. It is everywhere and there is always some kind of local recipe doing the rounds with pork. It is probably down to the fact that it is so cheap to buy and the income for many in Portugal is very low.

But just because it is cheap doesn’t mean that pork isn’t amazing. We love it and are always eating it!

Pork Recipe Suggestions

"Here is our pulled pork slow cooker recipe"

For a world wide food craze it doesn’t get any better than pulled pork. Everyone I know loves it and here is our Indian inspired one.

After this I would also suggest:

Foods In Season #8 – Chicken

Cooking Tips Podcasts | Why Eat Chicken from RecipeThis.com

After pork always come chicken and the 2nd biggest food staple here in Portugal. Without chicken we wouldn’t have Piri Piri Chicken and without Piri Piri Chicken there wouldn’t be a brand called Nando’s.

It is often on special offer at the supermarket and we can always get a really good deal on the price. Plus with chicken being so versatile you have a whole range of recipes you can make with it.

Chicken Recipe Suggestions

Airfryer Recipes | flourless truly crispy southern fried chicken in the air fryer recipe from RecipeThis.com

Let’s start with how to chop up a chicken as it is a great tutorial for showing you how to get the most meat out of your chicken and then you can use one chicken on a few meals.

After this I would also suggest:

Foods In Season #9 – Lamb

Cooking Tips Podcasts | Why Eat Lamb from RecipeThis.com

As a chef when I mentioned to Dominic food in season for March his first thought was spring lamb as he loves it. He loves the taste of it slow cooked and that’s all he talks about food wise at this time of the year.

But lamb is delicious and it is a great seasonal food for this time of year when you still want warming food but you also want to appreciate meat too.

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Lamb Recipe Suggestions

Slow Cooker Recipes | Guilt free slow cooked shoulder of lamb recipe from RecipeThis.com

We don’t eat lamb very often but when we do it is very nice. It feels like a long time ago now but on Dominic’s 40th we had lamb shoulder in the slow cooker. We had it for his birthday as it was the best thing I could think of to celebrate his big day. That was because it was also the day before my due date and there was that fear of my waters breaking that stops us from going out. He was born the day after and is now sat next to me and just starting the weaning process and its amazing that he will be six months old later this month!

After this I would also suggest:

Foods In Season #10 – Beef

Cooking Tips Podcasts | Why Eat Beef from RecipeThis.com

Last on the list for favourite foods in season in March is beef. It is such a delicious meat and is perfect for a whole range of dishes. If you are frugal we recommend that you buy minced beef and beef shin. Or if you have more money to spend some delicious beef topside is a lovely cut of meat.

Beef Recipe Suggestions

Instant Pot | Instant Pot Beef Stew Scraps & Parsley Dumplings recipe from RecipeThis.com

Let’s start with the perfect frugal meal. How about you buy the really cheap beef scraps from the butchers and then throw it in the Instant Pot. Thanks to the electric pressure cooker it will cook them perfectly and you will have a yummy tender beef stew when done.

After this I would also suggest:

March Food Holidays

I love this section of the Podcast as it really makes me laugh at the different food holidays that are experienced in the culinary world each month. Some of them I actually have no clue what they actually are and others I know and love well. They’re also great for a theme for your own blog if you have a bit of writers block.

March Monthly Themes:

  • National Fresh Celery Month
  • National Noodle Month
  • National Flour Month
  • National Sauce Month
  • National Nutrition Month
  • National Frozen Food Month
  • National Caffeine Awareness Month

March Daily Holidays:

  • National Banana Cream Day = 2nd of March
  • National Cold Cuts Day = 3rd of March
  • National Pound Cake = 4th of March
  • National Cheese Doodle Day = 5th of March
  • National Oreo Day = 6th of March
  • National Cereal Day = 7th of March
  • National Crab Day = 9th of March
  • National Ranch Dressing Day = 10th of March
  • National Eat Your Noodles Day = 11th of March
  • National Milky Way Day = 12 of March
  • National Chicken Noodle Soup Day = 13th of March
  • National Potato Chips Day = 14th of March
  • National Eat Like an Irishman Day = 17th of March
  • National Sloppy Joe Day = 18th of March
  • National Oatmeal Cookie Day 0 19th of March
  • National Ravioli Day = 20th of March
  • National Crunchy Taco Day = 21st of March
  • National Water Day = 22nd of March
  • National Chips & Dips Day = 23rd of March
  • National Tortilla Chip Day = 24th of March
  • National International Waffle Day = 25th of March
  • National Nougat Day = 26th of March
  • National Black Forest Cake Day = 28th of March
  • National Turkey Neck Soup Day = 30th of March
  • National Clam Day = 31st of March

Instant Pot Beer Can Chicken

Without further a do, here is our recipe for this month’s cooking tips Podcast.

Without further a do, here is our recipe for this month’s cooking tips Podcast. I’m a huge fan of the abilities of electric pressure cookers and in particular my Instant Pot. What better way to a dump and go recipe than Instant Pot Beer Can Chicken. It is so easy to prepare and your chicken is so moist afterwards. We have also done this previously with white wine but prefer the flavour from beer.

CT FM 021: March Foods In Season
Serves: 4
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
  1. Place your chicken on a clean chopping board. In a small mixing bowl add together all of the seasonings along with the olive oil.
  2. Massage the seasoning mixture into the skin of the chicken making sure that every bit of skin is covered.
  3. On the sauté setting add the Chicken to the Instant Pot making sure that it is skin side down. Cook for approximately 5 minutes until the skin has a lovely crispy texture and that the seasoning smells out your kitchen as this shows it is cooking well.
  4. Remove the chicken from the Instant Pot, turn the Instant Pot off and give the bottom a quick wipe so that it wont burn during the chicken cooking process.
  5. Place the contents of the beer into the beer can slot, then place it in the bottom of the Instant Pot, on top of this spread the legs of chicken and lower it over it.
  6. Place the lid on the Instant Pot and using the manual setting cook on high pressure for 30 minutes.
  7. Allow the Instant Pot to naturally release pressure for 10 minutes and then serve.

Instant Pot Recipes | Instant Pot Beer Can Chicken Recipe from RecipeThis.com That’s A Wrap

Thanks for listening to our Podcast and don’t forget how easy it is to transform your dinner plate to include lots of seasonal produce. It is a great way to get excited about what is in season and to vary what you eat for dinner and to get your kids excited about fresh local food.

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