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Adkot Chefs Chopping Board Review from

Welcome to my review for Adkot Chefs Chopping Board.

This blog post is sponsored by AdKot Boards and their medium chefs chopping board.

I remember the first quality chopping board that Dominic and I owned. It was a wedding present from one of my parents’ cleaners when we got married in early 2003. It was really nice and whenever we moved house it always came with us. Even when we moved countries we had it with us too. It finally died in 2016 when it got a split in the middle and it ended up going to the bin.

Therefore I was over the moon to work with Adkot and their chefs medium chopping board. A new chopping board and looking at the quality of this one I could imagine this one doing 25 years.

The Adkot Chefs Chopping Board

The Adkot Chefs Medium Chopping Board from

The first thing that comes to our minds is the size of it. It is a really good size that I could imagine being able to chop up multiple things on it at once. Though I have priorities and it stood the initial test with some delicious crumpets with melted butter and Dominic’s homemade chicken liver pate. Though please note I am not cheating on my Paleo month as the chopping board originally arrived in September!

It is also lovely and solid and you can imagine battering it with a lot of different types of chopping and it still living to tell the tale. We are also huge fans of salmon fillet and it would actually fit the salmon on the chopping board for Dominic to chop up into steaks and of course to remove all the bones from it.

It also comes with stainless steel feet with rubber sols to help protect your counter top and give added grip to your board. We love this part of it the most as it makes it feel a lot more secure especially when having a toddler by our feet all the time. And trust me she is always there wanting to get involved in the kitchen and doesn’t associate the dangers that come with a kitchen.

This board is also ideal for a range of chopping thanks to its heavy duty wood that has been used in the making of it. You can use it for carving your meat, cutting up cheese or even preparing vegetables.

This board also comes with a finger cut out section making it ideal for picking up the board easily.

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This board is also made from white oak wood so you know you are getting a high quality product.

The Adkot Chefs Chopping Board – First Thoughts

My first thought when I glanced away from the laptop (I was working hard at it when the delivery arrived and Dominic was busy opening it) was the size of it. It looked absolutely HUGE. I thought it was way too big for us after all we are a family that cooks a lot compared to being a professional chef.

But when I placed it on my kitchen worktop it looked normal. It didn’t look too big and it didn’t look to small. Clearly my eyes were tired from all the work I was doing at first glance!

I am also a huge Jamie Oliver fan and love the way he serves up a meal of finger food on a chopping board to save on washing up for the average family. Well on my last chopping board which must have been about 60% of the size of this one, it only just fitted my pulled pork on it, yet on this one I could have the meat and 2 sides.

I can just see this Adkot chopping board staying with me for a long time and I am so in love with it and the texture and the smooth coating of the wood is amazing.

Should You Buy The Adkot Chefs Chopping Board?

Absolutely! It is an investment in your kitchen. It is not the same price as what you would pay for one in a pound shop, but you know that 10 years from now you will still have it and it will still do a proper job for you.

This is the same reason why I buy my clothes from M&S over Primark. You get what you pay for and even at the price of this chopping board from Adkot Boards it still offers you AMAZING value for money!

If you are a retired couple and you are only ever cooking and preparing food for the two of you then I would suggest that you get the small one instead. Where as the traditional family with a couple of kids (or three kids like us) would be best suited to the medium or the large version.

In terms of getting yourself one of these brilliant chopping boards (or exploring the rest of their range) you can explore more by clicking here. If I were to do it again and/or if I were to currently recommend a good quality chopping board that will last years to you, I would say  CHOOSE THIS ONE.

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