Airfryer Lemon Tie Dye Cupcakes & Frosting

Welcome to our Airfryer Lemon Tie Dye Cupcakes & Frosting.

Welcome to our Airfryer Lemon Tie Dye Cupcakes & Frosting. Bring a bit of colour to your home Airfryer baking with these delicious lemon cupcakes. They’re full of flavour, very simple to prepare and perfect for kids parties.

I have to ask at what age we grow up when it comes to baking and Easter? Are we 10? 12? 15? 20? 30? 40? Or even older?

Well I am 35 years old and still love baking. It brings back plenty of memories when I was little and I used to make rock buns in the kitchen with my Grandma. She was an old fashioned Grandma and nothing would please her more than to teach me how to bake. She would use her washing up bowl as her huge mixing bowl and we would make loads of delicious buns.

It was magical and that happened every time I visited her up to the age of about 13. She died 2 months after my 18th birthday but I still truly miss her and her baking. But I am determined that her memory (and her amazing baking) will live on through me and my kids. I already have all three of my kids in the kitchen with me on a regular basis and we love to bake.

Jorge is of course a little young but watches from the comfort of his baby walker, while Sofia at 2 empties out every mixing bowl, though she has to fight 15 year old Kyle for the last mouthful.

I had the day planned well. It was a Sunday in early March. I wanted to get all my Easter baking recipes tested for the blog as early as possible so that I could return to the diet and then stay as far away from them as possible. Dominic was working in the office and I was in the kitchen with all 3 of our kids.

I am not sure who was more excited but I think this one goes to Kyle. He just loves to bake even though he is now 15. And today I was going to be introducing him to a lot of colour. Loads and loads of pretty colours and lots of things that just shout out HAPPY EASTER.

Happy Easter from

He always thinks that whenever I do baking and add colouring that the food has gone off and is not good or makes it taste weird. So I am letting him be my witness in this recipe and showing him something different and something bright.

These are my lemon tie dye cupcakes and frosting……

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Airfryer Lemon Tie Dye Cupcakes & Frosting
Serves: 8
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
  1. In a mixing bowl place the flour, sugar, butter, eggs, lemon and milk. Mix well with an electric hand mixer or until you have a cake mixture that is free of lumps and sugar bits.
  2. Separate the mixture into three bowls with 1 bowl having ¼ of the mixture, 1 with 2/4s and then the last ¼ in another bowl.
  3. Keep the set with 2/4 to one side.
  4. With the 2 bowls with each a ¼ add a different colour. One bowl will be pink and the other blue. Make sure you only add a little so that you have a pink and a light blue, rather than really bright colours.
  5. Flour the edges and bottom of some bun cases and then fill the bun cases with cake mixture. Start by adding a bit of your plain cake mixture in first, then a small layer of pink and then a final layer of blue.
  6. Do this for all of them until you have run out of mixture.
  7. Cook in the Airfryer at 180c for 20 minutes in sets of 4 buns. Then do 4 at a time until you have run out of buns. When they are done place them on a cooling rack until they reach room temperature.
  8. Make the vanilla frosting. Mix together with an electric hand mixer the vanilla, soft cheese and Greek yoghurt until you have a really thick creamy substance.
  9. Place the frosting (in a bag with a nozzle) over the cupcakes and then place in the fridge for an hour for them to go hard.
  10. Serve with little 100’s and 1000’s and other kids style cupcake toppings.
I found that no matter how much I added to each bowl, I still have the wrong coloured batter left. So when you have done your pretty ones, pass it to your kids for them to choose how the last lot of buns will look. They will love it.

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