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Welcome to our fourth Podcast at Recipe This and we are honoured to having you listening to what we have to say!

The theme for this week’s foodie Podcast came together after I read a Facebook update insulting the food of the country I am from. It basically called a Brit obnoxious by an American food blogger because they made a mistake about a name of a dish and just because the person pointed this out to them it had turned into world war three.

As food bloggers this is something that can often happen to people and shouldn’t result in some crazy bitching just because you’re not willing to admit fault. I later saw another recipe on the persons blog that was a lot worse and really shouldn’t be associated with English cooking. But it is not my responsibility to point this out and its not something I particularly care about.

(note I later blocked the blogger from my activity on Facebook because she turned it into a hateful rant at Brits)

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But it got me thinking about culture and the different cuisines of the world and how often we just try to reinvent recipes that we just don’t get and how we should be embracing culture and enjoying the food of the world!

This Podcast will be split into the following main areas:

  • Cooking Tips – Giving you a taste of the best of British here is Dominic with his amazing roast potatoes. These are so delicious that my cousin was still asking about the recipe a year later!
  • Family Cooking Time – I am taking you back to my British roots with my Grandad and his amazing homemade fishcakes. They are full of flavour and so simple you wont even need a measuring devise.
  • Family Healthy Eating – We are talking about making little steps into foreign food so that you can learn it one step at a time rather than trying to take it all on at once and then ending up failing.
  • Frugal Family Cooking – My favourite takeaway cheat meal for just $4 each. Now this is my absolute favourite and no matter what age you are, you will love this!

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