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Welcome to our sixth Podcast at Recipe This and welcome to our latest cooking tips Podcast.

I have wanted this to be the subject of one of the Podcasts for ages, but have never quite got around to it and something else has always come up. Well here I am FINALLY talking about cooking with the kids.

I have just finished watching the final of Masterchef Junior season 4. As we are in Portugal it is only just getting shown here, after finishing on US television back in January. And what AMAZES me about it, is how good these pre-teens can cook and what a great job their parents have done in showing them the ropes. If the ten year olds on that show can make a great souflee then I think the average 8 year old should be able to bake a cake.

This is an area that held a place in my heart because I wish I had learnt how to cook much sooner than I actually did. Sure, I can cook a lot of different things now and love to cook, but moving in with my boyfriend when I was 18 (who has now been my husband of 13 years) and only been able to cook a meal that involved a cheese sauce was terrible.

We spent the first few years on a lot of processed foods, a lot of kitchen fires and it was a learning curve, but I don’t want my kids to leave home in the same position as me. I want them to appreciate home cooked food, to stay away from processed foods and to enjoy their time spent in the kitchen.

Let me share with how I am educating my children on home cooking and what they have learnt and how my daughter Sofia is pitching in at the grand old age of 16 months. (not kidding by the way!)

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So if you want to teach the kids sooner, if you think they should know more in the kitchen but don’t, then here is your chance!

This Podcast will be split into the following main areas:

  • Where Should You Start – Let me show you where to start with teaching your kids and how they are never too young to start. What you can be doing with your toddlers compared to what you can be doing with your teens.
  • Indian Cooking Culture – Discover where Indian families have got it so right and how we should be taking a leaf out of their book and following them by example.
  • Frugal Family Cooking – How to teach your kids about the value of money and how making a few select choices can help you save money as you teach them how to cook.

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