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Food Bloggers Eating Out | Welcome to my review of Captain’s Mojacar International Tapas & Restaurant.

Welcome to my review of Captain’s Mojacar International Tapas & Restaurant. Captain’s Mojacar is on the seafront at Mojacar with amazing sea views looking out onto the Mediterranean Sea. It offers a menu of homemade restaurant dishes along with 10 different daily international tapas offerings.  It also currently stands at 11th in the town of Mojacar for top restaurants in the town.

What I love about writing these reviews is to share with you where we eat out at and our food experiences. Then hopefully we can recreate some of these dishes at home for you to make yourself.

This was the first restaurant that we ate out at during our two weeks in Costa Almeria in Spain. The plan was to enjoy some Spanish food and check out what the locals and the local tourists are into.

But if you knew me, you would be shocked to see me visiting this restaurant let alone writing a review. The reason for this is because this is run by English owners and I always avoid English bars and restaurants like the plague. This is because in Portugal I must have been to about 8 of them over the last 8 years and for every single one of them I have been left disappointed and disgusted by the value for money and how they think that food from the freezer reheated is acceptable.

Compare this to eating out in a Portuguese restaurant where everything is cooked from scratch and you have a completely different eating experience. You would expect to pay about 25% less at a Portuguese establishment and it would be the highlight of your week.

The last time I visited an English bar/restaurant was back in February and I remember having the ploughmans lunch from hell, Dominic having frozen fish and chips reheated and giving my parents what for and making them promise to never take me to an English place again.

So why am I at Captain’s Mojacar?

Well first of all as a tourist visiting a new area my first port of call is Tripadvisor and after going through the top 20 restaurants in Mojacar this place catches my fancy. It has a lot of feedback from people that have enjoyed the homemade dishes and for someone that hates processed foods this seems like a winner.

I have an extensive list of restaurants that I want to try out while on holiday so to find this one so easy is amazing.

First impressions

Well first of all I must say that this has to be the ultimate restaurant view. Thanks to going up a few stairs we are high up looking down on the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. It is even better up close than you imagine it to be in the photos. There is also plenty of shade and when you are eating out with a 19 month old you need as much shade as you can get.

The owner is also very helpful. There are no highchairs available and we arrive with a sleeping toddler thanks to her enjoying the beach and the fresh air a bit too much. They add lots of padding to one of their comfy chairs and she suddenly has somewhere to be other than our lap and having to carry a pram up to the stairs.

The boys order the drinks and I go to the bar and place a tapas order. I love tapas but the boys are not always that keen depending on what it is and whether it is something that floats their boat or not. Plus they had a bad tapas experience a few years back and have avoided it ever since!

So I am in a serious mindset to find them tapas that they will like. So I order them some international tapas and return to the table hoping to please them later……

Food Glorious Food

So round one of the food has arrived. We have ordered (well I ordered) 6 different pieces of tapas with a couple of drinks.

I chose:

  • Garlic mushrooms
  • Lamb koftas
  • Meatballs in tomato sauce
  • Garlic cherry tomatoes
  • Potatoes in a spicy sauce
  • Spanish tortilla

All of the six including the two drinks was 16€. This would be considered as quite expensive to some, especially when you are in the area where you pay for a drink and get some free tapas but the portion sizes for tapas are really good. Plus you got bread with it that you weren’t charged for.

Here is our tapas that we ordered:

Food Bloggers Eating Out | This is the exact tapas that we enjoyed at Captains Mojacar International Tapas & Restaurant.

This was between four of us so we enjoyed this and then enjoyed a main meal. For our main meal the boys had a burger and chips each, Sofia just had some chips and I had a mixture again, after all I am in Spain!

For my bit of everything I ordered some more tapas (clearly eyes bigger than belly) and enjoyed:

  • Bread with alioli
  • Stuffed peppers
  • Thai salad
  • Meatballs in tomato sauce
  • Spanish tortilla

Highs & Lows of Captain’s Mojacar

I am generally a positive person so let’s start with the highs and why I would gladly return to the Captain’s Mojacar and why I would be a regular customer if it was in my local area.

Firstly the tapas was amazing. Every part of it was delicious and I could sit there in the sunshine watching the views of the Mediterranean all day long. The service was amazing and the people behind it (I believe it was father and son) was doing an amazing job. While I was ordering my tapas from the tapas bar I did notice how small the kitchen was and it just proved that you could have a small space and still do a fine job.

The food was so fresh that even the alioli was homemade. The Thai salad was amazing with a bit of spice but not overpowering. The potato tortilla was traditional Spanish giving you a taste of local flavour, while the stuffed peppers gave you a lovely hint of Morocco.

For the lows has to go to the burgers that were on the menu. My boys love their chips and as they asked for no salad it normally means that your chips portion is bumped up but theirs wasn’t. They also complained to me that the burgers were a bit chewy but this could be down to the cut of meat, just like when you go out for steak you can often end up with a fatty cut.

Here is Dominic’s burger:

Food Bloggers Eating Out | This is the burger and chips that my boys had at Captains Mojacar on the Mojacar Seafront in Spain.

The bill for everything we had (with a lot of drinks ordered due to the 35 degree heat) was 62.50€. This is rather pricy to what we are used to paying in Portugal but then again we tend to avoid the tourist areas that are higher priced. When you compare that on the main seafront at Mojacar where we have sampled tapas for between 60 cent and 1,50€ it can seem a little crazy to pay this. Also compared to other burgers they seem to have a much higher mark up.

But when you balance out the pluses and minuses we would go again. I would just buy less tapas and avoid the fizzy drinks which is where I think they have the biggest mark up.

For an English establishment though I thought the prices were rather average as you always tend to have a better price from local bars rather then from the expats. And for expats there was no sign of any of the processed foods that you get used to seeing.

Edit – Dominic went back a week later while me and the kids were on a tapas bar crawl. And said the burger was much better this time and got a full plateful of chips. So I guess it is down to who is cooking!

Recipe This Rating

So at we like to rate where we eat out at rather than posting it on travel review sites.

  • Location = 5/5
  • Service = 5/5
  • Value For Money = 3/5
  • Quality Of Food = 4/5
  • Variety Of Food = 5/5
  • Visit Again = Absolutely
  • Cost Per Person = 15,00€
  • Overall Rating = 4/5

This is one of those places that I would call a “hidden gem” among a lot of tourist style bars and restaurants. The seafront at Mojacar is huge and seems to go on forever so its hard to make a choice over where to eat out. But this one certainly stands out all for the right reasons.

If we had gone here and just had tapas I reckon we would have given 5 out of 5’s for the food. But my parents only ever eat tapas when they are in costa almeria, so maybe I should take their advice?

If you want to experience tapas but from a more international point of view then I would recommend this restaurant as you can go from Thai, to Greek to Moroccan to Italian and back to Spain with one meal.

You can find out more about the Captain’s Mojacar and what it has to offer by visiting it’s website at And with it being open everyday apart from Mondays I am sure you can fit it into your holiday schedule.

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