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"quitting processed foods with your kids"


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Welcome to our tenth Podcast at Recipe This and welcome to our latest cooking tips Podcast.

I quit processed foods this time last year. I gave up on my love for freezer bought fishfingers, chicken dippers, ready meals, baked beans and so much more. This led to me being the healthiest I have ever been. All that added salt, sugar or fat that had been added to my food without my knowledge was now gone.

And a new era started.

But when you have had processed foods for more than 30 years it is a strange change to have. You have been used to a certain type of food and then you no longer have it. But it also opens your eyes to what amazing food there is out there and how avoiding the brands big and exciting TV adverts can change your life.

It can also make such a difference to your kids and teach them a new way of eating. Just think when it takes just 3 minutes to make your kids a pasta sauce, a salad dressing, a homemade yoghurt or to put chicken and vegetables on for dinner, then why would you eat processed.

In this Podcast I will be sharing with you everything you need to know if you want your kids to quit the processed foods and live a much healthier life.

This Podcast will be split into the following main areas:

  • Introduction – I will share with you what processed foods I was fed as a child and what a challenge it was to drop my processed food intake by nearly 95%.
  • Processed foods = brands – This is where you can learn exactly why brands have such a big role in processed foods and the job that you have in weaning your kids off them.
  • What are processed foods? – Learn all about processed foods and the shock of finding out that a lot more foods are processed than you think!
  • What should you replace processed food with? In this I will be sharing my favourite swaps and how delicious they are and really not that time consuming.
  • What processed foods do we still have? Well we never quite ditched it all and kept a few things. These are the things that we recommend you should keep. Or to stop yourself from being deprived stick to 3-4 products that you wont ban from your pantry.

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