Copycat Super Healthy Robinson’s Fruit Shoot

"Here is our super healthy copycat Robinsons fruit shoot recipe."

Welcome to my copycat super healthy Robinsons Fruit Shoot recipe.

I grew up on cordials and orange squashes. In fact there is a picture of my mum in hospital having me with the cordial on the side of the bed in the background of the picture.

It became part of my everyday life just like it did for the majority of Brits. We grew up on it and we would take offence as kids if we were offered water. I even remember going on holiday to France with school when I was about 10 or 11 and just being offered water and thinking it was something disgusting.

I drank it though as that was all that was on offer.

When I had my son it was only natural that he too would have squash and he grew up on flavoured orange squash (usually Robinsons) and loved it. We even paid a premium for it when we moved to Portugal so that we could continue having it.

I always got the no added sugar versions so that it was better for my kids; after all we have all read the horror stories about how much sugar can be found in the Robinson’s Fruit Shoots. And to think lots of parents send their kids to school with these fruit shoots in their packed lunches.

But after talking with a nutritionist a few years back, I was shocked by how unhealthy the sugar free versions are and especially living in a country like Portugal where it so hot in the summer and you need to cool down and avoid being dehydrated.

So we quit them.

We still have a Diet Coke habit which I will admit is no better (if not worse) but we have gone from every drink being bad for us to just one drink a day being bad for us, which for us is a huge improvement. Before I doubt we drank water more than once every couple of years.

As Dominic puts it we don’t smoke, I don’t drink coffee, we don’t drink alcohol, we eat little processed foods and fast foods and we have to have some kind of vice. So this is as close to water only household that we have become.

So in 2014 we gave up on cordial and squash drinks. Kyle was far from amused as he had done 13 years of them and didn’t see the point so every now and again I find some in his school bag, or he would rather grab the milk from the fridge and drink that over having some water. Though in summer he knows he gets headaches if he doesn’t drink lots of water due to the heat. So we are slowly winning the battle!

Sofia on the other hand is a different story. She has never tried cordial, loves water and will grow up with water in her diet. She loves it and can’t get enough. It is a simple case that she knows no different.

But what if you do want to wean your kids off orange squash and orange cordial? Well the answer is simple. This recipe. It works as a fantastic copycat recipe for Robinsons Fruit Shoots. It is quick and simple and it gives you orange flavoured water that is really nice and flavoursome while being healthy at the same time. Just add fruit and water and you are all set!

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Copycat Super Healthy Robinson’s Fruit Shoot
Serves: 1 litre
Prep time:
Total time:
  • 1 Litre Water
  • 3 Medium Fresh Oranges
  1. In a large one litre jug chop into quarters the oranges and place them at the bottom. Fill it to the top with hot boiled water direct from the kettle. Leave in the fridge for a few hours or until the water is chilled and serve.
This works with most fruit but we prefer it with oranges. A mix of citrus fruit also tastes amazing.

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"Here are our 2 ingredients to make a super healthy Robinsons fruit shoot alternative."

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