Airfryer Recipes

Airfryer Recipes | Air Fryer Moroccan Turkey Couscous Balls recipe from

Welcome to my latest recipe in the air fryer and this is my Airfryer Moroccan Turkey Couscous Balls. It is a genius use of leftover turkey leg and perfect for a quick dinner for your kids, for sharing at parties or for a quick snack after a workout. The beauty of these delicious turkey balls [...]

Frugal Recipes | Instant Pot Coconut Sugar Recipes – 5 Delicious Leftover Instant Pot Coconut Sugar Recipes from

Welcome to my Instant Pot & Airfryer coconut sugar feature. Here I will be sharing with you 5 delicious leftover coconut sugar recipes using our Instant Pot and Airfryer. They will be easy to make, taste amazing and frugal all at the same time. You’re probably wondering why on earth coconut sugar is featuring in [...]

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