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"helping your kids to cook noodles"


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Welcome to our eleventh Podcast at Recipe This and welcome to our latest cooking tips Podcast.

This Podcast is going to be completely different to what you’re used to and involves my teenage boy in the kitchen making noodles. This is the same teenage son that a year ago I asked him to make some pasta and he burnt my pan because he forgot to cook it with water in the pan!

So I was certainly in for a challenge. I challenged him to watch me, copy me and then change a recipe to suit his own food needs and this is what we ended up with:

"here is our sons noodle recipe"

It is very important to be teaching our kids about cooking with us. In the old days you would be taught quite a lot at school and nowadays this is not happening and it is our responsibility to teach them instead.

If we could work with them and teach them 10 different dishes to make, by the time they leave home they will know enough to be able to take care of themselves. Otherwise they could soon end up leaving home living off baked beans and other processed foods. Alternatively they could end up like I did and have way too many takeaways.

Through just one hour in the kitchen with my son I taught him how to make a stir fry and several different ways with the same ingredients. As you can see below:

 Cooking Tips | How to build your own Chinese stir fry via the podcasts at RecipeThis.com

This Podcast will be split into the following main areas:

  • Introduction – I will be starting by sharing with you the inspiration behind this Podcast and how something simple is all they need in order to learn about cooking.
  • The Cooking Competition – Kids love a competition and this gets them thinking about food a lot more. It also allowed me to show him the difference between what could be achieved with processed foods to what you can make yourself.
  • Copying My Example – Next on the agenda was to copy my example and to show him how easy it was to learn how to cook noodles.
  • Being Creative – In the final chapter of the Podcast we talk about him being creative and changing part of the recipe to suit his own favourite foods.

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