CT FM 013: Frugal Holidays & Going On Holiday Without Breaking The Bank

In our 13th cooking tips podcast we are talking frugal holidays and how to save money on holiday food.


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Welcome to our thirteenth Podcast at Recipe This and welcome to our latest cooking tips Podcast.

It is that time of year when we are all heading away in search of the summer sun. We of course don’t need to as we live in Portugal’s Algarve so there is certainly no shortage of lovely warm weather. But just like most people it is lovely to get away so we have decided to head to Spain for a couple of weeks.

Though, the biggest reason for going, well apart from wanting to get away from it all, is the lure of the Spanish tapas. You see I am a huge Spanish food fan and as I can be in the most famous part of Spain for tapas in 6 hours why not?

But at the same time I am always one for saving money so I will be sharing with you how to cut down on the eating out costs and how to get amazing value for money. We will be going for two weeks and we plan to document our summer adventure in the sun.

So back your suitcases and come on an adventure to Spain and back with us!

This Podcast will be split into the following main areas:

  • Introduction – I will be sharing with you the shock horror of how much money we spent on food on our first holiday in the sun. This was of course 11 years ago and I have matured a bit since then!
  • The Holiday Flats – Discover how growing up in the holiday trade and the influence of lots of frugal grandma like figures has made me think twice about how I plan out this holiday.
  • Spain In 2016 – Learn our six step rule to save money on our holiday food in 2016 and how we are going to do things differently.

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