Cheese & Biscuits Heaven With Roka Cheese Crispies

Introducing you to the world of Roka and their cheese crispies

Welcome to my review for Roka cheese crispies.

I have grown up loving cheese and being completely and utterly addicted to it. I totally blame my mum for this as it is something that is clearly in the genes. She has always told me that when she was in her teens that she would go and buy scraps of cheese with her waitressing money and melt in a pan and then have it on some bread.

When she was pregnant with me she said her addiction was tubes of Primula soft cheese that she would squirt as she walked around the supermarket and by the time she got to the till she would have finished it.

Clearly I didn’t stand a chance to live a dairy free life.

Now whenever I speak to her on the phone and she is having a snack or her lunch it will always involve the same three things – bread, butter and cheese. Oh and I am sure there would be some wine involved somewhere.

Plus whenever she is out for dinner her dessert of choice is always cheese and biscuits and I must admit she is the only person I know that likes that horrible blue mouldy cheese.

I am not as bad with the cheese but I still love it. The soft cheese variety seems to go into every creamy sauce that I make and I love it on sticks with pineapple and pickled onion in a similar way to how people had it at parties in the 1970’s.

Roka Gouda Cheese Crispies

The deliveries at our house always seem to come on a Friday. Dominic is normally in the office on that day so is usually dealing with lots of different delivery companies which he hates. Not that we hate reviewing things, it is the fact that you get the same courier companies each week and each week they can’t find our house, even though they eventually found it the week before and it is so easy to find.

So I will come into the office to bring Dominic his lunch and there will be box after box. Well you should have seen his eyes dart open when he realised that he had a box of cheese crispies behind him and he didn’t even know.

So we dived in and argued over who would have each box and were quiet for ages as we argued over which one was the best one.

The top 3 for us were:

  • Roka Onion Cheese Crispies
  • Roka Gouda Cheese Crispies
  • Roka Black Pepper Cheese Crispies

We did get sent a fourth but we didn’t try it as I am allergic to nuts and it had nuts in it, so it wasn’t a wise idea to give them a go!

Absolutely! I loved the fact that the boxes of biscuits were rather big and that they lasted quite a while so it wasn’t just like one small hit and you were done.

But the big question you are probably wondering is what we thought of them.

Well let’s start with the Roka Onion Cheese Crispies and our son. As I write this it is a super hot day in Portugal and I have a shedload of work to get done. Monday is my busiest day of the week and it doesn’t feel like I have come up for air. He has spent all day asking if we are doing the review and I feel like I have had a flea in my ear. You see his favourite flavour is the onion one and he wants me to hurry up and review it before he can eat the rest. Well I can tell you to never come between a teenage boy and his cheese! The hubby then chips in that the only way to eat them is dipped into soft cheese which is heaven. OMG I can’t believe I have to share the rest of these onion crispies. It is like homemade scones in a crisp.

Next is the turn of the Roka Black Pepper Cheese Crispies. Now what gets me about these is that Dominic hates it when I stick black peppercorns in his food, he doesn’t mind salt and pepper but go near him with peppercorns and you are in deep trouble! Well as I taste my first one (in the office working side by side with my son) our dog Lola steals one out of Kyles hand when he is not looking. And she is there waiting for more. Clearly she wont be getting anymore 🙂 What I do love about them is the fact that they are not too strong and go incredibly well with little chunks of cheddar cheese.

Finally we try the Roka Gouda Cheese Crispies. Because it is just the normal cheese variety I am expecting something rather boring that is asking for cheese or spread to be added to it. Well I try them……they are crunchy, they are flavoursome, they give you a fantastic cheese hit and best of all they taste amazing alongside some red wine.

Roka Gouda Cheese Crispies – Should You Buy It?

Absolutely! I loved the fact that the boxes of biscuits were rather big and that they lasted quite a while so it wasn’t just like one small hit and you were done. Though don’t eat them around toddlers or teenagers as you will be very lucky if you see them!

They are also a fantastic size so you put them in your kids packed lunch boxes or take them with you to work. We have just moved all of ours from the box into a plastic container and plan to take them to the beach with us later this week.

Here are ten reasons to buy Roka Gouda Cheese Crispies:

  • Amazing value for money
  • They taste absolutely amazing
  • Excellent uses from picnics, to snacks or to adding cheese to
  • Would make a great gift
  • 30% cheese in the recipe
  • Fantastic for a girls night in to serve with cheese and olives
  • The cheese in them is stunning
  • Great variety of flavours
  • You are buying from a brand that has been around for years
  • They stay crispy even if left out for a few hours

Recipe This Loves Roka Gouda Cheese Crispies find out more at

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