Aerobie Aeropress Coffee Maker Review

"Aerobie aeropress coffee maker review"

Welcome to our review for the Aerobie Aeropress Coffee Maker.

I am probably one of the few people on the planet that hates coffee. I mean I really hate it; I don’t even like the smell of it. However Dominic worships his coffee and has one every morning without fail.

Lots of people drink 6 mugs of coffee a day but Dominic sticks with just the one and I probably shouldn’t say this on the blog as he might cut off my chocolate supply, but Dominic until he has had his coffee is hard work. So whenever he has run out I kind of stay in bed that extra hour just to be on the safe side.

So with Dominic being the coffee guru in our household he is the one given the chance to review it and put this coffee maker to the test. But before he does, let’s talk about his history with coffee makers. Well he has been the boil the kettle, pour it into the mug and add some instant coffee kind of guy. So a few years ago I bought him a nice coffee machine and it was really good with all these different flavours and as my mum put it “was a posh coffee machine”. The only issue with it though, is that you had to send off to Lisbon for your coffee capsules so we ran out a few months ago and have not got around to filling it back up again since.

So when this machine came along it seemed like perfect timing for him. He was going to try something different and see how it got along with it.

The Aerooress Coffee Maker

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In typical bloke form where they say they are going to do something and then you wait a month until they actually do, he has finally got around to trying out the coffee maker. Though in his defence, he didn’t have the right coffee for it, so he needed to invest in that first. So here he is actually making his coffee.

To make your coffee with this machine you start by boiling the kettle. Then you simply place one of the provided filters into a little cap and you screw the cap onto the main funnel, you place the funnel over your mug and then with the scoop you add your coffee and then add your boiling water. Then finally you stir the funnel and then you get the plunger and add the plunger to the top and push down very gently and then you have coffee.

When Dominic tried this coffee maker he used fine ground expresso, though avoid instant coffee like Nescafe as it defeats the purpose.

When you look at coffee making it often feels like such a hassle. You have to do this, do that and then do the other and then the machine takes an hour to achieve its end goal.

In my mind this little bit of kit is like the dream for coffee users. Something totally different and as Dominic puts it “a genius idea” for producing amazing coffee just without the time wasting. In other words perfect for the typical person that is on the go and doesn’t want to wait around for decent coffee.

Another plus side is the size. My parents have spent the last 12 years travelling around Europe in their RV. As a result whenever I am buying them presents I always have to think small. I can’t exactly buy them a breadmaker or a coffee machine because they are always super sized but with this one they could easily fit it in one of their cupboards. I could also imagine a working person taking them to work with them!

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Also when you look at the price tag and you see that you can have your own coffee maker and they don’t cost the earth. You can now see why the Aerobie Aeropress Coffee Maker is the number #1 seller on in vacuum coffee makers.

Why Buy The Aerobie Aeropress Coffee Maker?

I always wondered what I would say to someone that was interested in buying them. I could of course say that they are delicious but I think people like to read beyond this so I have highlighted the best features.

Here are 10 reasons to buy The Aerobie Aeropress Coffee Maker:

  • Real fresh coffee in the same time as a mug of Nescafe
  • Literally make real coffee in 60 seconds
  • Actual coffee press time is just 20 seconds
  • Coffee tastes amazing
  • Simple to use
  • Cleans in the same time as it makes coffee
  • Make professional coffee at home for a fraction of the cost
  • Hassle free to use and so easy to use
  • Made from plastic so wont easily break
  • Small enough to take to work in your handbag

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So if you are looking for a new way to produce coffee in your kitchen or you want something to take to work with you, then you have truly found it. And I am so proud at the opportunity to review something incredibly unique and full of possibilities.

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In terms of getting yourself one of these amazing Aeropress coffee makers then you can get yours by clicking here. If I were to do it again and/or if I were to currently recommend a coffee maker to you, I would say CHOOSE THIS ONE.

If you are based in the United States you can also try out the Aerbie Aeropress Coffee maker here!

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