Al Punto Rodizio Brasileno Restaurant, Mojacar

Food Bloggers Eating Out | Welcome to my review of Al Punto Rodizo Brasileno Restaurant in Mojacar.

Welcome to my review of Al Punto Rodizo Brasileno Restaurant in Mojacar. Al Punto is another restaurant that we decided to check out during our summer 2016 visit to the Costa Almeria region of Spain.

If you have not heard of Brazilian restaurants before and the famous Rodizio mixed meat then you are missing out on a real treat. It is where you have several different meats cut to order at your table and you get to experience a meat eaters paradise. We have been to many of them over the years and it is like food heaven.

It can also be a frugal person’s dream with you getting unlimited supplies of 10 different meats including beef, pork, chicken, gammon and sometimes lamb for less than 15€ per person. Also depending on where you are going you can also expect to see lots of sides too.

But you’re probably wondering what drove us to visit Al Punto in Mojacar?

Especially when we have so many of them in Portugal. Well I haven’t been out for a Brazilian since Sofia was a baby, it is on the seafront and it is perfect timing for a frugal meal in the sunshine.

Though there is something else that has drawn us to this particular restaurant. It is number 1 on TripAdvisor for the local town of Mojacar, so out of nearly 160 restaurants it is the considered the king. We have often visited restaurants that fall in the top 20 or the top 10 but I don’t think we have ever done a number 1 before!

First Impressions Of Al Punto

Well first of all we arrive at the restaurant and they have a huge indoor seating area and also some lovely seating out on the terrace so that you can enjoy looking out of the beautiful Mediterranean Sea that is glistening in the background.

Food Bloggers Eating Out | This is the beach at Mojacar and the beach we were at before and after visiting the Al Punto in Mojacar.

We choose to sit outside because it is mid June and it is about 32 degrees today and it is perfect for enjoying our meat feast in the sunshine. The waiter is a lovely guy and gets us a highchair and we order our drinks, the Brazillian feast and sit down and relax as we wait for our food.

It is late lunch time and I am starving so I don’t want to wait long for my food. But that should teach me to have had a snack earlier, but if I had, then I don’t think I would do the lovely food justice.

I also realise that I am sat in the wrong place as I love to watch them cooking the Brazilian meats and realise that Dominic & Kyle have the birds’ eye views and I don’t. Sofia plays around with her napkin and I kind of wish that I had brought her a couple of crayons to play with, but I am sure she will have plenty to occupy her when she gets the food!

Food Glorious Food

We are presented with our bread and alioli after about 20 minutes. From what I have just said you would think I had waited an eternity for it, but when you’re hungry and you have a grumpy toddler it feels like you’ve waited ages.

Food Bloggers Eating Out | Would it be wrong to be in Spain just for Alioli. This olive oil and garlic rich mayonnaise is what Spain is all about.

But the bread is worth waiting for. There is fresh warm bread with alioli to dip into it. It certainly keeps Sofia quiet. Then not long later the Brazilian sides arrive on our table. We have the typical chips, black beans, banana fritters and rice. The chips are lovely and chunky and the banana fritters are absolutely delicious. If you were on Paleo I am sure you could ask to doge the sides in exchange for a salad and they would certainly meet your request as they are very helpful.

Food Bloggers Eating Out | These are all the sides we got with our Brazilian barbeque and there was so much it was hard to fit it all on the table.

This is also Sofia’s first time trying out banana fritters and like me and her Grandad she is totally hooked on them!

Food Bloggers Eating Out | Here is Sofia enjoying the banana fritters at the Brazilian Barbeque at Mojacar.

Then a short while later the Brazilian food starts to arrive that is served directly on our table. I don’t have pen and paper with me, so it is hard work to remember every round, but I will try my best!

  • Gammon
  • Pork
  • Pork belly
  • Chorizo sausages
  • Chicken breast wrapped in bacon
  • Beef wrapped in bacon
  • Chicken drumsticks
  • Beef sirloin
  • Beef rump

So I managed to name 9 out of the 10 which isn’t bad for me. I am sure the other one was another type of beef, I just can’t remember which one. Delicious beef is delicious beef to me!!!!

Actually here is one of my many platefuls:

Food Bloggers Eating Out | Here is one of my many plates at the Brazilian Barbeque and I clearly have no off switch.

It then finished off with warm pineapple that is coated in honey mixed with cinnamon. That is the perfect end of meal treat and is amazing.

A good tip if you are visiting a Brazilian barbeque – avoid the meats that are not your favourite. Then have more of your favourite ones. This will allow you to get the best value for money and also thoroughly enjoy your meal.

You also have a card that you keep on green to keep receiving food and then change it around to red when you are full up.

Food Bloggers Eating Out | Using the card provided on the table you can decide when you’ve had enough or if you want to continue eating.

 In the end (especially when you read the other reviews on Tripadvisor) the majority that visit will end up eating way too much. But it is delicious food and when it smells and tastes so good how could you turn it down?

Highs & Lows of Al Punto Mojacar

So let’s start with the highs for Al Punto and hopefully I can find some lows to balance it out!

Firstly the value for money is truly amazing. For less than 15€ each you are getting as much meat as you can possibly eat, black beans, rice, banana fritters, chips, bread and even my favourite alioli. Add to this the delicious warm pineapple and you have a huge meal. Compare this to other restaurants nearby selling steak and chips and this place is better priced.

The flavour of the meat is truly amazing. It just makes you want to have more and more. There is also something for everyone and as long as you are not a vegetarian you are very well catered for here.

I have also been to a fair few Brazilian barbeques and I have never seen 10 meats being offered for your money. It is usually 7 or 8 at the most.

For the lows there are a few, but only ones that as a picky eater you would actually think about. For example Brazilian meat flavours carry a lot of salt and garlic and this is not to everyone’s cup of tea.

Secondly the beef is always served as medium so those of you out there that hate pink in their meat are going to be in for a shock.

Third, it was a great pace going around with the meat for round 1 but for round 2 there was a long wait for them to get going again.

For the final low, I notice that it hands out cards for you to post your rating on TripAdvisor, well this could be what gives it the number 1 position as I have not tried the number 2 or number 3 so this might be what sets it apart from the others.

The bill for everything we had came to 63€. This included two large bottles of water and about 4 cans of fizzy drinks. We didn’t stay for dessert as we were too full and it felt like the pineapple made an ample dessert alternative.

Compare this to our recent review for the Captain’s International Tapas Restaurant which is a short walk away, you can see that Al Punto offers a much better value for money.

Recipe This Rating

So at we like to rate where we eat out at rather than posting it on travel review sites.

  • Location = 5/5
  • Service = 5/5
  • Value For Money = 5/5
  • Quality Of Food = 5/5
  • Variety Of Food = 5/5
  • Visit Again = Absolutely
  • Cost Per Person = 15,00€
  • Overall Rating = 5/5

You can always tell the success of a restaurant in a tourist area by the amount of locals that are eating there. Well in the case of Al Punto it was full of the locals enjoying their Sunday dinner in the sunshine.  It was also perfect for us as we could leave our towels and umbrellas on the beach and then go across the road for our lunch and then back to the beach afterwards.

I really couldn’t fault Al Punto I just wish it was in my local area and that I could come here every Sunday for lunch.

If you are new to Brazilian barbeques then I highly recommend you give them a go. It is a great way to experience lots of different meats and it is much healthier than taking your kids to the Chinese buffet!

You can find out more about Al Punto Rodizio Brasileno Restaurant in Mojacar by visiting their trip advisor page and seeing what everyone else is raving about:

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