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Blender Recipes | 3 ingredient Oreos Cookies & Cream Milkshake Recipe from

Welcome to my 3 ingredient Oreo cookies and cream milkshake recipe. I always get the exact same response whenever I make Dominic a milkshake……where is the chocolate?.......why do you have to put fruit in my milkshake?......milkshakes are supposed to be bad for you. I remember the boys having these super naughty chocolate milkshakes at Disney [...]

Copycat Recipes | How To Make The Tropical Innocent Smoothie At Home from

Welcome to how to make the tropical innocent smoothie at home. I don’t know about you but I love smoothies and milkshakes. They are like heaven to drink. So creamy and a perfect way to get your five a day in your diet. Plus with the temperature in the late 30’s (100 in Fahrenheit) you [...]

"Here are the ingredients to make our homemade teriyaki sauce."

Welcome to my copycat Blue Dragon Homemade Teriyaki sauce recipe. If you love Chinese food then the chances are that you will LOVE a good teriyaki sauce. Add it to your noodles, to your chicken, use it as a marinade or even as a dipping sauce for spring rolls. I am like most people and [...]

"Here are the few ingredients to make our mini milk paleo lollies."

Welcome to my copycat Mini Milk paleo popsicle lolly. The summer wouldn’t be the same without lovely lollies to suck on would it? Those days on the beach when you want something cool and refreshing after way too much sun and a lot of fun. Just like most people we are sun worshippers and love [...]

"Here is the ingredients we used to create our copycat muller light banana and custard yoghurt."

Welcome to my copycat banana and custard Muller Light yoghurt recipe in the blender. I have had Muller Light yoghurts for years. They became the everyday staple of the British dieter or people that just like nice low fat yoghurts. This was long before Paleo was popular and if you were to snack back then [...]

"Here are the ingredients for our McDonalds strawberry & banana frappe recipe"

Welcome to my just like McDonalds Strawberry & Banana Frappe recipe. I love a smoothie and I must admit it was one of the first things I thought of making when I got my blender. The thought that you could just blend up some fruit and then you had a smoothie for a lot less [...]

"3 minute garlic mayonnaise"

Welcome to our 3 minute Paleo friendly Alioli Recipe. I will start by saying that I am truly addicted to alioli. So much so that I would go over the border to Spain just to fill my alioli addiction. This addiction started when I was about 12 years old and first tried it. The traditional [...]

"a 3 minute recipe for toddlers"

Welcome to our 3 minute healthy toddler friendly raspberry yoghurt recipe. I remember when I lived in England how much I used to spend on yoghurts. I would buy yoghurt after yoghurt because it was convenient and it would keep my son happy oh and us adults too. It would be flavoured and would often [...]

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